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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: hannahquinn
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 260 763

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How to use this package and upload to VRChat.

1. Open Unity 2019.4.31f1
2. Import VRChat Avatar SDK (3.0).
3. Import a Shader you want to use, Poiyomi is recommended.
4. Import Dynamic Penetration System
5. Import The Avatar Package.

Avatar Special Features
- 7 Face gestures
- Shooting Hearts Particles
- Hearts Particles above Head
- Hand Particles
- Change Breast Size
- Removable Tattoos + 2nd Tattoo Version
- Spring Joint with Particles
- VRCLabs Marker
- Ass Slap Sound + Handprint + Face Expression (Toggleable)
- Tit Slap Sound (Toggleable)
- Nose Boob with Face Expression
- Closes the Eyes when you touch them
- Headpet Expression (Toggleable)
- Cute Cat Follower
- Feet High Toggle
- Hue Shift
- Big Pupils
- Squirt Toggle (after 10 secs)
- Bondage (Avatar can't move if it's tied up)
- Gag
- Vibrator with Sounds
- Flogger
- Paddle
- 3 different Dildos (S,M,L)
- Milk Drop Particles
- RGB Mode (in Color Change on 100%)
- NSFW Sounds (Moan, Slap, Penetrate)
- Ragdoll System
- Physbones + Colliders
- Fixed Locomotion
- Full Body ready
Contact Reciever (You can pickup her Buttplug + Realistic Dildo
Buttplug spawns in her butt just pull it out can be hold with Right + Left Hand and also stay in the Overworld) Due to a recent VRChat update some contact Receivers can be stuck/not working this issue sadly can not be fixed atm, please keep that in mind, but with reuploading/reloading etc. the issues can disappear this is random atm.
- Audio Link Feature (Bass, Low Mid, High Mid, Treble)
- Penetration System DPS (Vagina, Ass, Right + Left Hand, Mouth, Breasts)
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  • foto
    Clovermonover #94
    6 September 2023 10:00
  • foto
    Cosmetix #93
    how did tou get it to work i cant even import it into unity?
    3 September 2023 23:02
  • foto
    cocorico8 #92
    GildedWing, i think the 7.3 work fine
    30 August 2023 19:47
  • foto
    GildedWing #91
    Was anyone able to determine which Version of Poiyomi was needed or how to fix the Pink Textures? A short instruction guide here will save this avatar!
    3 August 2023 23:36
  • foto
    Dregio #90
    Azyria, i can make her work real quick let me see what i can do
    30 July 2023 22:25
  • foto
    ghostofficialy #89
    Dunharasp, how did you import the avatar?
    24 July 2023 13:04
  • foto
    Azyria #88
    If someone was able to upload this without any problems.. please message me on Discord or Twitter at officialazyria i need help.. or if anyone can give me their files.
    18 July 2023 10:06
  • foto
    Tigglebitty #87
    Yeahhh this still doesnt work. Can't get the "Trail+Fur shader to actually be useable for Unity, so it's a scrapped avi...
    14 July 2023 21:42
  • foto
    TTEMPEST #86
    jxstleana, drag it out the file
    3 July 2023 17:54
  • foto
    royyvx #85
    which DPS package should i download?
    20 June 2023 09:12
  • foto
    shiroyama11 #84
    What shader pack is required?
    29 April 2023 18:16
  • foto
    AdysenQ #83
    Can you send me that shader as well? my discord is sb5k#6531
    18 April 2023 21:40
  • foto
    jxstleana #82
    a question in the zip is a folder called **Trail + Fur Shader please import me before the Model** how do I impot this ?
    4 April 2023 16:30
  • foto
    xo.vbad #81
    i can send u the shader i use add my disc: badass#1463
    13 March 2023 19:41
  • foto
    Lozthyl #80
    1. what shader is actually required, i've tried multiple and they only half work
    2. is there anything else i need to be aware of based on all the problems asked below
    10 March 2023 16:38
  • foto
    comereldos #79
    could someone send me the poiyomi pro shaders discord: comereldos#0099
    9 February 2023 01:45
  • foto
    Dunharasp #78
    did the squirt work for anyone? the 3 Dildos do not appear for me. the rest works fine
    7 February 2023 18:12
  • foto
    Cinderflux #77
    If anyone's still getting the materials being black, it's because the direction light is black for some reason.
    4 February 2023 17:13
  • foto
    AlexYama #76
    When i try download avatar to VRchat Server i have Error to upload image. Alltime.
    3 February 2023 08:38
  • foto
    Dunharasp #75
    Does anyone have the poi pro to share?
    13 January 2023 11:22
  • foto
    Kat_nek0 #74
    No if it says error saving blueprint you detatch the prefab id, it shows on the right side
    6 January 2023 20:17
  • foto
    HHSDragon #73
    HHSDragon, i fixed the texture issues but the right hand is broken and some of the toggles dont work and some of the contacts
    1 January 2023 20:49
  • foto
    firemanhawk #72
    I need help

    Same here

    Ido Scrapz_00,
    1 January 2023 16:19
  • foto
    HHSDragon #71
    im using the recommended shader but the avatar is all black how do i fix this
    22 December 2022 04:54
  • foto
    Scrapz_00 #70
    I got it uploaded need help still? Message me on discord scrapz_#0008
    11 December 2022 06:10
  • foto
    Senpaimeowmeow #69
    If anyone can help me with this pink issue, please dm me on discord Senpai#1425
    6 December 2022 23:52
  • foto
    Senpaimeowmeow #68
    How did u fix it?

    I need help fixing this problem, please can u msg me in discord ♡𝒮𝑒𝓃𝓅𝒶𝒾 ♡#3147
    6 December 2022 23:41
  • foto
    Barendth13 #67
    Good day all im getting this error that says Poimy lcoekd then the whole avatar is pink , the fur shader doesnt work eder i did the instrutions as indicated , what version of poimy must i use
    22 November 2022 16:40
  • foto
    Grey-chan #66
    Having some trouble I set it up all the correct shaders and requirments she still starts off pink. I figure ok so I reset the shaders to polypro and try to upload...no good says can't upload. Any ideas ?
    14 November 2022 02:07
  • foto
    guys how do u fix that?
    23 October 2022 03:44
  • foto
    LittleNao #64
    when on the scene tab, click the light bulb located next to the "2D" button, should reload the scene in full color

    Make sure you have the correct sdk, not the physbone sdk, just the sdk downloaded off of vrchat.
    20 October 2022 14:51
  • foto
    LittleNao #63
    error saving blueprint, import a different sdk
    20 October 2022 14:21
  • foto
    Sharki1 #62
    nvm im getting "error saving blueprint"
    18 October 2022 09:35
  • foto
    Sharki1 #61
    update, took 4 crashes, and once while tryna upload, but i finally manually was able to fix the shaders nd stuff
    18 October 2022 09:06
  • foto
    Sharki1 #60
    when i import the avi its compleatly pink, im using the latest version of poiyomi pro? so whats going on?
    18 October 2022 08:15
  • foto
    astro #59
    the upload won’t work for me:<
    1 October 2022 11:19
  • foto
    ughyugh001 #58
    Argh, I was reading what you said to do and I just can't find the basic emission. I'm doing all I can to figure out a way to fix this damn thing
    29 September 2022 20:16
  • foto
    medis #57
    Her skin have 2 different colors when i turn around, any solution for it?
    25 September 2022 04:33
  • foto
    Polarisdr #56
    None the toggles appear
    21 September 2022 22:09
  • foto
    jadelfare43 #55
    mochie shader for the cat follower(make sure to set it as transparent and remove the rainbow texture, the shader will add this texture automatically once you do this, the cat should look normal)
    unity 2019.4.31f1
    use the latest sdk
    for trails, go to the application for the shader, and drag the trail texture into the box and hit apply
    same thing for the fur shader(use the texture used for the fur)
    once you do that, turn the materials that uses the textures, and change them to the shaders. the fur is only the tail, I tried the boa and it looks very broken, so it is only the tail.
    12 September 2022 14:38
  • foto
    BassBoostedDuck #54
    no but ill be doing my best.

    so i keep getting a few errors, saying i am missing parts of the ragdoll system and the marker system from vrlabs, anyone have the download so i can add them back as the ragdoll system is paid for.
    11 September 2022 15:37
  • foto
    Pintsizestone #53
    its not rude to ask but almost every avatar on this sight is supposed to be paid for and most ppl to avoid getting bitched at by avatar creators/ their friends who catch you useing it in publics most ppl just upload it as private and its just that little bit too much work for anybody to wanna go in and turn off private just so you can cloneit

    as for the uploader bro what versions of everything do we need? its annoying when an avatar has a million add on asset files but nobody knows what versions it was built off of so its trial and error for the rest of the night and its especially annoying to poor ppl like renny cause theyll never know why 'prefab dosnt exist" they just want the pretty/hot avi
    8 September 2022 17:32
  • foto
    RennyRoo #52
    Is it rude to ask if someone can just let me clone this avatar from them in VRChat..? I am not in any way techy enough to understand how to even begin using Unity to upload an avatar..it would be much appreciated. Supposed to get a brief lesson from a friend soon, hopefully.
    6 September 2022 23:04
  • foto
    angelslvt3 #51
    You have to use the latest version of the vrchat sdk.
    31 August 2022 01:26
  • foto
    marcellusji #50
    anyone made this avai quest yet
    29 August 2022 07:53
  • foto
    jadelfare43 #49
    for the cat follower, you would need the mochie shader. I found out about this, after I imported it in and used it on the cat follower.
    27 August 2022 12:02
  • foto
    Avi_9 #48
    cant download for some reason T-T
    25 August 2022 20:23
  • foto
    erfonti #47
    Does anyone know how to fix the problem of the VRCexpresion having too many parameters?
    It doesnt let me upload the model until I delete a few of them, and then other errors pop up.
    25 August 2022 14:55
  • foto
    gundamgurl42 #46
    is there any way you can add RIA by Yuri to your list? Shes new and i'm dying to get her
    23 August 2022 22:41
  • foto
    Shayxx #45
    Anyone have the poiyomi-pro shader that they would be willing to share? :)
    23 August 2022 18:43
  • foto
    AvatarsShouldBeFree #44
    since chat has slow down i'll leave this message here:

    if you have any problems with this model DM me on the website OR discord (tag in my profile)
    I'll respond as fast as i can
    23 August 2022 09:35
  • foto
    cheekycheek #43
    Please link for me the poiyomi version... :cc
    22 August 2022 07:21
  • foto
    Cursed c: #42
    Hey Yaki, if you could find and upload the files for Ren by Yasu id be so grateful!! This model is gorgeous as well
    22 August 2022 05:49
  • foto
    AvatarsShouldBeFree #41
    there isnt a problem with the blush as far as i know. are you perhaps on Quest?
    that could be the reason.
    22 August 2022 05:38
  • foto
    darkdante6 #40
    anyone know how to fix the blush and what mat its under thanks
    22 August 2022 05:09
  • foto
    glamour85 #39
    Thank you so much. i uploadhttps://vrmodels.store/avatars/20546-lea.html# her without any problem <3
    22 August 2022 01:35
  • foto
    AvatarsShouldBeFree #38
    the reason the avatar is black in unity is because the Directional Light's color is set to black
    set it to white and the project will look normal again
    22 August 2022 01:25
  • foto
    cheekycheek #37
    Hello all... i can not upload... please send for me poiyomi... :c
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Baaaad english... sorry xdd
    21 August 2022 22:54
  • foto
    LilyAnnPalizano #36
    Correct order:
    1. Open Unity 2019.4.31f1
    2. Import VRChat Avatar SDK (3.0).
    3. Import the shader I give you.
    4. DPS

    This avatar will be black in Unity, but it should work if you publish it.
    21 August 2022 21:59
  • foto
    bruh234 #35

    what should i do with this

    [edit] nvm my stupid ass didnt scroll down to read previous stuff
    21 August 2022 20:26
  • foto
    bruh234 #34
    any chance someone is gonna upload the fixed version?
    21 August 2022 19:50
  • foto
    theoddball #33
    Unfortunately, I managed to get her uploaded, but a bunch of the sliders / toggles dont work.. :(
    21 August 2022 17:48
  • foto
    AvatarsShouldBeFree #32
    just use the one I recommended,
    if unlocking it doesn't work, try re-adding the shader to the material.
    21 August 2022 17:30
  • foto
    Catspaws #31
    it doesnt crash for me but the materials stay pink for me even if i unlock the shaders
    i tried all sorts of poi but they all dont work
    21 August 2022 17:20
  • foto
    darkdante6 #30
    anyone know how to fix the blush on the avi what mat it is thanks
    21 August 2022 15:19
  • foto
    AvatarsShouldBeFree #29
    not the version to use on this package
    thx for trying
    21 August 2022 14:03
  • foto
    XEON #28
    latest Poiyomi PRO version is 7.3.50-8.1.085 ...
    21 August 2022 13:04
  • foto
    AvatarsShouldBeFree #27
    Alpha Mk 1,
    1. the cat's materials isnt the problem
    this crash is called the 64 Texture Slot Crash this happens when 64 textures are used by 1 shader, and its a problem in Unity.
    so just lock the materials when you are done using them, that'll fix it.

    2. you can disable the cat in the menu
    you just haven't looked hard enough
    21 August 2022 09:15
  • foto
    Alpha Mk 1 #26
    If any of you are having the problem of the project crashing, delete the follow cat. One material on the cat causes by changing the programm to crash. Plus, you can't disable the stupid thing anyway over the menü.
    21 August 2022 07:43
  • foto
    Recursion #25
    I uploaded her just fine, only thing I think i made have done wrong was the shader for the tail she didn't come all black or anything she came the same way she did in the picture fur shaders worked everything all good

    And didn't experience any crashing whatsoever
    21 August 2022 03:16
  • foto
    AvatarsShouldBeFree #24
    that just happens with this shader on this project sadly,
    both hannah and poiyomi know of the problem.
    you just need a bit of luck and hope it doesnt crash.
    21 August 2022 01:09
  • foto
    Ihaveaids #23
    it took me to figure this out but i think its poi 7.3 because thats the shader the metals work with. not the newer pois but that one in specific if that helps anyone
    21 August 2022 00:18
  • foto
    BabyJuice #22
    it keeps crashing for me.
    21 August 2022 00:07
  • foto
    LilyAnnPalizano #21
    I can give you my Poiyomi Pro shader if you add me on discord- MsBunny#4379
    20 August 2022 17:47
  • foto
    NotBoomBoom #20
    lmao that wasn't the case for me sadly
    20 August 2022 17:34
  • foto
    AvatarsShouldBeFree #19
    its black in unity
    once you import it into the game the shading will return to normal
    20 August 2022 17:25
  • foto
    NotBoomBoom #18
    Ralkey, Im pretty sure its not supposed to be black. With the avatar turning black I used poi pro (the most recent on in the discord server) and just turned off shading and set it to opaque. Its working fine with the offline testing and looks great so yeah hope that helps :D
    20 August 2022 17:10
  • foto
    AvatarsShouldBeFree #17

    Apparently the model is supposed to be black.....
    i hope you can understand why I am confused...

    sorry if i caused you to do something unnecessary

    soo.... just ignore the part about it being black in my explanation
    20 August 2022 16:08
  • foto
    AvatarsShouldBeFree #16
    more information about avatar installation

    keep in mind:
    this whole package is a piece of crap...
    dont blame me or yourself if it doesnt work for you.

    poiyomi version needed is Poi_Pro_8.0.295_and_7.3.50
    unless this post gets an update
    (you can DM me on discord for the file. discord on my profile)

    the avatar will be pink,
    go through all the materials and unlock them,
    if they still remain pink you either have the wrong poiyomi version
    or they require the furshader.

    materials without poiyomi pro (example: jacket) use the fur shader,
    drag the fur shader into the material.
    the only material using the other shader (not poiyomi or fur) is called "Trail3Mobile 6"

    the avatar will turn black.
    in the "main" tab for poiyomi materials set the "basic emission" to 1
    FOR ALL the following materials in this pastebin link
    if it isnt mentioned in the pastebin link do not change basic emission to 1.

    (uploading this package is giving me a damn aneurysm)
    20 August 2022 14:47
  • foto
    Kiyoko Neko (user blocked for violating site rules) #15
    should be in the zip file
    20 August 2022 13:24