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Content type:Avatars
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 26 598
Suki - The Succubus

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Toggles: EVERYTHING! Horns, Tail, Wings, Boots, Heels, Corset, Bat Bodysuit, Fishnet Bodysuit, Lace Bra, Pants, Lace Panties, Nipple Piercings, Claws, Elf Ear Jewelry
DPS: Mouth, Boobjob, Right hand, Left hand, Pussy, Anal
Hues: Hair, Demon Hue (Horns, Tail, Wings) Tattoos (Body and Face tat), Eyes, Metal (Elf Ear Jewelry, Claw Swirls, Chains on Bat Bodysuit, Nipple Piercings, Horn Chains), Body Hue, Body Saturation Hue
Mat Swap: 4 choices for the Fishnet Top
Hair Swap (2 Styles)
Forked Tongue (appears for 3 different face gestures)
7 Face Gestures
Physbones: Hair (both), tail, boobs, horn chains, butt cheeks, wings, forked tongue

You will need:

- VRCSDK3 (go to vrchat.com, free)
- Poiyomi Toon 8.0.303 or 7.3.50 (free. I used 7.3.50 in unity)
- Dynamic Penetration System: Raliv (you MUST purchase this if you want to use DPS. You can use the avatar without this function as well. There is a version of Suki without DPS in unity.)
· Create a new unity project, and put the following items in order: VRCSDK, Poiyomi Toon, Dynamic Penetration System, Suki Package
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  • foto
    ertyly007 #5
    how fixe gogo loco ? after instal it doesnt work
    14 July 2023 18:57
  • foto
    Lilyvr #4
    i really want her but i have no clue what im doing in unity, any chance i could add you on vrc and copy her
    20 June 2023 19:39
  • foto
    Bryan Wister #3
    the materials are all the same pink color can i fix that?
    24 April 2023 21:10
  • foto
    NailBunnyGirl #2
    Onaj69, yes
    12 April 2023 14:14
  • foto
    Onaj69 #1
    just use poiyomi 7.3.50
    11 April 2023 02:28