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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Nibby
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: No
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
Views: 145 648

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Notice: This avatar requires both the paid Poiyomi Pro shaders and the Dynamic Penetration Shader (or DPS for short) by Raliv for the DPS stuff to work. Though, these are only for the DPS stuff. I included a version without them as well

More about the massive reserve of 3.0 toggles:

Body toggles: turn off ears, turn off tail (also disables the passive bell sound)

Throwjoint toggles: enabled, no gravity, faster, tracers. Use finger point (sad face) to spawn it and play around with it a lil ^^

Misc toggles: enable purr sound effect, enable baseball bat, disable fist animation (angry face) for index users

Clothing toggles: hoodie off, thigh highs off, booty shorts on, cap on, beanie on

Clothing 2 toggles: laces on arms off, collar off, leash on, gloves off, paws on, bra off

Penetrators: classical pp toggle (the same as on Sporti and Rindell), small DPS pp, big DPS pp, long DPS toy, small DPS toy, place small DPS toy in world

Orifices: butt, hand, mouth, enable placeable hole, hide placeable hole
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  • foto
    Auriell1224 #27
    If you guys add dynamic bones package before you import the avatar package it fixes the missing scripts.... just saying
    5 March 2023 02:35
  • foto
    TheQueeeen #26
    Hey everyone!
    I solved your problems refereing to the "Missing script"
    It's complaining about not having phys bones setup.
    I've linked a really good tutorial that you can follow and learn how to set it all up
    In the video, he explains everything you need to know.

    13 December 2022 08:30
  • foto
    Aksaka_Kenai #25
    same. solved the problem?
    4 December 2022 03:43
  • foto
    Sacred_ Souls #24
    I'm kind of new to unity, and I'm trying to change the color of the eye brows but they seem to be attached to the head... The only way for me to change the color is by changing the skin color, can someone help please?
    3 December 2022 02:35
  • foto
    Emily825 #23
    missing script something related to the prefab
    8 November 2022 01:53
  • foto
    Zenla25 #22
    Toggles seem to be broken, I can't toggle the main clothes at all at least on the DPS version, and i can;t even figure out how to fix that.
    28 August 2022 15:38
  • foto
    KokichiGremlin #21
    Clockwork Radiance,
    thank you!!!!
    25 May 2022 13:32
  • foto
    Clockwork Radiance #20
    I've found the fix. So this model is based heavily on Nibby Sporti Model, so you'll have to load that one into unity aswell. Now click on Auri and scroll down to "playable Layers" under Base it says "missing" so you'll have to drag and drop Sporti's Locomotion file into it which is residing in: Assets > Avatars > Sporti > Animations 3.0 Layers the file is called "locomotion" drag and drop that and it works.
    23 May 2022 18:41
  • foto
    MangosPog #19
    im having this too :( any fixes yet?
    16 May 2022 00:32
  • foto
    sudspup #18
    he dosent have a walking animation or anything when i sit his body is just thru the floor. any fix?
    8 May 2022 11:11
  • foto
    KokichiGremlin #17
    have you been able to find a solution to this :0?
    2 May 2022 00:05
  • foto
    iworen #16
    When I move, the avatar doesn't animate and just moves waste deep into the ground, any thoughts?
    27 April 2022 15:12
  • foto
    radiokid #15
    is there a world that this avatar is in i dont know how to use this in vrchat after i downlad it
    22 November 2021 08:22
  • foto
    GingerHitmanST #14
    quest version still show for pc and vr as well?
    17 November 2021 19:10
  • foto
    SnowMiser #13
    You no longer need to do anything, in the updateda auri theres a quest, optimized, and puppy auri
    26 October 2021 23:00
  • foto
    MercyWorsey #12
    lmao rip bozo
    19 October 2021 16:02
  • foto
    shadowflames1 #11
    no would should have to ask you not to still there shit!
    15 October 2021 12:15
  • foto
    VRModels #10
    No one has provided us with any documents for this model.
    2 October 2021 12:37
  • foto
    LackLack #9
    didn't he call you out on this and tried to get his stuff off this website?
    2 October 2021 11:11
  • foto
    Myyri #8
    I'm getting a missing script error
    14 September 2021 15:18
  • foto
    AbiTheAngel #7
    new version when
    7 September 2021 19:47
  • foto
    SwagIsSwagger #6
    how to make quest compatible?
    5 August 2021 04:49
  • foto
    possiblyafurry #5
    Do you have the 1.8 version?
    23 July 2021 23:56
  • foto
    Yosh06 #4
    is it just me or are the toggles not set up yet?
    2 July 2021 19:05
  • foto
    VRModels #3
    Quote: Aesther
    Go support the artist considering they're struggling to get their paid models taken off here :)

    If they wanted the models to be taken down - they would have just provided the documents. And the models would have been removed immediately. But they don't. So they don't need to.
    31 May 2021 03:55
  • foto
    Aesther #2
    Go support the artist considering they're struggling to get their paid models taken off here :)
    31 May 2021 03:28
  • foto
    Viola_Gestalt #1
    this is a nibby avatar, go support her :)
    27 May 2021 03:03