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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Mochi
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 214 104
Avril ✩

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1. Latest VRC SDK
2. Poi Shaders (Toon or Pro) 7.3.50 and up recommended
3. DPS (If you want)

Toggles: Bra, Collar, Corset, Earrings, Ears, Glasses, Harness, Heels, Leggings, Panties, Pasties, Ruffles, Skirt, Socks, Sweater, Tail, Toast, Top.
Three outfits: Default bikini, Uniform, and Sweater. (Has Hue shift)
Three hair styles: Hair buns, Short hair, Long Hair (Color swap options from Blonde to Black hair in Menus but included Various color textures in unity for further Customization)
Skin Options: Included 5 Skin tone options
Worm toy toggle.
Three sources of DPS.

Screenshots of model Avril ✩ in the game
Comments: 88
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  • foto
    Sinfulangie (user blocked for violating site rules) #88
    wont let me change outfits in game...
    21 January 2024 16:00
  • foto
    AnnMarie #87
    ronniebunn, mine does
    18 October 2023 12:44
  • foto
    meowmeowwwwww #86
    Jabs0725, can i have the quest version? i am way too lazy
    30 August 2023 18:44
  • foto
    Jabs0725 #85
    Fruity_Egypt, I was able to upload to quest but I had to go in and optimize a few things. Just change the shaders to toon lit, delete the dps and shaders, delete unused assets/ physbones, and you should be good.
    29 July 2023 17:06
  • foto
    tubbycat #84
    22 July 2023 17:50
  • foto
    ronniebunn #83
    TheDemonic0ne, in what world do u live in that faces look like this irl
    13 April 2023 01:56
  • foto
    xRosex #82
    Thanks for the update <3
    27 October 2022 20:20
  • foto
    Fruity_Egypt #81
    12 October 2022 22:28
  • foto
    TheDemonic0ne #80
    One of the few models that actually hit the sweet spot with a realistic face, not to real but looks very nice and doesn't look like it's from uncanny valley
    3 October 2022 20:20
  • foto
    Zenids #79
    I did version 4, and it worked fine. I think people are having issues with the leggings because they need to re-change it to transparent
    26 September 2022 17:32
  • foto
    dollyx #78
    hi! can i ask which file did u dl?
    26 September 2022 08:32
  • foto
    Zenids #77
    uploaded perfectly, no issues at all.. not sure why everyone else is having clipping/disappearing issues
    25 September 2022 11:25
  • foto
    CitrusCat #76
    Was it ever found what changed in the V4?
    24 September 2022 15:52
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #75
    change the eyes material to opaque instead of transparent

    I think I know what people mean by clipping for the stockings, the thighs aren't clipping through and instead they're disappearing at different angles correct?
    24 September 2022 11:21
  • foto
    musicalkey #74
    uploaded perfectly except there were no eyes and the stockings were in and out clipping
    24 September 2022 08:33
  • foto
    Rolez #73
    kinda new to unity but it worked, thanks!
    23 September 2022 20:00
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #72
    I did not upload this V4.
    As far as I can tell a couple animations seem to be changed but they were already fixed in 1.2 so maybe they're just edited to be different. I'm confused as for why the package is a bit bigger since nothings added and the only changes are gestures. Maybe they fixed whatever clipping problem some people had, I haven't noticed clipping for my older upload tho.

    Whoever updated it could at least post a comment what's changed.
    23 September 2022 13:34
  • foto
    Nosliw #71
    remove the blueprint ID.... why is this such a common problem that EVERYONE forgets
    23 September 2022 12:52
  • foto
    Rolez #70
    blurprint error in the v4
    23 September 2022 12:13
  • foto
    Nosliw #69
    so whats new with v4
    23 September 2022 04:49
  • foto
    poisedpeony #68
    leggings are either invisible or clipping
    22 September 2022 15:08
  • foto
    ANG3LM1LK #67
    Its alright i ended up buying her and it worked fine
    19 September 2022 18:38
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #66
    You're the only one with this problem, make sure you set it up correctly.
    18 September 2022 15:53
  • foto
    ANG3LM1LK #65
    extremely broken as far as the clothes are completely off the model
    18 September 2022 14:42
  • foto
    poisedpeony #64
    got stocking clipping probs
    17 September 2022 19:37
  • foto
    60DollarsNoToggles #63
    Make sure to switch the eye texture from transparent to cutout. Cant see them in transparent. Only problem i had, thanks
    12 September 2022 02:31
  • foto
    Hannah Klein #62
    Thanks sm!
    10 September 2022 16:16
  • foto
    mxmtoon #61
    how do i get the correct shaders for the socks?
    9 September 2022 21:24
  • foto
    Uwuowo #60
    works for me! thanks
    7 September 2022 15:19
  • foto
    Nosliw #59
    for everyone that is apparently struggling with the materials, download the first version that was put up and edit the avatars materials the way you want then download the latest version and replace everything else except the materials when importing (that you want to replace)
    7 September 2022 06:01
  • foto
    yu samitax #58
    someone knows how to fix the ttexture of the body two I get on one side of the original body when displaying it.
    6 September 2022 15:58
  • foto
    redamatter25 #57
    Materials being broken dosent mean its ripped if it is ripped there will not be a FBX but there will be a prefab If u wanna see a ripped avatar there is one called surprise on here

    and as for the Things that dont use poiomi that just means you need to find the proper shader
    6 September 2022 14:53
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #56
    1.2 is the latest and hopefully last update lol
    6 September 2022 11:09
  • foto
    Yuumiko #55
    What is the newest/updated version out of those three? Because the file size of 1.0 is bigger than 1.2 ..
    6 September 2022 11:08
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #54
    its not a ripped package lol its just Poi problems... been a thing since Poi became so commonly used.
    6 September 2022 11:03
  • foto
    pinkcyber #53
    glad mine is not broken anime75
    6 September 2022 09:34
  • foto
    Mali-Chan #52
    it seems like its a ripped model.
    every single mat is broken, a lot of mats are hiden.
    a lot of mats use a different shader then Poi
    6 September 2022 09:01
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #51

    check there for help with purple/pink materials
    6 September 2022 00:31
  • foto
    alieavi #50
    Textures are all purple. Seems some source files for poiyomi can't be accessed? I have tried with both pro and toon separately.

    Edit: Fixed, forgot to change shader
    6 September 2022 00:25
  • foto
    PantsYourMom #49
    how did you fix it, detaching the blueprint doesnt fix the issue for some reason
    5 September 2022 22:32
  • foto
    Catspaws #48
    im also getting the error blue print problem even if i remove the blueprint from inspector

    nvm got it fixed finally
    5 September 2022 22:01
  • foto
    loyalty #47
    Mochi ikami,
    detach blueprint in inspector
    5 September 2022 18:12
  • foto
    Mochi ikami #46
    is there a way to fish the problem saying "erorr blue print"
    5 September 2022 17:48
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #45
    1.2 should be the full fix for all those who needed it, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Mochi ikami,sloth_jpg,SweetTea,SnipSenpai,saltyboy1,ogowo,CaliTheDankDino,SmolGothMommy,M00DLES,yumizumii,darkdante6,favored,Alyjar,StarryDay 95,ChananaBanana,
    5 September 2022 17:42
  • foto
    Mochi ikami #44
    can you send me it too?
    5 September 2022 16:03
  • foto
    Psyconic #43
    The hand gestures not working has smth to do with the latest sdk not the avatar itself!! Just try uploading it with another sdk
    5 September 2022 15:36
  • foto
    sloth_jpg #42
    can some dm the fixed version please
    5 September 2022 14:47
  • foto
    SweetTea #41
    1.01 is the new one ye?
    5 September 2022 12:38
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #40
    Updating for the fix soon, I fixed the gestures and visemes. WHEN its update you will see it on the main page at the top...

    just relax a little lmao
    5 September 2022 00:04
  • foto
    SinsterSenpai #39
    Same for me, please? I dont see the fixed version on the main page
    4 September 2022 23:36
  • foto
    saltyboy1 #38
    Can some one dm the fix please?
    4 September 2022 23:33
  • foto
    ogowo #37
    plz dm fix plz :3
    4 September 2022 22:47
  • foto
    CaliTheDankDino #36
    can i have the fixed package?
    4 September 2022 22:08
  • foto
    SmolGothMommy #35
    anyone dm me the fix package?
    4 September 2022 19:33
  • foto
    M00DLES #34
    can you send me the fixed package too please?
    4 September 2022 19:31
  • foto
    yumizumii #33
    could you dm me the fixed one too please
    4 September 2022 16:18
  • foto
    darkdante6 #32
    anyone know how to do fix the hands as i dont want to redo the avi would help so much as i have edited it thanks
    4 September 2022 10:10
  • foto
    LeNeNe #31
    I can dm you the fixed package, no worries
    4 September 2022 05:01
  • foto
    favored #30
    thank you!
    3 September 2022 23:44
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #29
    Avatar will be at the top of the Avatar section when it's updated and fixed. Gotta redo all the gestures since the creator thought their job was so hard copy and pasting assets, they needed a tool to do it for them.

    Will work on it soon, if others don't finish their fixes. It isn't my main priority but will let you all know when its updated.
    3 September 2022 20:10
  • foto
    Alyjar #28
    any fix out yet?
    3 September 2022 18:04
  • foto
    darkdante6 #27
    has anyone found the fix for the hands thats willing to share just need help with it thanks
    3 September 2022 16:48
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #26
    I can request to have this upload removed and you will be able to upload or you can dm me the updated package and I will update it here. I know some people are working hard for Pro so I understand wanting to upload to the site.
    3 September 2022 11:30
  • foto
    darkdante6 #25
    anyone know how to fix the hand expression thanks anything i need to remove for them to work
    3 September 2022 08:33
  • foto
    J2Hunter #24
    pm plsss
    3 September 2022 03:45
  • foto
    rmsthebest2012 #23
    so is this avi not unloadable
    3 September 2022 01:57
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #22
    all new uploads go to moderation, it will more than likely be declined due to it already being on the website
    3 September 2022 00:27
  • foto
    LeNeNe #21
    I have the fixed package, I tried uploading it but it was moderated since this one was uploaded first.
    2 September 2022 22:39
  • foto
    Anonymelony #20
    Hands fix might be :
    Put AvrilGesture into the gesture section
    In the gesture FX, go into each animation and remove just thhe face animation on it
    Haven't tested but do try
    2 September 2022 22:11
  • foto
    darkdante6 #19
    anyone know how to fix the hands

    2 September 2022 21:56
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #18

    I'll update the package soon and fix the gesture stuff then. Thank you.
    2 September 2022 21:41
  • foto
    Anonymelony #17
    Found the fix, in the glasses toggle, there's an animation called empty, in the first orange box, remove it and it'll fix the mouth
    2 September 2022 21:11
  • foto
    vvoovv #16
    the creator has already fixed the problem with the mouth :) and there is already a leaked version of it but there is also a problem with the hands for quest user's but that’s a pretty easy fix
    2 September 2022 20:10
  • foto
    Waxed3D #15
    VisionDesigns, you can. especially when they ask for $40 for a piece of unfinished shit LMAO
    2 September 2022 19:41
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #14

    I believe I've found the problem...
    roadrevenge is correct with the toggle maker being 1 source of the problem. However I think the only way to fix is bringing it back to Blender and resetting the blendshapes. Please keep those and myself updated if you're going to redo the animations.
    Will have an update for if it's fixed or not.

    Some won't like this option but I can make a Mask (uploaded to the site) to cover the mouth if others and me are unable to fix it.

    Sorry for the mess, can't expect all creators to be 100% tho
    2 September 2022 18:29
  • foto
    J2Hunter #13
    seems like thats the only way. time to get to work.
    2 September 2022 17:50
  • foto
    roadrevenge #12
    Nope. There is legit nothing that is in the FX that should be causing it. The only other option would be to redo the toggles and see if that works. Looks like there was some kind of toggle maker originally used to make them, could of been the cause of the issue.
    2 September 2022 17:34
  • foto
    recruitingfemboys #11
    can't download. hopefully the issue will be fixed! this avi looks amazing
    2 September 2022 17:30
  • foto
    Shatanka #10
    i luv this avatar need it fixed. ty!!!!VisionDesigns,
    2 September 2022 17:29
  • foto
    greave #9
    got anything yet?
    2 September 2022 16:11