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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: estefanoida
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC + Quest
Рhysbones: Yes
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Flygon Custom Model

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What the zip package includes:
Unity packages for both PC and Quest versions all set up and ready to upload
NEW: Physbones set-up
Normal Flygon skin plus 5 extra skins: Shiny, Trapinch, Vibrava, Shadow and Rainbow!
Blender files for both versions
PSD with flat textures and shading layers
The free Poiyomi shader used
A link to download the Substance Painter file
Aand all the features shown in the images!
What is NOT included:
How do I upload to VRChat?
Download the current used Unity engine by VRC (Unity Hub recommended) Unity
Download VRC SDK3 Avatars:SDK3
Open Unity and create a new 3D project only for Flygon. (Set it to Android on the built settings, once it loaded, for Quest users)
Import the Poiyomi Shader included in my zip file.
Lastly, import the Flygon unity package (PC or Quest).
Open VRC SDK window, log in and upload!

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  • foto
    Navi0503 #2
    so i either missed something or the shadow and rainbow textures arent in the file.
    5 February 2023 10:03
  • foto
    Potato2022 #1
    Sweeet <3 thanks
    10 August 2022 04:49