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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Tilly
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: No
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
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Lily 3.0

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‧˚ෆ Dissolve Toggles (NSFW) ෆ˚‧

Clothes: Top, Hoodie, Shorts, Panties, Pasties and Shoes.

Accessories: Harness, Garter, Choker and Hair Clips.

Kitty mode: Ears, Tail.

‧˚ෆ Hue shift ෆ˚‧

Eyes, Hair, Ears, Tail and Hair Clips.

White/Black Clothing + Hair Version.

3 Different Skintones.

‧˚ෆ DPS in 5 places ෆ˚‧

Vag, Boobs, Left and Right Hand and Mouth!

‧˚ෆ Kitty Bell Sound ෆ˚‧

Kitty Bell that you can toggle ON/OFF.

‧˚ෆ Toys ෆ˚‧

Cam’s ThrowJoint, VRlabs marker and a Kitty plush that’s resizable!!

‧˚ෆ EXTRA: ෆ˚‧

‧˚ෆ Custom Menu Icons all made by me! ෆ˚‧

‧˚ෆ Throw Joint LITE ෆ˚‧

‧˚ෆ VRLabs Marker that has a lot of features! ෆ˚‧

‧˚ෆ Emotes + Cool Tattoos and Two Kitty Piercings ෆ˚‧

‧˚ෆ FBT ready ෆ˚‧

‧˚ෆ 7 Custom Face Gestures ෆ˚‧

‧˚ෆ Dynamic Bones/Colliders where needed ෆ˚‧

‧˚ෆ Swaying Tail Animation ෆ˚‧

Please keep in mind this was my first ever avatar.

Uses: Unity 2019.4.31

SDK, Poiyomi, is included in the package.

!!You need to purchase Raliv’s Dynamic Penetration System yourself to import!!

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