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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Luchiha
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC + Quest
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 316 978

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♡ Head pat + Nose Boop + Kiss Animation
♡ Lots of Customization + Toggles
♡ Unity Package Upload Ready
♡ Cute Face Gestures
♡ Different Skin Tones

♡ Sleeve, Bra, Panties, Harness, Pants, Tank top, Jacket, Hat, Ears, Tail, Short Hair, Long Hair, Earrings, Arm Chain, Shoes, Slides, Face Chain, Glasses, Horns, Nail Swap, Rings, Necklace, Animations On and Off, etc.
Disclaimer: The Quest Version does not include the face chain, arm chain, harness, rings, jacket, and slides. This is to make the avatar small enough to convert it to quest but it still has lots of toggles!

Color Swaps:
♡ Hair Split + Hue Shift, Eye Hue Shift, Skin Tones, Sleeve + Bra + Socks + Panties Color Swaps, White Pants, White Hat, etc.

PC Upload Instructions:
♡ Make a new unity project
♡ USE THE NEW CREATOR COMPANION (can be found on the VRChat website)
♡ Import Poiyomi Pro or Poiyomi Toon 7.3
♡ (Optional) For the DPS to work, you will have to import it yourself!
♡ Import Hina PC Package into project
♡ Find the Hina Scene and double click it or drag it into the hierarchy
♡ Upload and Enjoy

Quest Upload Instructions:
♡ Make a new unity project
♡ USE THE NEW CREATOR COMPANION (can be found on the VRChat website)
♡ Import Hina Quest Package into the project
♡ Find the Hina Scene and double click it or drag it into the hierarchy
♡ Convert to Android
♡ Upload and Enjoy
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  • foto
    ShortRage #51
    How do I compress it so its 10 mb
    21 May 2023 17:24
  • foto
    PurpleAudino #50
    I tried compressing and reducing the resolution on the quest version to reduce the size and I can't get it below 12.11 mb and I'm not sure what to do
    20 May 2023 19:28
  • foto
    Raider ramirez perez #49
    i cant upload, the sdk isnt work and the option is disabled to upload the avatar, pls i need some help
    15 May 2023 12:55
  • foto
    stinkystink #48
    Thanks!! Upload was very easy and straight to the point, only issue I was having was the sound assets for PC ver were weirdly broken for me and greyed out my option to upload. I ended up just deleting them bc I'm a questie anyways. & it took almost an hour for it to publish but p sure that's just PC issue. She's so pretty even in quest! Def lacking toggles tho for quest... don't think I would actually pay $45 for this but ykno-
    7 April 2023 23:00
  • foto
    AgentJ #47
    im getting the error "FileNotFoundException: prefab.unity3d does not exist" like someone down here after converting the quest version to android on the vrcsdk3.0. any way to fix this ? or restart the whole process ?
    22 March 2023 21:35
  • foto
    yukibear #46
    can you add me on discord mine is Yukishi_bEaNs#8949
    7 March 2023 20:47
  • foto
    moikiu #45
    It wont upload if i convert to android
    1 February 2023 17:53
  • foto
    gore #44
    any idea if youll put up shiba?
    29 January 2023 22:21
  • foto
    CrimsonMoon0 #43
    when i upload the pants,bra and the black bangs are locked and they look greyish, is there anyway i can stop it from locking
    25 January 2023 13:46
  • foto
    regi #42
    I get this error and sdk doesnt even let me upload afther loading the Hina scene
    19 January 2023 16:09
  • foto
    airfriedhotpockets #41
    thanks so much!
    29 December 2022 16:38
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #40
    check and make sure the animations are still good for the skin colour, also make sure on PC the Poi has the animation icon on the material. (should be a clock like icon) To enable, right click the property that should be animated.
    17 December 2022 15:19
  • foto
    Also the face on the darker skin tones are showing up white for me on PC. any idea on how to fix that?
    17 December 2022 14:14
  • foto
    I did it finally lol nvm thanks
    16 December 2022 21:51
  • foto
    After converting the PC upload to android, it wouldn't let me click publish as quest. So Im not sure what Im doing wrong. first day doing this so please dont slander thanks lol
    16 December 2022 18:15
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #36
    Unaware how to fix any issues you're coming across since the package is upload ready without problems. You have to be more specific with errors you're having.
    16 December 2022 10:46
  • foto
    Tried uploading the pc version first then the quest version to make it pc/quest but it didn't work for me.. any advice?
    16 December 2022 05:28
  • foto
    Snofa32 #34
    J'ai créé une version de hina avec les gogoloco
    13 December 2022 14:45
  • foto
    astrokrazyy #33
    Does this avi have gogoloco? or no?
    7 December 2022 02:06
  • foto
    airfriedhotpockets #32
    i did not expect to see allat in the preview LMFAO
    6 December 2022 02:08
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #31
    whats wrong jimmy kun,
    You managed to break a package that's upload ready.

    You're missing scripts somehow, you have duplicate SDKs, and/or you forgot to import something...
    Describe your upload process please.
    3 December 2022 18:14
  • foto
    whats wrong jimmy kun #30
    "FileNotFoundException: prefab.unity3d does not exist" red code poped up whi;e trying to publish im confused
    3 December 2022 15:37
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #29
    Bailey Lake,
    To make a cross compatible avi you need to upload the PC then the Quest with the same Blueprint ID

    If you're uploading to just PC or Quest you do not need to do both if you don't want to
    1 December 2022 19:36
  • foto
    Bailey Lake #28
    is this pc and quest? if i upload the pc version then do the quest one and copy the blueprint should it work?
    1 December 2022 17:08
  • foto
    sadboikazoo #27
    While trying to upload the quest version im getting an error that says Avatar uses unsupported shader "Standard"

    nevermind im an idiot
    29 November 2022 18:37
  • foto
    yendy.mia #26
    thank you so much
    28 November 2022 11:32
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #25
    28 November 2022 11:32
  • foto
    yendy.mia #24
    Ohh! i didnt know i didnt have to import the sdk, i still have to import all the shaders tho right
    28 November 2022 11:30
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #23
    When uploading from the Creator Companion you do not need to import the SDK as its already imported when you make the project. Ensure that you're not overlapping tools and there are not missing/broken scripts on your avatar.

    The past 12 avatars I've uploaded have worked without problems using the creator companion. The errors most come across are user error.
    28 November 2022 11:26
  • foto
    yendy.mia #22
    i am unfamilular with creator companion,and when i tried to upload this avi to pc using it, it just kept making a prefab and playing the windows audio... im unsure how to fix the issue

    im having the same issue when i use normal unity, but im assuming its different with creator companion..?

    how do you enable compression for the textures?
    28 November 2022 10:40
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #21
    You just going around with the same copy paste message on every post?

    There's already clear instructions in the description. Also you're advertising the use of the SDK rather than the Creator Companion which will be the new way to upload to VRChat soon. Putting Dynamic bones will confuse people to use them when they're not needed.
    26 November 2022 12:47
  • foto
    c0rrup2gut #20
    For anyone who's having trouble, here's the steps that worked for me.

    -open unity 2019 4.3
    - Import the latest SDK. (https://vrchat.com/home/download)
    - Import Poi Pro 8.0
    - Import DPS
    - Import Avatar

    Here is the file link where it has :
    - Poi Pro (Poiyomi Pro)
    - DPS
    - Dynamic bone (if u need it for other avi.)
    - Link -> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Pmt07gbgw-w_kQvWQNbHRjKf0K1oUWq3

    it took a while to upload but stay Patient <3
    26 November 2022 11:21
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #19
    Ash Edwards,
    Spamming the download button will not make it download quicker, you're just causing more problems for yourself.

    Refresh the page and click it ONCE.

    as for your comment about DPS it isn't "laziness" if it is then you make it compatible for quest, I'm sure they'll be waiting on it. The problem is optimization and compatibility since quest doesn't use the same upload as PC AND they're very limited for performance. a group of 20+ people and they're in near stop motion with all the quest avis shown.
    24 November 2022 14:57
  • foto
    Ash Edwards #18
    anyone else having issues dowlnoading the pc vers? Like, it just will not start downloading and ive been spamming the button for 3 minutes

    Andre m Clark,
    yes its pc only, quest users dont have the abbility to see dps, sadly because people who use it on theyre avis, or the creators got to lazy to figure out how to make it work for quest
    24 November 2022 12:06
  • foto
    Andre m Clark #17
    24 November 2022 11:51
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #16
    this is because of scaling, adjusting you height or looking down slightly while calibrating should help with it. The creator must have adjusted something to make it be "different"

    Andre m Clark,
    DPS is a PC only thing, Quest is limited for shaders and I don't think it can have lights on avis (which is how dps works)
    24 November 2022 00:01
  • foto
    Andre m Clark #15
    is the dps only for pc?
    23 November 2022 23:14
  • foto
    P33w33saurus #14
    I have a question, the avi when ur in full body makes my knees bend when I look down and bend forward, is that normal or do I have to fix something for it? my knees are straight irl when I do these things and my other avis don't do this so..
    23 November 2022 13:30
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #13
    it amazes me each time that people manage to mess something up when its basically upload ready from the beginning and clear instructions are given.
    22 November 2022 11:03
  • foto
    metal #12
    uploaded perfectly thank you
    22 November 2022 08:54
  • foto
    Brianna Kinberger #11
    i can let you clone, but there is clipping on the head, idk why i have it, if it anyone else does but i can keep the hat on.
    22 November 2022 05:09
  • foto
    Yourmomanthony #10
    if you follow the directions its east to upload for quest and pc I just did it.

    oof easy*
    22 November 2022 00:47
  • foto
    lily1294566 #9
    whoever has successfully uploaded this can i please clone it lol, lïly#6021
    21 November 2022 23:35
  • foto
    erzivr #8
    Quote: novamao
    why is it that when i download a quest version, the avatar is always too large? Does the quest version not come ready to be uploaded? or do i have to do something special to my project.

    either enable compression for the textures or lower the resolution of a few textures until you no longer are over the 10mb limit.
    21 November 2022 09:36
  • foto
    novamao #7
    why is it that when i download a quest version, the avatar is always too large? Does the quest version not come ready to be uploaded? or do i have to do something special to my project.
    21 November 2022 05:03
  • foto
    VisionDesigns #6
    Just give it some time or come back within an hour or so and try again.
    21 November 2022 03:46
  • foto
    xRosex #5
    Thank you so much!
    21 November 2022 03:41
  • foto
    pinkcookie26 #4
    Appears to be fixed on my side. Just slow download
    21 November 2022 03:13
  • foto
    kiwitheboy #3
    it says "You don't have access to download this file" Any fix for that?. (PC Version.)
    21 November 2022 03:07
  • foto
    pinkcookie26 #2
    I dont have access to download this model?
    21 November 2022 03:06
  • foto
    Shatanka #1
    gd shes sexy af ima loseeeeeee
    21 November 2022 01:50