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Сreated by: ZinPia
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Husky Set

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Any shaders can be used for these

has armature

Can be installed through unity or blender

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  • foto
    shadsie #12
    i cant find the fbx? or like anything? help
    12 August 2023 20:53
  • foto
    K a i #11
    there's only a note pad with it?
    18 July 2023 00:17
  • foto
    Kryptic #10
    sleepyavie, it's only a fbx not a prefab so you gotta add the physbones yourself
    30 June 2023 21:20
  • foto
    Kermity #9
    I need help, the physics r still broken
    1 April 2023 10:38
  • foto
    Kryptic #8
    This set only comes with an FBX

    Actually bought this set through ZinPia's Gumroad. This Is all that I received when I bought this.

    Wetcat's textures work perfectly fine for the ears and tail, if you are wanting textures
    7 February 2023 22:46
  • foto
    Luna Nightmare #7
    I downloaded this and I would like to know where the unity set for the ears and tail is that would be nice please and thank you
    7 February 2023 19:24
  • foto
    Kryptic #6

    if you are attaching the tail though Unity, you have to attach it to the hips in the armature. Attaching the tail to the spine will break the physics
    1 February 2023 17:36
  • foto
    Kermity #5
    I attached the tail to the spine, looks fine in Unity but when I upload it the tail tends to freak out and not scrunch back in place,it like aggressively wags by itself. Any tips?
    1 February 2023 09:00
  • foto
    gore #4
    i cant find anything in it except the texture and the fbx doesnt work
    16 January 2023 19:06
  • foto
    caat_vr #3
    hey, i can't find the ears, do you know where they are?
    11 May 2022 13:58
  • foto
    Kryptic #2
    You're Welcome <3

    Decided to buy them and share them with everyone else
    9 May 2022 17:34
  • foto
    ouranbitchclub #1
    9 May 2022 09:15