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Content type:Avatars
Π‘reated by: Merlin
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Π hysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 20 484
𝗭 𝗔 𝗑 𝗗

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Custom Gestures, Toggles.
No game rips/TDA
NSFW avatar (Dps)
Dance optimized
Includes a green rated varsion (optimized ver)(opti doesnt have any toggles)
FBT ready and tested
Uses phys Bones

Import VRCSDK3, and Poiyomi and dps(if you want the dps version) before importing the package
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  • foto
    SaintXo #8
    kAynewest4, i used poi pro
    30 April 2023 01:19
  • foto
    kAynewest4 #7
    whats the shader? :)
    30 April 2023 01:13
  • foto
    wolf8890 #6
    CryptidQrow, sorry i'm sorta good with unity but not the best i'll have a look thank you
    29 April 2023 20:37
  • foto
    CryptidQrow #5
    Google is gonna be your best friend, thats basic unity knowledge. Select the material and at the top inspector itll have a drop down. Youll figure it out anime50
    29 April 2023 18:02
  • foto
    wolf8890 #4
    Eithelyyia, so sorry idk how to put the poi in the shaders I just know how to import it
    29 April 2023 11:25
  • foto
    Eithelyyia #3
    wolf8890, QueenOfFrance_, It does work. The shaders show up pink but all you have to do is select them and apply Poi to them. I used PoiPro 7.3 and it worked fine.
    29 April 2023 11:12
  • foto
    wolf8890 #2
    Not working
    29 April 2023 09:37
  • foto
    QueenOfFrance_ #1
    Bug shaders
    29 April 2023 06:59