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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Jawn
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: No
Nsfw: Yes
Views: 22 193
Xara the Succubus

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- Features; Redesigned mouth, teeth, and tongue. Stomach organ that connects to throat and butt. Full womb. Anatomically correct boned out toes to allow posing.

- Gestures include; Wink, Smile, Lewd, Confused, surprised, other pre-made faces ready to add!

- Shape keys! Tons of shape keys for the tongue for plenty of possibility! Pre-made shape keys for the feet. Nails have a pre-made shape key for longer nails, sharp tipped, and squared tipped nails!

- Included Pale, Dark, and Tanned skin textures! All sorts of hair colors to choose from or edit to your needs!

- Removable Wing corset that forms into the bone wings.

- Spawnable penis.

- Realistic breast, butt, thigh, and hair physics.

- 1:1 full body proportions (to the average body type)
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  • foto
    MaiconPlayG #10
    ***comment deleted***
    25 September 2022 23:21
  • foto
    rayyo2 #9
    Ok so to get her to work do not import nothing but her, del-the poiyomishaders and SDK that come with her. add them back and you should be good to go.
    19 December 2021 18:55
  • foto
    B.Anna #8
    Got an error with the VRCSDK PREPROCESS AVATAR CALLBACK and I have no idea how to fix that any help would be nice
    17 December 2021 19:51
  • foto
    FreshMeatSenpai #7
    Cant get it to work :(
    17 December 2021 15:16
  • foto
    Alpha Mk 1 #6
    Try to delete the thryeditor folder and the (if its there) the poi tolls folder. They can be be found in Assets -> poiyomishaders -> scripts. It should be than reloading the sdk and than it normally works.
    17 December 2021 13:27
  • foto
    caramelshortcake #5
    worked for me, prefab and everything there
    17 December 2021 06:53
  • foto
    BUBBLE__ #4
    thank you, so the avatar is not for sale anymore wich suck because , it does say mssing prefab. i pretty much tried everything ( uncheck future proof , deleting thry editor etc.) its does not work

    which *

    16 December 2021 19:35
  • foto
    Rigel_One #3
    16 December 2021 19:09
  • foto
    BUBBLE__ #2
    link for the avi?

    i mean link to the gumroad or sum
    16 December 2021 18:32
  • foto
    Edreii #1
    Missing prefab, Cannot upload.
    16 December 2021 14:13