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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Godfall
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 377 248

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-Unitypackage ONLY.
-In-game Dark skin slider!
- FBT ready and tracking great!
-Phys bones set up everywhere you would expect!
- THROWABLE Spinning ball for your ADHD!
-Working real Yoyo!
-Sword you can swing around and spin!
- Furry toggle!
-Goes 100% naked, Futa capabilities, Full TPS system support, including a placeable toy!
- Cute interactable pet follower!
-GPU particles from Quantum#0846 !
- Entirely scratch!
-Gogo Loco included from Franada!
- Phys interactions! Boop, Butt Smack and Headpats!
-Paws from Rin Uchiha <3 !
- Final-IK-Stub from VRLabs !
-260mb VRAM Usage! (This is better than most)
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  • foto
    -_-_-_-_- #203
    AshenAesthetic, how do i bypass sdk limitations ?
    Wednesday at 07:32
  • foto
    IceCreamGIF #202
    zenwings, you mind doing one? i kinda struggle how to upload it. In fact the upload buttons are both grey for me
    Wednesday at 05:24
  • foto
    zenwings #201
    Oop, AAtlantisch, I'm shit at explaining but I can try. Open the SDK and click on "select." It should be attached to the error message. Then click on the little dot by the audio part and look at the list. Don't click on any of them, just make a mental note of the ones that are there. Look through the files until you can find an audio folder. Click on each individual sound and click "load in background." Make sure you apply before moving on. I've had a ton of friends with this issue so I might just make a video if it still doesn't make sense lol
    Tuesday at 18:34
  • foto
    MauriVR0 #200
    AshenAesthetic, Plz teach me how to do that
    Monday at 08:29
  • foto
    BubblesVR #199
    wait which dps do I use? the latest or 1_2?
    13 May 2023 18:51
  • foto
    AAtlantisch #198
    Hampus Kruuse, how do you change the audio files to load into background?
    8 May 2023 21:33
  • foto
    Hampus Kruuse #197
    Oop, That's because of audio. Go and turn the audio into load into backround. That fixes it.
    4 May 2023 14:36
  • foto
    Oop #196
    I don't know why, but I can't even upload the avatar. Whether it be using all the files, poi pro (although not the newest, would still at least upload) or trying my own older files the upload buttons are both grayed out.

    I have tried both version files, reducing quality of textures, other models and such. I have uploaded one other avatar so far and it works fine, so kind of stumped.
    30 April 2023 02:12
  • foto
    Ralaigon #195
    does it only work with TPS or also DPS?
    29 April 2023 17:22
  • foto
    o-Hades-o #194
    the futa toggle turns grey and doesn't work when i turn on penetrator and i cant figure out why
    25 April 2023 16:55
  • foto
    throwawayacc #193
    2 different versions
    should be 2 black and blue ones with and one with out dps/tps and 2 red and white ones with the same difference as the blue and black
    21 April 2023 01:06
  • foto
    AshenAesthetic #192
    mrarie11, blender split meshes re animate and make a new fx layer etc if u know how to make avatars from scratch its more understandablemrarie11, also bypassing sdk limitations so u can use transparent shaders and upload over 10mb
    19 April 2023 14:12
  • foto
    LenaP #191
    this is so dumb the file is either corrupted or im just retarded bc I import it and theres four models two of the same and two different then it fricken hits me with the you are trying to replace or create a prefab bs??
    19 April 2023 05:28
  • foto
    mrarie11 #190
    AshenAesthetic, How? :o
    18 April 2023 10:11
  • foto
    AshenAesthetic #189
    18 April 2023 09:27
  • foto
    mrarie11 #188
    Stutter, Would there not be a way to convert the base avatar without the animations, transparency and furry mode (and dps ofc) to quest?
    18 April 2023 09:18
  • foto
    Stutter #187
    mrarie11, most of the animations rely on poiyomi 8.1 and transparency is commonly used on the avatar. the most notable is you cant use furry mode if youre into that
    17 April 2023 19:47
  • foto
    mrarie11 #186
    What features of the avatar wouldn't work on a quest? (apart from the dps)
    17 April 2023 18:58
  • foto
    inak #185
    one of the best avatars!
    16 April 2023 16:53
  • foto
    dstrikeout #184
    Natek, How do you do it?
    15 April 2023 16:10
  • foto
    Natek #183
    GildedWing, Spend more time looking to enable it lol. The option it's on is the audio file itself in unity, so click on the audio file, not the Audio Source function in the inspector.
    10 April 2023 01:17
  • foto
    GildedWing #182
    I am getting a Warning message saying,
    Found and audio clip load type 'decompress on load' which doesn't have 'load in background' enable. Please enable 'load in background' on the audio clip."

    I'm checking through but not seeing the settings I need to change.
    9 April 2023 18:32
  • foto
    deadsky225 #181
    deadsky225, never mind im dumb XD
    7 April 2023 13:37
  • foto
    deadsky225 #180
    question whats the exversion for?
    7 April 2023 13:21
  • foto
    Hun_ter #179
    damn need a male version
    6 April 2023 00:41
  • foto
    Amylovesfurry #178
    scrubs, it not possible
    3 April 2023 22:18
  • foto
    Tactical_Dogmeat #177
    iluvmaee, There's TPS, you just need Poi Pro
    3 April 2023 04:08
  • foto
    iluvmaee #176
    whats the point of the toy if theres no dps-
    31 March 2023 13:23
  • foto
    scrubs #175
    HentaiVR, plz add my discord i need someone to make her quest compatable its scrubs#2419
    30 March 2023 22:24
  • foto
    ciprijuan #174
    When I use the tps toggles all the accessories on the avatar activate and flicker and wont stop unless I reset the avatar anyone have any idea why?
    30 March 2023 01:20
  • foto
    -_-_-_-_- #173
    if i remember right godrunner has shader toggles and they dont work on quest.
    so in case of making this avis toggles work on quest you would have to go seperate the meshes and create new animations for the toggles
    26 March 2023 05:40
  • foto
    HentaiVR #172
    Quote: King v
    Does anyone know how to make this quest compatible???

    I tried today and while I uploaded it perfectly and all, it spawns in with all clothes on and I can't turn any clothing on / off it seems, the only thing that works is the NSFW stuff.

    And this is without me touching any of the animation layers / parameters at all. If someone knows how to fix it then let me know
    26 March 2023 01:11
  • foto
    King v #171
    Does anyone know how to make this quest compatible???
    25 March 2023 20:18
  • foto
    HentaiVR #170
    Is this the most updated one? If not then can someone send it to me?
    25 March 2023 14:57
  • foto
    sharkhutttt #169
    Theres a face tracking variant. You have to dm someone to get it.
    23 March 2023 00:22
  • foto
    Rekom #168
    The what? from who? Fam, someone has been lying to you.
    22 March 2023 11:59
  • foto
    Netherlings #167
    Anyone have the Face Tracking Download for this?
    22 March 2023 07:03
  • foto
    -_-_-_-_- #166
    are you to stupid to use your brain💀???
    15 March 2023 07:20
  • foto
    GetaVRC (user blocked for violating site rules) #165
    please in the future put instrustions on how to import thisd model
    14 March 2023 23:29
  • foto
    ZerefxTaylor #164
    it comes with everything you need
    14 March 2023 06:50
  • foto
    Acoryie #163
    Can this be uploaded? Prefab and such
    21 February 2023 11:40
  • foto
    Snubnose #162
    where is the unity symbol that uploads the avatar so I can build and publish?
    20 February 2023 03:10
  • foto
    I can't seem to get the toggles to work- does anyone know of the reason?!
    18 February 2023 22:41
  • foto
    use the latest sdk
    18 February 2023 21:00
  • foto
    Mouse_Mice69 #159
    This one actually looks really cool. Whoever uploaded this is a real one.
    18 February 2023 20:36
  • foto
    puking #158
    Can someone send me POI Pro as well?
    18 February 2023 18:00
  • foto
    Potato2022 #157
    You are using an old SDK update to a new one
    18 February 2023 17:52
  • foto
    Darth #156
    Can we get the other godfall avis updated?
    18 February 2023 17:09
  • foto
    Night_Raven #155
    Linda Bogard,
    I think the update was just fixing some model bugs
    18 February 2023 15:04
  • foto
    basyy #154
    VRCExpressionParameters has too many parameters defined. Does anyone know how to fix this error?
    18 February 2023 14:06
  • foto
    Gabrielle W. #153
    I'm definitely going to make this quest -w-
    18 February 2023 13:49
  • foto
    Linda Bogard #152
    This avatar was on this site a while ago, Did they update it or something? and if they did what did they update about it?
    18 February 2023 09:38
  • foto
    poisedpeony #151
    why is this avatar sooooo popular that it has over 200k views??? no comprender
    18 February 2023 08:02
  • foto
    mikassa_ #150
    I can't fix this error, plus I can't give the name to the avatar when I last uploaded to VrChat.
    16 February 2023 07:30
  • foto
    mikassa_ #149
    can not download this skin, please help my nickname ds: Mikasa#6848
    15 February 2023 17:32
  • foto
    AshenAesthetic #148
    Did you do it successfully? If so I'd be eternally greatful if you could share how

    Anyone know how to make this one quest compatible? it's a challenge but I believe its possible
    6 February 2023 20:47
  • foto
    AshK #147
    23 January 2023 05:21
  • foto
    Andre m Clark #146
    where do you sreach up settings at if it didn't let you type a name in
    22 January 2023 19:46
  • foto
    Rekom #145
    Change the fbxs Scale Factor in its mesh import settings. If you unpack the model idk if this'll still work though so keep that in mind.
    20 January 2023 11:34
  • foto
    Slightlydepressed #144
    20 January 2023 10:53
  • foto
    Sushi #143
    Slightlydepressed, even in VR fullbody??
    19 January 2023 21:57
  • foto
    Slightlydepressed #142
    its because of the gogo loco it controls ur size and you can change it in game
    19 January 2023 16:59
  • foto
    Sushi #141
    I'm having an issue with changing the size. no matter what I set it to in Unity it stays at base height in game, it does not change. How do I fix it. ;w;

    Anyone who is quick to help me, i'll send them the newest Poi pro, if they don't already have it.
    19 January 2023 11:30
  • foto
    darkdante6 #140
    the new file update says godprince 4.1
    19 January 2023 05:34
  • foto
    Mattbogdinho #139
    Quote: Mattbogdinho
    ended up trying that also but didnt fix it either.

    EDIT: I found the issue. Didnt important Final IK
    18 January 2023 04:57
  • foto
    Mattbogdinho #138
    ended up trying that also but didnt fix it either.
    18 January 2023 04:23
  • foto
    anonymous_neko #137
    Hmm.. I get a prefab error. Help? I did sdk3, poi from package, and dps.

    Nevermind, in the rar file you have to import Final_IK_v1.9_Stub.unitypackageanonymous_neko,
    18 January 2023 02:22
  • foto
    ExoticSlayer #136
    you dont need to import dynamic bones.
    18 January 2023 01:59
  • foto
    Mattbogdinho #135
    anyone know how to fix this problem? I important everything for the model needed, dps, dynamic bones. Including the poiyomi shader in the zip file. But I get an error saying prefab does not exist. Does anyone know a fix for this?
    18 January 2023 01:47
  • foto
    ExoticSlayer #134
    You able to update the model it has been updated.
    17 January 2023 17:00
  • foto
    -_-_-_-_- #133
    Its a toggle for this model
    17 January 2023 13:35
  • foto
    Sushi #132
    What's the furry model in the screenshot?
    17 January 2023 13:05
  • foto
    HentaiVR #131
    Did anyone end up sharing Poi pro 8.1.1? If so send it to me as well!
    16 January 2023 06:08
  • foto
    Phantom2z #130
    im having some trouble uploading this avi and i am still a beginner so if anyone could add my discord Phantom2z#4741 and walk me through step by step ill be forever thankful someone please help ;(
    13 January 2023 23:19
  • foto
    ShadowLevi_13 #129
    I'm having the same issue, anyone know what's causing this?
    13 January 2023 02:58
  • foto
    CitrusCat #128
    Uploaded the avatar no problem, but I can't use ?TPS? on the futa function (on myself). It's shown in the showcase and wondering if I broke it somehow. All other TPS functions seem to work except jerking myself off. Any advice?

    Ayo I uploaded it fine and TPS works except I cant jerk myself off - did I break something?
    12 January 2023 20:24
  • foto
    Zero101 #127
    what is TSP? and on the avatar with EX on it?
    12 January 2023 00:09
  • foto
    Boyo #126
    Ok fixed was having issues with my DNS

    10 January 2023 11:50
  • foto
    -_-_-_-_- #125
    it does work
    10 January 2023 09:21
  • foto
    Boyo #124
    Link doesn't work anymore.
    10 January 2023 03:48