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Сreated by: Julia WinterPaw
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Winterpaw's VR Multi-Species Asset

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- Automatic and Manual Penis State Transition (Sheathed->Unsheathed)
- 4 Tip options: Canine, Hybrid Humanoid, and 2 Feline Tips
- In-Game Controls
- Particle Effects - Cum/Pee
- Precum
- Setup for DPS (Empty game objects included in the latest canine update for easy set-up)
- Flaccid State
- Jiggle Physics
- Toggleable Veins
- Size and Shape Customization Blendshapes
- Toggleable Pubic Hair
- Pre-Made Texture/Color Variations
- Butthole with Opening and Closing Blendshapes for the Canine avatar

Is it customizable?
Yes! It comes with 4 tip options (canine, hybrid humanoid, and 2 feline tips) along with size and shape customization blendshapes.

List of Adjustments (Blendshapes):

- Tip: Humanoid, Cat 1, Cat 2, Canine, Spikes
- Balls: Bigger, Smaller, Down, Right Ball Down, Left Ball Down, Balls Up, Right Ball Up, Left Ball Up
- Shaft: Big Knot, Shrink Knot (all the way to none if you want), Lengthen Shaft, Shorten Shaft, Thick Shaft, Thin Shaft, Curve Shaft
- Pubic Hair: Remove Hair and multiple blendshapes to adjust the fit for different avatars

What's in the download package?

The penis includes:

- Unity package
- Blender file
- Substance Painter File
- Labeled Photoshop Files


- Retexturing Tutorial
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  • foto
    mke #25
    TricksterCharlie, I'm also looking for this too
    Wednesday at 15:45
  • foto
    WonderWind #24
    For me, none of the animations are working, which is quite odd, seeing as I did the whole fx and parameters things with VRlabs using the Cat1 one
    Wednesday at 01:20
  • foto
    Sinistxr #23
    FappingFox, Did you repair/reassign the animation's path to match where the shaft model is currently in the hierarchy?
    16 September 2023 17:40
  • foto
    FappingFox #22
    Sinistxr, So everything is working except the DPS toggle. Shaft doesn't appear when I use it
    12 September 2023 21:27
  • foto
    TricksterCharlie #21
    Does this have the recent vrcfury script?
    21 August 2023 20:12
  • foto
    Sinistxr #20
    final thing: keep in mind that if you do use a copy path script you should delete it after you have everything set up properly, or you will likely get an error on export on export like i did
    10 July 2023 01:04
  • foto
    Sinistxr #19
    So to those who experience displacement from the hips when scaling [Like KanonFodder1155 has] I have a fix that i did

    I deleted the constraint components because this is a issue with constraints that happens constantly with unity and scaling

    Afterwards i moved armature.penis and dps.penis to the hip armature and i put the particles in the penis shaft.004 part

    with all of these keep in mind: there will be issues with the paths not being found in the animations, when moving these these you want to set their paths by pressing f2 and setting their proper path in the hierarchy

    you can look up tools to copy the hierarchy paths if you need to. its really easy to find. the order i did it in was


    after doing all of that it should be fixed, you dont need to move dynamics as that just controls dynamic bones and such.

    TLDR: You have to remove the constraints and put Armature.penis and DPS.penis in the hips on the avatar's armature, then correct the path by pressing f2 and typing in the proper path to it. particles go in penisshaft.004 and you dont need to mess with DynamicBones or the penis mesh

    hope this helps!

    (image of the hierarchy if you need it https://i.imgur.com/MLP9BC5.png[/img] )
    10 July 2023 00:49
  • foto
    KanonFodder1155 #18
    Not sure if anyone else has had this issue but whenever I use any sort of avatar scaling the penis displaces from the hips. I don't know if this is just a constraint issue, or something else. I'm still pretty new to avi creation so some advice would be greatly appreciated.
    8 July 2023 18:06
  • foto
    NotYou #17
    This works perfectly fine, it has tiny hiccups but that's due to some toggles overlapping and breaking it a little but could be fixxed easily.

    For anyone having issues, you have to unpack the whole thing, drop the Constraint object into the Armature-Hips, drag and drop everything from the pack into the Avatar itself, activate all the parent constraints and your done, adjusting via Constraint object in hips.
    7 June 2023 11:13
  • foto
    CyanQuill #16
    I'm glad it's not just me, been working on this for ages and it just wasn't working. The animations can't find the model add-on so it just doesn't work.
    27 May 2023 06:47
  • foto
    Mich loud #15
    Does this work for anyone I have no tested it yet
    4 April 2023 19:30
  • foto
    zorei1 #14
    does it work for quest
    22 March 2023 00:52
  • foto
    puppypaints #13
    could you maybe upload to another filesharing site that isnt mega?
    12 February 2023 20:42
  • foto
    Giggz #12
    Did you ever tinker already with the base and animations, was it working at all?
    11 February 2023 18:43
  • foto
    Giggz #11
    I've been messing with it for two ish hours now and I still can't get the animations working(there must be something wrong with the FX layers). The penis itself only showed up once and then broke with the toggles.
    1 February 2023 15:07
  • foto
    Exponent0 #10
    [[UPDATE]] So I recently figured the problem out I think, it was that the file was not fully transferred? So if you may try again and let me know if there is still problem, that would be nice.
    31 January 2023 23:41
  • foto
    KatherineTheCat #9
    I'm about to try it out, I'll let you know how it goes if you don't want to risk wasting your time
    Should be able to let you know by tonight
    31 January 2023 14:17
  • foto
    Giggz #8
    Any update on if this is a complete package with everything needed included?
    31 January 2023 09:18
  • foto
    Frydabest #7
    It seems that this version of an asset is missing a file
    The .pdf makes references to "NSFW Extras" but I didn't find it anywhere in folders
    30 January 2023 09:15
  • foto
    Burn My Bread #6
    The menu part. I've hooked it up and everything to my avatar, made sure the menus are correct as well as the animations but it just doesn't work for some reason
    27 January 2023 17:13
  • foto
    Exponent0 #5
    Burn My Bread,
    Can you tell me what doesn't work?
    26 January 2023 19:21
  • foto
    Burn My Bread #4
    yeah it doesn't work.
    26 January 2023 15:02
  • foto
    Exponent0 #3
    I'll look into it.
    24 January 2023 10:55
  • foto
    shawnev2 #2
    It doesn't work, and you deleted my comment from last time when I said it didn't work
    24 January 2023 06:03
  • foto
    shawnev2 #1
    ***comment deleted***
    24 January 2023 04:50