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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Cryptia Curves
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC + Quest
Рhysbones: No
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
Views: 276 712
Fazclaire's Nightclub Bundle

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Hello sweeties!

Welcome to Fazclaire's! An after hours nightclub for adults. Featuring our very special cyborg attractions!

They signed the contract.

In this 3D model pack, you will get..

- Frenni Fazclaire, microphone, microphone stand

- Bonfie, guitar

- Chiku, pizza slice, pizza box prop, removeble apron

- Fexa, accordion prop, removable hand/hook, removable jacket

- Type 0... Uh, who's that?

- Marie, BB puppet, optional onesie, box prop

- Blendshapes for blush, spooky eyes, facial expressions

- Each character has a NSFW version, heads up! 18+

- .blend .fbx and a Unitypackage VRChat ready. (Before physbone update! They will probably be upgraded to this in the next update.) Instructions for what you need are in the INSTRUCTIONS!

Screenshots of model Fazclaire's Nightclub Bundle in the game
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  • foto
    shadow dragon #165
    update on my last comment since i see a little confusion, like night sky said. cryptia will never update these again as far as we know. For those who don't see anything saying there is dynamic bones in there. Sometimes it'll auto-convert for you, and other times you just need to re-do the entire thing. Because like i originaly said they do need dynamic bones.

    For making them futa, it's an option toggle on the avi. just upload and you'll see it in game

    if something breaks with the textures, just re-download the zip from this website and manualy grab the textures from the zip, each character has their own folder in the zip so it should'nt be that hard to find.
    6 hours above
  • foto
    MinecraftStevey #164
    shadow dragon, i love you
    Today at 09:05
  • foto
    DaemonPlay61 #163
    pajero de mierda
    12 June 2024 20:13
  • foto
    Night Sky #162
    To anyone claiming that theres an update to the model. There is not. Everyone has just learned how to port Psychbones to the models. Cryptia hasn't made any changes to the models and she's very far behind on updating them (Most likely won't be happening soon unless they get leaked). If you're also having issues with the models, check the unity console and see if you're missing anything. Have a nice day..
    14 May 2024 15:56
  • foto
    BUNNYTO #161
    when i try tu upload it into vr chat, tell me a error that says, fail to build the avatarm check logs, someone know how fix it?
    8 May 2024 16:53
  • foto
    Anon Amous #160
    how to make them futa - the textures are there
    30 April 2024 00:51
  • foto
    Skully20K #159
    Grof, that is nothing old dumb scrip left behind
    22 April 2024 05:36
  • foto
    mistyanon #158
    begging on my hands and knees for an update to them..
    19 April 2024 16:07
  • foto
    if anyone can share a fixed version of the files that would be great
    19 April 2024 13:20
  • foto
    Bananajoe43 #156
    This has gotten an update (not the new models) and I was wondering if it would be released here
    15 April 2024 21:03
  • foto
    J4eJay #155
    ImOnCruzCtrl, they haven't been posted yet
    5 April 2024 19:14
  • foto
    Elbananero #154
    I can't export the avatar and the errors are related to bonfie avatar tips
    31 March 2024 17:28
  • foto
    rock323iron #153
    shadow dragon, there is no dynamic bones when i convert
    24 March 2024 22:59
  • foto
    Ajax_sakara #152
    By any chance will the files be updated? Since these files use the old Vrchat system, and it'll only make sense if Cryptia ever updated them.
    21 March 2024 11:04
  • foto
    TurboSplash #151
    TurboSplash, You can also delete the .blend files
    19 March 2024 01:23
  • foto
    TurboSplash #150
    Sorry, I just had to find the unity package not the fbx. I don't know how to delete comments eitherAlso, be sure to install blender for the unity package to work
    19 March 2024 01:07
  • foto
    TurboSplash #149
    Textures are broken. The model looks like milk gone solid.
    12 March 2024 18:03
  • foto
    Rainbowlex #148
    i tried to import them to quest, but for some reason it doesn't work (even after doing everything right). I think it's a problem only on my side (i even tried with Bloodborne SDK and doesn't work still)
    7 March 2024 15:23
  • foto
    Munkto #147
    how do i find the pp models in blender
    5 March 2024 23:20
  • foto
    WaterMelon23 #146
    arrow, thanks cutie
    28 February 2024 19:01
  • foto
    arrow #145
    WaterMelon23, w
    28 February 2024 19:01
  • foto
    WaterMelon23 #144
    ***comment deleted***
    28 February 2024 19:00
  • foto
    Lee Flash #143
    Beeboi64, if you dont mind i can help you on that
    26 February 2024 20:08
  • foto
    shadow dragon #142
    Ok this is for everyone who doesnt know how to upload because in my download there werent instructions.

    you will need :
    unity 2019
    a vrchat 3.0 avatar sdk version 3.2.2 or lower because higher only works in 2022
    Poiyomi 7.3.50 - 8.2.014
    Dynamic bones

    These are decently old avatars so yes they use dynamic bones

    First :
    download all of your assets in this order :
    dynamic bones
    then the avi of your choice

    drag the scene into unity and log into the sdk like you normaly do

    Dont forget to convert the dynamic bones to physbones using the builder menu in the sdk

    then you should be good to upload.
    22 February 2024 21:34
  • foto
    Waspinator #141
    when i try to upload it it doesnt work
    20 February 2024 16:44
  • foto
    deca #140
    We need to find the new models, they are legit so pretty. Cryptia made some new ones if you didn't know
    16 February 2024 18:30
  • foto
    Cb15 #139
    The textures don't work
    14 February 2024 15:21
  • foto
    Grof #138
    I always get a "Missing (Mono Script)" error, anyone could help?
    11 February 2024 13:40
  • foto
    Cocoa21 #137
    You should try to update these posted models, the PP dps does not work on any model (not even Marie)
    26 January 2024 14:46
  • foto
    Jameson Winters #136
    yo so I have a question in blender how do I add the textures to the characters because I've tried and tried but I cannot figure it out. It would really help if someone would respond. Thank you.
    23 January 2024 19:38
  • foto
    Cb15 #135
    Where is Marie,I can not find the model in the pack
    22 January 2024 16:23
  • foto
    rock323iron #134
    im trying to use unity and the prefab they have alot of errors and and the 400,000 tri so do i have to use unity 2019 or 2022
    11 January 2024 19:32
  • foto
    Beeboi64 #133
    wheres a marie one
    7 January 2024 17:53
  • foto
    Rainbowlex #132
    ***comment deleted***
    6 December 2023 20:48
  • foto
    Rainbowlex #131
    Rainbowlex, nvm
    5 December 2023 19:48
  • foto
    Rainbowlex #130
    for some reason, the avatars that i uploaded don't have the NSFW version etc expression, i only have the basic, what do i need to do to make them appear in vrchat please
    5 December 2023 19:22
  • foto
    Breadybun1 #129
    Belphegor23231, most of the instructions should be in the package, just extract it, import the stuff and double click the unity icon in the assets page
    4 December 2023 20:40
  • foto
    Belphegor23231 #128
    Im new to avatar making/publishng so does anyone have tutorial of how i can make this work?
    26 November 2023 04:49
  • foto
    adrian Lamboni #127
    Ugandan322, Yeah.
    25 November 2023 11:39
  • foto
    nyabunz #126
    PanKake2, how did you fix it
    21 November 2023 08:26
  • foto
    PanKake2 #125
    17 November 2023 12:49
  • foto
    PanKake2 #124
    Does anyone know how to remove the Black layer on top of the models, it seems to be connected to other parts and once disabled, it takes away the skin, for example, I can see on Bonfie that her mouth is purple and it seemed to be a cutout of the layer, and I found the layer strangley being connected to the bowtie, and once I removed the bowtie, the layer disapeared, but so did any access to her real skin texture. Thank you in advance.
    15 November 2023 22:13
  • foto
    JustTooCreamy #123
    Свят, You opened the wrong texture file
    11 November 2023 13:41
  • foto
    deca #122
    kikhf, you can easily auto-convert them yourself!!
    9 November 2023 19:43
  • foto
    Ugandan322 #121
    adrian Lamboni, did you imported the model to blender before doing anything
    9 November 2023 11:07
  • foto
    LitheAcorn2 #120
    Thanks for uploading the models, could someone give me examples to illuminate the girls? It's a topic that I still don't handle well in Blender.
    9 November 2023 01:19
  • foto
    kikhf #119
    physbone update
    7 November 2023 06:10
  • foto
    Applemaster7777777 #118
    adrian Lamboni, I think it has something to do with the Prefab going wack but I'm not sure how to fix it but its a place to start
    6 November 2023 15:24
  • foto
    adrian Lamboni #117
    Anyone know why whenever I try to render marie shes just invisible or completely black? Ive already confirmed its not an issue with lighting, so its something to do with the rendering. Blender 3.6 btw. (Note: I also activated backface culling)
    3 November 2023 15:02
  • foto
    Josh425 #116
    DontMindMe1234, If They Buyed It Then Yes They Would Have The Newest Version
    2 November 2023 14:19
  • foto
    DontMindMe1234 #115
    Does anyone know if they've even been updated?Night Sky, do you have the Physbone updated files yet?
    1 November 2023 12:45
  • foto
    ChromicBun #114
    please upload the update- it's getting a bit old trying to have one of these nsfw but only having the bikini -.-'''
    31 October 2023 00:03
  • foto
    mistyanon #113
    update? :3
    24 October 2023 12:59
  • foto
    DeltaCinnamon #112
    can you add the update version when it realses, its the redesigns that drop when fnaf
    movie comes out this month
    19 October 2023 19:55
  • foto
    Beeboi64 #111
    wheres the physbones?
    13 October 2023 14:11
  • foto
    fhc23 #110
    how do you use these? im new to vrc
    4 October 2023 16:26
  • foto
    Halfthehellhound #109
    Свят, Same here
    26 September 2023 19:50
  • foto
    MrBigPackage #108
    it says that it is missing a lot of the parts of the avatar and wont let me build and create do you know how to fix that?
    20 September 2023 13:55
  • foto
    sussymongus #107
    Does anyone have Pumpfox Models Normal and NSFW?
    17 September 2023 18:57
  • foto
    Dark Knight #106
    Anyone has Marie bikini?
    16 September 2023 09:10
  • foto
    Josh425 #105
    Night Sky Can You Reupload This With PhyBone’s
    7 September 2023 09:25
  • foto
    fizzie #104
    How exactly does that Shift+L thing work? I delete the vertices after hitting shift+L but that just deletes the actual geometry. Is there a video I can watch or something?
    1 September 2023 09:55
  • foto
    batcat #103
    why does it not work for me it say it's missing a script

    24 August 2023 00:39
  • foto
    prosherif #102
    Свят, pone modo edición y con "L" selecciona las partes o en este caso extremidades y eliminalas así se quita eso
    23 August 2023 10:21
  • foto
    badboyhalo1 #101
    gotta ask knowing theyre in the works, will this pack be updated or will there probably be another upload for the new updated models that will be added to these packs soon
    20 August 2023 02:48
  • foto
    Свят #100
    Hi guys, I need help with Blender models, cuz when I launch them, they are black. Even when I turning on Backface Culling, it is still black.

    Can somebody help me with that problem ?
    15 August 2023 17:53
  • foto
    Thisaccountisuseless.mp4 #99
    I use the models in blender they are just blackI suspect the outlines arent working right
    14 August 2023 22:40
  • foto
    yeetuspeetus25 #98
    Shedarin, kys
    13 August 2023 11:31
  • foto
    Jameson Winters #97
    What is this Pumpfox folder and how do I add it to Unity?
    28 July 2023 00:32
  • foto
    ObamaGaming9999 #96
    any idea how to get the pumpfox model working? the textures are there but what exactly do i do with em?
    23 July 2023 22:09
  • foto
    Byfıxdark #95
    ***comment deleted***
    21 July 2023 07:19
  • foto
    KatieCA #94
    nvm, got it, just had to install the Dynamic Bone package
    18 July 2023 00:25
  • foto
    KatieCA #93
    For some reason the avatar has no physics whatsoever... is there a fix?
    17 July 2023 22:09
  • foto
    DragoFireRex #92
    Anybody Know why my textures arent loading
    17 July 2023 13:23
  • foto
    Declan Reilly #91
    will there be a update for these?
    1 July 2023 15:22
  • foto
    T_TSTUDSVR #90
    you guys have to use vr creator companion to use this
    26 June 2023 13:21
  • foto
    Bananajoe43 #89
    yumitakashi, Wait, how did you fix it?
    19 June 2023 14:23
  • foto
    Slytyy #88
    where are the instructions to download?
    18 June 2023 20:39
  • foto
    whybuywhentryforfree #87
    My partner absolutely loves these so thank you very much <3
    15 June 2023 19:47
  • foto
    yumitakashi #86
    the files on theses are corrupted as when i tried to make one it wouldnt work ( it has missing script fix now )
    14 June 2023 21:18