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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Beanie
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 29 290
☆ Enzo V2 ☆

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Enzo V2 Features:
Clothing Toggles for Hoodie, Skin Shirt, Pants, Shorts, Boxers, Sneakers, and Slides
Accessories Toggles for Beanie, Blindfold, Harness, Chains, Choker, Piercings, Bag, and Glasses
3 Different Hairstyles
3 Different Skin tones
Tattoo Toggle
4 Hair Color Variations
Radial Slider to Control Avatar Brightness
Stretched Ears Toggle
Black Upper Lip Toggle
6 Index Friendly Face Expressions
Wiggle Tongue with Physbones :P
Full Body Invisible Toggle
Beanie has 5 Texture Options
Pants have 5 Texture Options
Slides have 2 Texture Options
Shorts have 5 Texture Options
Boxers have 5 Texture Options
Shoes have 2 Texture Options
1 DPS Penetrator with Size Radial and Contact Receiver
9 DPS Orifices

6 Index and Quest Friendly Facial Expressions

Over 12 Submenus of Customization!

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  • foto
    xxxmurkymoon #63
    can't import into unity. really like this avi. help?
    Wednesday at 10:28
  • foto
    FornitePlayer6969 #62
    cant export from the rar, saying its corrupted, any idea how to fix this?
    Tuesday at 13:14
  • foto
    Mobius1 #61
    Literpaw, after in import the avatar into unity, Where is the fac file? Do I delete the fac file or the .rar file?Mobius1, Disregard. I figured it out.
    Monday at 14:23
  • foto
    Literpaw #60
    Mobius1, Hey sorry for the late reply, i don't fully remember but after you import there's a few files that come with the avatar one of them starts with "FAC" and inside it you'll see a .rar, that's the one you have to delete
    Monday at 09:51
  • foto
    Testmybrain #59
    been quite a while since i did anything vrc related in unity but i would love to use this ava. Anyone maybe willing to show me how to set him up in Unity properly? got everything but kinda looks like shot in unity
    28 May 2023 08:57
  • foto
    Mobius1 #58
    Literpaw, What is the fac file? Where is it located?
    27 May 2023 23:00
  • foto
    Literpaw #57
    Mobius1, Delete the fac file, it works afterwards
    27 May 2023 04:59
  • foto
    xo.livv #56
    please post Kiara!!!!
    27 May 2023 01:46
  • foto
    Mobius1 #55
    It won't build. Not even sure what the 2.2 link is because it's not Enzo.
    26 May 2023 20:18
  • foto
    GummyBear #54
    Second link won't even extract for me...
    26 May 2023 18:34
  • foto
    BigTeddy #53
    how did she manage to make him uglier than before and 10x the avatar size
    25 May 2023 17:08
  • foto
    hellish entity #52
    Model Version 2.2 only provides a Poiyomi Shader Instead of the model itself.
    25 May 2023 16:10
  • foto
    stinkybean69 #51
    Cookie772, I tried but he's literally so big even after getting rid off next to everything. Guess people gotta put him into blender :))))
    25 May 2023 14:19
  • foto
    Kami Desu (user blocked for violating site rules) #50
    Thanks for the share tho the V2.2 update is corrupted and we can't extract the files, need to be reuploaded properly.
    25 May 2023 13:28
  • foto
    Miku.osk #49
    DaddyYuuki, Nah same it doesn't extarct
    25 May 2023 09:02
  • foto
    DaddyYuuki #48
    idk if its just me but the new version 2.2 is broken after i want to unzip it
    25 May 2023 08:58
  • foto
    Lust Bunny #47
    zerolife, I downloaded it and it works completely fine, Don't spread lies about the avatar, just cause of the creator.
    25 May 2023 08:21
  • foto
    stuffablebunny #46
    zerolife, no, it does not, please dont spread misinformation lmao. i downloaded and uploaded it just fine.
    24 May 2023 20:54
  • foto
    ₵ʉɽ₴ɇđ #45
    zerolife, zerolife, do it actually?
    24 May 2023 20:10
  • foto
    MenaceCake #44
    Chaotic_Axolto, did you downscale the textures yet
    24 May 2023 17:46
  • foto
    zerolife (user blocked for violating site rules) #43
    ***comment deleted***
    24 May 2023 16:42
  • foto
    Chaotic_Axolto #42

    If anyone has knowledge of blenders ya'll have this one.
    24 May 2023 14:26
  • foto
    DaddyYuuki #41
    works perfect sadly you cant remove this elf ears ><
    24 May 2023 10:37
  • foto
    lily pie #40
    MRjoker009, redownload the package some of it might have gotten erased as you did something and try reimporting it
    24 May 2023 09:23
  • foto
    MRjoker009 #39
    lily pie, how do i do it?
    24 May 2023 04:24
  • foto
    zeeas #38
    i smell the zest on this avi
    23 May 2023 22:12
  • foto
    IJustWantAvis #37
    Kaithekat2004, Delete the fac file
    23 May 2023 20:24
  • foto
    Razoreniye #36
    Script compiler error, what does that mean and how to fix?
    23 May 2023 20:05
  • foto
    L0st_puppy #35
    Now has anyone tried to make this quest yet?
    23 May 2023 18:52
  • foto
    Kaithekat2004 #34
    it says prefab error
    23 May 2023 15:36
  • foto
    lily pie #33
    lily pie, I fixed it had to reimport it all
    23 May 2023 15:03
  • foto
    lily pie #32
    When I uploaded it All I see is glasses and the thumbnail and not the avi itself
    23 May 2023 14:53
  • foto
    Chaotic_Axolto #31
    Sorry for taking long I have to delete toggles hairstyles, because having it converted is 26 mb, it'll take me a bit to get everything just right.
    23 May 2023 09:12
  • foto
    ₵ʉɽ₴ɇđ #30
    can you fix the link?
    23 May 2023 06:49
  • foto
    FinnOfLakes #29
    Link no longer works, fix when?
    22 May 2023 23:23
  • foto
    Tsukilove #28
    If it gets made quest please tag😊
    22 May 2023 15:24
  • foto
    Poppy6969 #27
    Thetah, Yep they admitted to be 15 in the screenshots I have from her discord, and they should DEFINITELY be on a list, just like any male that would have done the same.MenaceCake, I have the screenshots saved still. lol
    21 May 2023 23:17
  • foto
    MenaceCake #26
    Thetah, the victim themselves said they were 15years old at the time and the pedo admitted that they thought they were 16.
    anyone who wants to should checkout VRChat Tea Time on youtube with an interview with the victim and video explaining the situation + the evidence that was gathered. You can easily find their videos by searching "beaniebaby vrchat".

    Poppy6969yes she deleted them but her apology message is still up on her announcement channel
    21 May 2023 22:12
  • foto
    Thetah #25
    MenaceCake, if you're talking about the stuff with screenshots it was with a 17/16 year old. Still gross that it happened though, ong they should be put on a offender list.
    21 May 2023 21:30
  • foto
    Cookie772 #24
    Chaotic_Axolto, if you make it quest please let me know :)
    21 May 2023 19:59
  • foto
    anastasiajoseph82 #23
    landon, same here please
    21 May 2023 19:46
  • foto
    landon #22
    Chaotic_Axolto, if you end up get it quest can you send me the files plz
    21 May 2023 19:10
  • foto
    Poppy6969 #21
    Yashiroxv, She admitted to it in screenshots. Probably deleted them from her server, but they are still circulating.
    21 May 2023 18:21
  • foto
    Yashiroxv #20
    KurushiSenpai, is that rue????
    Quote: Yashiroxv
    KurushiSenpai, is that true????
    21 May 2023 18:13
  • foto
    L-_who #19
    If someone gets it quest can i have the files?
    21 May 2023 17:15
  • foto
    Chaotic_Axolto #18
    Making him quest compatible, hopefully I shouldn't remove much.
    21 May 2023 16:58
  • foto
    KurushiSenpai #17
    MenaceCake, she was 24 when she was letting the 15 y/o control her lovense thats almost a whole decade apart...
    21 May 2023 16:21
  • foto
    MenaceCake #16
    Briberryblep, groomed a 15 yo and had them control their lovense. she was above the age of 18, her age differs from who says it but most i hear its been 20
    21 May 2023 16:11
  • foto
    TimewornJoker #15
    If you are getting prefab errors make sure you delete a folder in assets titled Fac with some random numbers and letters after it. It should start building the project correctly after you do that.
    21 May 2023 16:06
  • foto
    Briberryblep #14
    Not only is this model butt-fucking ugly, but now the creator is a groomer? No fucking way
    21 May 2023 15:05
  • foto
    stuffablebunny #13
    Cookie772, the original enzo can be made quest so i assume this one can too!Poppy6969, its because there are people who will legit defend her horrendous behavior and say shes changed, or it "wasnt that bad, she was 19 and he was 16" which.. as far as im aware is BS. its sad..
    21 May 2023 15:05
  • foto
    MenaceCake #12
    Poppy6969, because "she has reflected on her mistakes" as if that makes it any better
    21 May 2023 14:29
  • foto
    Poppy6969 #11
    Surprised this weirdo is still making avis. I'm not downloading it, but how is she still making money off the children she is targeting? Odd world we live in...
    21 May 2023 12:11
  • foto
    softiie #10
    its a good day when a pedos avi gets leaked here :)
    21 May 2023 11:59
  • foto
    Gfch #9
    ewww a pedo ewwww
    21 May 2023 11:04
  • foto
    femboycutie #8
    ItsPetey, Make sure you delete the Thry folder and make sure he doesnt already come with poi shaders! (you can see if he does by importing him first, then go to the folders. it should say poi, like if you imported the shaders first!)
    21 May 2023 11:01
  • foto
    xRosex #7
    That really was fast lol Thanks for upload!
    21 May 2023 10:51
  • foto
    bark9001 #6
    she is a pedophile fuck her avis
    21 May 2023 10:49
  • foto
    ItsPetey #5
    Also Having Prefab Error. Help appreciated.
    21 May 2023 10:23
  • foto
    Cookie772 #4
    If anyone makes this ques lmk!
    21 May 2023 09:39
  • foto
    MenaceCake #3
    Luxray405, the speed all her stuff should be leaked lol
    21 May 2023 09:30
  • foto
    anastasiajoseph82 #2
    having a hard time uploading prefab error help
    21 May 2023 09:16
  • foto
    Luxray405 #1
    Damn that was fast! Lol! 😂
    21 May 2023 09:15