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Model info

Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: ScarlettKat
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 92 142
Roxy The Succubus Puppy

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Roxy's Features:

Clothing Toggles:

Underwear: Bra, Panties, Cross Top, Thong and Pasties
Tops: Laced Top, Crop Underboob Top, V Top and Long Sleeve Crop Top
Bottoms: Shorts, Mini Skirt and Skirt
Accessories: Hoop Earrings, Choker, Corset, Latex Gloves, Shibari, Bone Gag (That can be grabbed and pulled out of the mouth) and a Blindfold that also has a transparency toggle
Jackets Dresses and Sweaters: Exposed Sweater, Parka, Sweater Dress and Latex Dress
2 Bodysuits
Shoes: Leg Covers, Thigh Highs, Heels, Ribbon Heels, Heel Boots, Latex Boots (Thigh Highs and Latex Boots have a Thigh Squish Toggle)
Christmas Outfit: Christmas Hat, Christmas Jacket, Christmas Crop Top, Christmas Skirt, Lights Necklace and Arm Wraps
Puppy Stuff Ears Tail and Hair Toggles:

World Drop Cage: Toggle to spawn it in, Toggle to open and close the door and a size slider
Horns Toggle
Elf Ears Toggle
Succubus Wings and Tail Toggle
Puppy Ears and Tail with a Tail Wag Toggle
3 Hairstyles: Messy Bun, Long Hair and Pigtails
Body Sliders All Custom Made by Me

Sliders for Boobs, Butt and Overall Body Thiccness that go from Small to Default then to Big, Physics and colliders will also update with these sliders to fit the different sizes.
Wider Waist Slider
Arm Thiccness Slider
Chubby Belly Slider
Abs Slider
Preggo Belly Slider
Toggle to reset body back to the default sliders
Contact Receivers:

Ass Smacks and Face Smack with a toggleable facial reaction to them
Choking Reaction
Pussy Spread Proximity Contact
Expose Crotch Contact Receiver (Contact Receiver to pull the panties, Bodysuits and Shibari to the side to expose the pussy)
BJ Proximity Contact
Kissing Proximity Contact
Headpat Proximity Contact (also makes ears wiggle and tail wag)
Degen Features:

Nakey Toggle (Toggles off all clothes instantly)
Animated Ahegao Toggle
Breathe Toggle for several gestures
Cum Inflation Animation (with new audio that lasts 5 mins and becomes audible only close to the belly)
Paddle that can trigger anyone's spanking animations
Grabbable Clothing: Pull and Rip both bodysuits (They will stretch and rip with a sound)
Grab and Pull Up Clothes: Works with Crop Top, Laced Top and Long Sleeve Top
Grab and Pull Down Clothes: Works witg Laced Top, V Top, Latex Dress, Christmas Crop Top and Christmas Jacket

Submenu with toggles to turn on boob grabbing, turn off arm colliders and the floor collider
Hue Shift for Hair, Ears, Tail, Eyes, Bra, Panties, Laced Top, Latex Dress, Gloves, Shibari, and some of the shoes
White Latex Toggle
Body Specular Slider
Skin Color Slider (Default is 50% which is tanned going to 0% will make your skin light and going to 100% will make your skin dark)
Silver Metal Toggle
Womb Tattoo Toggle
Skin Lighting Darker Shadows Toggles
White Hair Toggle

Fluffs Toolbox Orifices
Belly Bulge Strength Slider for belly bulge Intensity when using pussy or ass orifices, 0% means your belly won't bulge at all
Dick that can go from soft to hard on a radial at 100% it swaps to a DPS penetrator(all clothes will also either be pulled up or down with the dick toggling on)
Sliders for the Dicks overall size and Ball Size