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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: ⸸KIA⸸
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: No
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
Views: 7 985

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How to use: Import the Package and the VRCSDK 3.0 intro Unity.
Open the Scene, login to the VRCsdk and press Upload.


Avatar is PC only!
FBT: Yes
SDK Version: 3.0
All clothes and Accessories are toggleable
Avi has Hue Wheels for skin, hair, ears, tail

Please dont publish the avatar
Dont leak the package!

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  • foto
    DigitalStyx #1
    The package option is broken for me. I'm using a new scene in an established project that I use for uploading Avatar packages that I intend to use complete without my own edits or customizations.

    Is there by chance a guide available for manually setting up this avatar in unity? I can upload basic models and setup dynamic bones manually, but I haven't delved into toggles, animations, etc which is why I was using the package option. So a guide for setting this up could serve as a crash course also.
    4 January 2022 16:12