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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Ivory
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC + Quest
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 53 965

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GoGo Loco
♡ Lots of Customization + Toggles
♡ Cute Face Gestures
♡ 2 Different Skin Tones
♡ Optional Tattoos
♡ 28 toggles (excluding DPS and GoGo Loco)
♡ Physbones everywhere you'd expect (Quest only has physbones on her chest and butt)

♡ Tops: Bra, Bodysuit, Hoodie
♡ Bottoms: Panties, Pants
♡ Shoes: Socks, Vans
♡ Cow: Horns, Ears, Tail, Bell
♡ Accessories: Glasses, Necklace, Rings, Waist Chain, Puppy
♡ Piercings: Belly, Chest, Collarbone, Hip, Nipple

Color Swaps:
♡ Hair Colors, Skin tones, Tattoos, Underwear, Hoodie, Pants, and Vans
PC Upload Instructions:
♡ Make a new unity project
♡ Import the newest SDK (which can be found on the VRChat website)
♡ Import Poiyomi Toon 7.3
♡ Import Unlit WF Shader
♡ (Optional) For the DPS to work, you will have to import it yourself! You also need Poiyomi Pro!!
♡ Import Clover PC Package into the project
♡ Find the Clover Scene and double-click it or drag it into the hierarchy
♡ Upload and Enjoy
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