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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: CryptiaCurves
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC + Quest
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 180 976

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What you will find in this pack:

- Blender 3.0 support, includes a rig for easy customizability!

- VRC Support, includes a Unity package with customizability (Additional content may be needed, like shaders) And please refrain from making the customizable version public.

- Base version of Shygal with no customizability options

- Mask types, including expressive blendshapes

- Hood types

- Hair types

- Range of body proportion blendshapes

- Male body variant

- Clothing options, such as sleeves and breast types

- Color sliders

- Accessories, such as glasses, raccoon, scarf, etc
Screenshots of model ShyGal in the game
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  • foto
    ChocolatChib #86
    Chaos3333, i had figured it out. so you go to the parameters menu, its where the blueprint id is.

    you open it and have to pick things to delete. since i personally wont add colours and the likes, i deleted those. when you go to the builder, there obviously will be issues. click the select prompt, and in the project section, things should change. you then you just find whatever has issues, and delete that too.

    be careful though, some things are tied to the sub menu, and if those are deleted, the submenu wont work

    if this is confusing, you could always friend me on discord, and i can walk you through it, and i'll even share my screen so you can see what im doing
    1 April 2024 08:02
  • foto
    Chaos3333 #85
    ChocolatChib, Im having the same issue, trying to figure it out.
    1 April 2024 04:39
  • foto
    hamburg22lol #84
    hamburg22lol, nvm im an idiot, I just needed to install a shader
    5 March 2024 20:23
  • foto
    hamburg22lol #83
    Pretty sure there are some textures and materials that wont load and have errors, can you fix it please? (This isn't supposed to be mean or anything, just trying to bring it to your attention)
    5 March 2024 20:03
  • foto
    TranquilityHunter #82
    TranquilityHunter, nvm just dumb please ignore
    18 January 2024 01:57
  • foto
    TranquilityHunter #81
    please update again
    18 January 2024 01:45
  • foto
    ChocolatChib #80
    it uploads fine without goloco but when i try and add loco, it says theres too many bits, anybody know a fix?
    8 January 2024 10:14
  • foto
    Needshygalavis #79
    Where do I find this idk how to get it on my vrI tried many times
    7 October 2023 03:54
  • foto
    JimmyTheHuman #78
    I can't seem to get any of the menus to work for some reason I added Gogo loco v1.8.1 and that works just fine however I can't seem to get any of the built-in menus to work I click on them, and they do nothing I also made sure the parameters were there. still can't figure it out advice?
    4 October 2023 19:58
  • foto
    GainedRex1034 #77
    Could anyone let me clone it if u succesfuly uploaded it pls im on quest
    25 September 2023 19:14
  • foto
    Tarvis #76
    My avatar has over 2 billion polygons even though all meshes have read/write enabled (even the sdk doesnt complain about it), but in vr chat the stats says its disabled (and my avatar turns into an error because of it)... can i get some help with this please?
    11 September 2023 14:51
  • foto
    Sunkytherabbit #75
    the avatar (2.0) says its too large in MB to be ported to quest, how do I downsize it?
    28 June 2023 15:00
  • foto
    Nooben69420 #74
    avatar won't work for quest and im struggling like hell with this avatar
    23 June 2023 16:02
  • foto
    𖤐Incubus Boi~𖤐⁶⁶⁶ #73
    What's the updated one?
    6 June 2023 16:13
  • foto
    Snom #72
    does anyone know how to make the hair or clothes a specific color in unity because in blender i have the colors i want but i dont know how to export the custom color scheme but i couldn't figure it out so im trying in unity and i have poiyomi and i still cant figure out how to get custom colors without changing the hue of the texture png
    31 May 2023 19:31
  • foto
    cannon9009 #71
    avatar seems to work fine, only weird thing is some minor issues with the breasts but it's pretty much only them bouncing rapidly while jumping and the slider working in reverse. idk, pretty much fine anyway
    19 May 2023 20:57
  • foto
    J4eJay #70
    ElementalReaper, u didn't put the numbers in ur ns.name
    21 April 2023 06:19
  • foto
    JAnon #69
    bredant hernadezcuervo, I think you need to use a specific Poiyomi Toon Unity Package since iirc I used Poiyomi Pro 7.3.029 and it made the hair from error pink to the blue color it's supposed to look like for PC Side of things
    11 April 2023 20:16
  • foto
    bredant hernadezcuervo #68
    the shy gal hair its broken how i fix it?Zyner8, same isue
    9 April 2023 16:45
  • foto
    Nerdy_and_Curvy #67
    JAnon, You're welcome! Happy to help.
    8 April 2023 04:18
  • foto
    Mermystical #66
    JAnon, Okay, I will try that, thanks :3
    7 April 2023 21:54
  • foto
    JAnon #65
    Mermystical, I used Particles Then Multiply from the vrchat section and that fixed the whited out face iirc

    Nerdy_and_Curvy, thank you so much! This fixed my issue on using the avatar in quest
    7 April 2023 05:02
  • foto
    Mermystical #64
    Does anyone know why the face is all whited out when I switch it to android? Any advice on how to fix this issue? :/ (I tried to switch the shaders I tried using regular poiyomi and I tried pro and I tried VRChat Mobile Toon Lit and none of them fill in the shading :C )
    6 April 2023 09:51
  • foto
    Tart #63
    can anyone reupload the avatar?? i think it got deleted. if you have it or know where to find it please dm me!! Tart#8070 on discord. if you dont have discord just reply here
    5 April 2023 17:19
  • foto
    Nerdy_and_Curvy #62
    JAnon, You can download and import VRCQuestTools into your Unity project. Use the "Remove Physbones" option. https://github.com/kurotu/VRCQuestTools
    4 April 2023 22:38
  • foto
    JAnon #61
    How can you reduce the Physbones to the right amount so The VRChat SDK will let it go through for Quest Users?How can you reduce the Physbones to the right amount so The VRChat SDK will let it go through for Quest Users?
    4 April 2023 07:46
  • foto
    AbsoluteInsanity #60
    ElementalReaper, can you help me recieve this avatar please?
    17 March 2023 21:43
  • foto
    Zyner8 #59
    how do you fix the hairt not having shading dawg
    24 February 2023 02:39
  • foto
    money #58
    sorry i forgot u cant upload it
    17 February 2023 23:43
  • foto
    money #57
    can someone make a world with her so i can equip her, im too stupid to know how to use this unity stuff and if there is one can someone send me it.
    17 February 2023 21:41
  • foto
    sinbad2112 #56

    Okay. So I actually bought the original FNIA avatars by Cryptia Curves / Cally3D

    I'm going to assume you also got your hands on said avatars and that's the avatars we're talking about.

    I'm Also going to assume you successfully uploaded the PC version but not the Quest version, because Quest is a pain in the ass to optimize. Not to worry, I figured it out and it's actually as simple as clicking and simple searching in Unity itself.

    So after converting the PC version to Android I'm assuming you got the "Materials unsupported for Android version" right? I know super intimidating right? Not to fret. Keep SDK open and click in the "All Materials" search key. (1:10)

    Once you've found It find the materials that are not supposed in each error box in SDK. I'd recommend doing this one at a time to not get lost. Once you click on all materials everything in your assets box should change to a bunch of spheres that list your skins and textures. Find the texture that's incompatible and click on that texture in the bottom assets box. NOT ON YOUR AVATAR ITSELF. (You're going to have to click and search and it's a pain in the ass but it should be in alphabetical order)

    Once you actually find the right material click on it, and find the material name in the inspector and select the name. (1:15) in the drop down find the one that says "VRchat" it should be Polytoon by default. After selecting vrchat select "mobile" this gives you a list of all materials that are compatible with Quest. Select "standard lite" and you should be set! If the colors are messed up. Or it doesn't render right try something "toon"... I forgot what it's called but it's at the very bottom of the list. That should also work.

    Use Auto fix and refresh the errors every time you get something right. It doesn't have to be perfect. Select everything in Auto fix till the errors go away. And that should do it! Let me know if it works. I know other people are struggling with learning Unity and Quest uploads I see you're a mod. If this helps I'd love to post a guide anyone can freely use. The "Read Me" that comes with the Avatars fucking suck.
    14 February 2023 17:38
  • foto
    HaloMood #55
    Can I have the Avatar?
    12 February 2023 21:19
  • foto
    HaloMood #54
    If anybody made this avatar for quest could you please let me have it? My user is HaloMood
    9 February 2023 22:24
  • foto
    Deadman616 #53
    Do you have a Discord? If so, we should schedule a meet up so I can grab the model off of you
    30 January 2023 20:37
  • foto
    Kobeni209 #52
    Im having problems i cant use the lift cloth option
    24 January 2023 03:21
  • foto
    NewVellen #51
    i have send a friend request pls accept
    15 January 2023 08:25
  • foto
    NewVellen #50
    i cant uploda this avartar
    15 January 2023 02:45
  • foto
    DaburuTori #49

    hey to you have have discord? I really need help with the model. If so add me ♡Amelie♡#3256
    11 January 2023 10:10
  • foto
    ElementalReaper #48
    Hello my friends i have done it, i have made a pc quest compatible version with minor chanegs, if you would like it friend me on vrchat, it's ElementalReaper, yes you can have it for nothing because im not like that, i like to share my avatars with others so you guys can have this too, but what if it gets banned well...dont worry i'll re upload it, oh but theres just one rule, dont use any nsfw features in public worlds, theyll get it banned.
    9 January 2023 13:38
  • foto
    B0N3D #47
    anyone else having trouble with the toggles syncing between platforms(pc&quest)?
    8 January 2023 17:14
  • foto
    bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhh #46
    7 January 2023 21:58
  • foto
    Virusanssel42 #45
    you are a hero
    7 January 2023 17:25
  • foto
    YzKirbyYt #44
    ok jeez sorry, I figured it out. You didn't have to be all dickish about it

    I had changed the shaders to toonlit but she still is too large to upload for quest
    6 January 2023 15:39
  • foto
    Hazzy #43
    this is a paid avatar by Cryptia lol
    5 January 2023 15:36
  • foto
    mangus #42
    Just select in vrchat mobile particle additive as a texture and it works

    having the sameissue
    2 January 2023 17:25
  • foto
    hiiiii #41
    i have been having issues with the menu itself. NONE of the toggles work. even the toggle wheel doesnt show up. how can i fix this
    31 December 2022 17:18
  • foto
    flow #40
    theres a transparent material, which doesnt work on quest. it covers the mask basically. is there any way around this at all???
    29 December 2022 14:51
  • foto
    ChloeWilliams03 #39
    where can you find the quest file?? im so so confused
    28 December 2022 21:25
  • foto
    hiiiii #38
    because hue shift is a pc only shift
    28 December 2022 21:11
  • foto
    𖤐Incubus Boi~𖤐⁶⁶⁶ #37
    I was wondering if someone could help me upload the avatar. I got it working but the only issues is i'm trying to get the color changes to work on quest. I can only use black and white colors but I'd like to change the color to something different but hue doesn't work for quest
    28 December 2022 17:41
  • foto
    eaty wong #36
    can someone upload a quest version please im lost on how to remove most stuff qwq
    28 December 2022 10:36
  • foto
    TheRandomAxolotl #35
    Can someone please help me? Every time I upload it I go and check to see if it has worked and it hasn't. It keeps hiding the avatar. I have read the notes. I've watched tutorials on how to possibly fix this issue but for some reason I just can't. If anyone has any tips they would be greatly appreciated.
    28 December 2022 04:11
  • foto
    Rylie S #34
    how can I reduce the phys bones ?
    28 December 2022 00:35
  • foto
    MAZYRE #33
    27 December 2022 08:18
  • foto
    SmolHeroCosplay #32
    why no customizability options??? :(
    27 December 2022 06:24
  • foto
    bunny_boi #31
    it got updated lol
    27 December 2022 05:34
  • foto
    Crusader00336 #30
    I think an update on the rig got released. (perfect excuse to also add the blender rig aswell lmao)
    27 December 2022 04:22
  • foto
    yayforce #29
    i am
    27 December 2022 02:47
  • foto
    Roselia #28
    Quote: Otome

    is no one else having this issue?
    27 December 2022 02:11
  • foto
    xRosex #27
    Shoot, this is where I learned like almost a year ago and continue to learn. Community here is mostly really kind and helpful <3
    27 December 2022 01:49
  • foto
    Delphox22 #26
    Technically it works but I want the blender ones, could you please pass them on?
    26 December 2022 22:19
  • foto
    dwarfd123 (user blocked for violating site rules) #25
    works thanks
    26 December 2022 21:36
  • foto
    Ethereal Vixen #24
    This is the perfect place TO be. It's much better than buying models online and not knowing anything about uploading. Usually when you start something with no offense, you plan on being offensive. How about encouraging creativity and helping them figure things out. :P
    26 December 2022 21:36
  • foto
    Roselia #23
    26 December 2022 14:38
  • foto
    DrWowzerz #22
    You need to change the shaders to vrchat mobile toonlit/standard lite/matcap lit, since on android/quest poiyomi shaders don't work. This model was very easy and simple to make quest , you don't even have to crunch compress any textures. Only things you have to do are change the shaders on the materials from poiyomi to vrchat mobile toonlit/standard lite/matcap lit and remove alot of physbones since quest can only have up to 8 physbone components.
    26 December 2022 12:44
  • foto
    AuraTilde #21
    Please also release the blend file associated with this 💜
    26 December 2022 10:37
  • foto
    raymesis #20
    No offense but if you don’t have basic knowledge when it comes to uploading shit maybe you shouldn’t be here
    26 December 2022 09:43
  • foto
    lunaismywife #19
    blend file please?
    26 December 2022 04:49
  • foto
    Will Cube #18
    Does the model in the unity package have the sniffit mask off for you?
    25 December 2022 22:14
  • foto
    Based Senpai #17
    You need to change the shaders manually which is Vrchat>Mobile>Toonlit
    25 December 2022 20:34
  • foto
    Halomastersword #16
    Maybe the full version next?
    25 December 2022 20:32
  • foto
    YzKirbyYt #15
    Can't seem to upload her for android (quest) any help? It says she has unsupported shaders but I had only imported the shygal package.
    25 December 2022 18:52
  • foto
    Frontier Justice #14
    are you going to release the blend file?
    25 December 2022 18:36
  • foto
    lizardsith #13
    does the hair require dps because it just has a purple texture (which kinda looks good) that isnt what it is supposed to be
    25 December 2022 17:49
  • foto
    Reaperdrop10 #12
    Please upload Beast Darling when you can!
    25 December 2022 17:16
  • foto
    XEON #11
    Thank you ....anime17
    25 December 2022 16:04
  • foto
    Will Cube #10
    hey uhh why is the only mask in unity the sniffit mask
    25 December 2022 16:01
  • foto
    Elicruise96 #9
    can you upload beasty?

    and merry Christmas my friend! <3

    Also the blender file-
    25 December 2022 10:24
  • foto
    soulsteal1234 #8
    Thanks ^w^
    25 December 2022 10:11
  • foto
    KuutieKarin #7
    VRCSDK, Poiyomi pro, DPS
    25 December 2022 10:09