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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: S0LDI3R
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 89 704
Meow Meow

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1- Import VRCSDK3
2- Import PoiyomiPro Shader UnityPackage (poi_pro_7.3.50_and_8.1.141) is the one i used
3- Import RalivDynamicPenetrationSystemV1_31
4- Import Avatar UnityPackage

1- Import VRCSDK3
2- Import Poiyomi Shader UnityPackage (Poi_Toon_8.0.426) is the one i used
3- Import Avatar UnityPackage
Don't buy or pay for avatars it's beyond stupid and a waste of money
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  • foto
    Snails100 #20
    I can not upload the some script error I unfortunately can not find the problem at first I thought it was vrlabs but that was not it
    4 July 2023 11:57
  • foto
    OriginalCat #19
    Works great video
    4 February 2023 06:19
  • foto
    hands_39 #18
    It keeps creating prefabs for me in the assets folder when I try and build and publish.
    2 February 2023 00:59
  • foto
    OriginalCat #17
    Great model! Thanks. :)
    Can you upload Rawr Rawr from S0LDI3R too?
    28 January 2023 13:28
  • foto
    Blondi #16
    i cant upload due to errors help
    26 November 2022 20:31
  • foto
    TheMidnightDice #15
    I do, if you want help, add me on discord. Once you add me I will delete this comment.
    Discord: TheMidnightDice#5227
    22 November 2022 01:57
  • foto
    Kinkybuni #14
    does anyone know how to use unity well? im not good with unity errors and need help
    21 November 2022 12:59
  • foto
    dwarfd123 (user blocked for violating site rules) #13
    StarryDay 95,
    There is a channel for this
    20 November 2022 09:16
  • foto
    UnlovedWaifu #12
    someone was having the same issue earlier and they tried uploading it with the bloodborne sdk and everything worked out so try it with that? and it's the same SDK that I used to upload the avatar myself
    20 November 2022 01:18
  • foto
    n00dles24 #11
    Delete the Scripts folder inside of GestureManager folder if you cant upload.
    19 November 2022 23:04
  • foto
    krazy #10
    reimport sdknopnop,
    19 November 2022 17:41
  • foto
    JessMeow #9
    'Failed To Import Package: Could Not Decompress Package" Uploaded it with different poiyomis and without dps and stuff like that and still the same and I always import the avatar last.
    19 November 2022 17:38
  • foto
    nopnop #8
    After importing the avatar package its spitting out compile errors.
    There don't seem to be broken scripts.
    I testet SDK 2022., 2022. and 2022.
    For shaders i tested PoiyomiToon8.0.426 as well as PoiyomiPro8.0.295 and 7.3.50
    DPS only 1.31
    Also tried with unchecking the bits of poiyomi and sdk in the avatarpackage while importing
    Lastly i completely reinstalled unity.
    Every single combination i tested resulted in compile errors.
    19 November 2022 09:24
  • foto
    UnlovedWaifu #7
    Does it give you an error or anything like that when you try to import it? and stupid question are you trying to import the avatars package last?
    19 November 2022 08:44
  • foto
    JessMeow #6
    It wont import avatar package for me :(
    19 November 2022 06:17
  • foto
    UnlovedWaifu #5
    I never got that error and I just uploaded it 20 minutes ago so it has to be the way that you imported the shaders or something along the lines of that
    19 November 2022 02:58
  • foto
    Gremlinrave27 #4
    How do you fix? Assets\GestureManager\Scripts\Editor\Modules\Vrc3\AvatarTools.cs(149,34): error CS0117: 'PhysicsUtil' does not contain a definition for 'ClosestPointsBetweenLineSegments'
    19 November 2022 02:32
  • foto
    UnlovedWaifu #3
    Open a new unity project then follow either the instructions posted in the comments or follow the text file that was with the download
    19 November 2022 02:12
  • foto
    rosaxx #2
    try a to open a new unity
    19 November 2022 02:05
  • foto
    Awepera #1
    Theres no prefab
    19 November 2022 01:55