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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Hayweee's Stash
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC + Quest
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 66 934

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════════⋅ ° ♡ ° ⋅════════

Amani 🟆 | PC & Quest Avatar
⇢ PC & Quest Compatible, Fullbody, Physbones
⇢ NSFW, DPS (3 Orifaces)*
⇢ GoGo Locomotion, Idle Blowing/Chewing Bubble Gum, Nintendo Switch, Boney Benji Plushie
⇢ Toggles (ON/OFF's): Buns*, Bangs, Back Hair*, Babyhair*, Bow, Bodysuit, Bikini, Tights*, Socks, Sandals, Leg Warmers
⇢ In-Game Material Swaps:

Skintone (radial menu)
All Accessories + Bow (hue shift)*
Eyes (hue shift)*
Hair (2 hue shifts for the highlights & base colour of hair)
Bodysuit + Collar (12 textures + hue shifts)
Tights (black/white)
Socks (black/white)
Leg Warmers (black/white)*
* excluding quest
Comments: 16
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  • foto
    Acacia #16
    reimport it <3 it didn't work for me at first but ya gotta do that
    17 December 2022 23:12
  • foto
    yendy.mia #15
    how did you get it upload to quest? it wont even let me try to upload..
    29 November 2022 14:17
  • foto
    yendy.mia #14
    how did you get it to upload for quest?
    28 November 2022 15:09
  • foto
    reddiwhip #13
    worked for me
    26 November 2022 22:59
  • foto
    vennyqrea #12
    such a cute avi! it made such a cute edit
    26 November 2022 18:15
  • foto
    Shadxw #11
    did the quest vers work well?
    26 November 2022 15:17
  • foto
    xRosex #10
    Flawless upload, thank youuu finally an avi my questies can see <3
    26 November 2022 14:08
  • foto
    Shadxw #9
    for me the quest file was too big? any way to fix it?
    26 November 2022 11:06
  • foto
    asdf89981 #8
    if i change skin color the face stays the same color :(
    26 November 2022 05:10
  • foto
    xXBunny22Xx #7
    she uploaded perfectly tysm <3 she is so cute
    26 November 2022 04:54
  • foto
    poisedpeony #6
    she so fine
    25 November 2022 17:11
  • foto
    Yuo #5
    Make sure if it already have a poiyomi since sometimes it breaks the whole proyect. Vrlabs can also won't let it upload or your importing it sometimes the wrong order. Also check if you did uploaded accidently whit the blueprint be sure to remove it before uploading if it haves one since it won't let you upload anime31 hope if any of those are your problem!
    25 November 2022 08:05
  • foto
    pinkcookie26 #4
    hm didn't get that error. Make sure when you import her you dont have any orange triangles (if you do-deselect them).
    25 November 2022 07:12
  • foto
    Xanther #3
    got a prefab with pc version, my sdk breaks while trying to upload it aswell
    25 November 2022 06:29
  • foto
    pinkcookie26 #2
    OH MY GOSH THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
    25 November 2022 04:19
  • foto
    xRosex #1
    I'm screaming in joy <3 TYSM!
    25 November 2022 03:46
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