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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Velvet
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC + Quest
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: No
Nsfw: Yes
Views: 32 188

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Note: I don't recommend this avatar if you're primarily a quest user. The quest version is only a fallback and you will appear naked on pc.

─────────────────────────── ⋆⋅Toggles⋅⋆ ──────────────────────────

Dissolve toggles for everything (hoodie, turtleneck, jacket, skirt, shorts, socks, shoes, katana holster, panties, mask, ears, tail, katana, DRESS exclusive to preorder version)
3 Hairstyles (long hair, ponytail, tucked hair)
Hood up/down with different weights, so when its not on the head it wont follow head movements
Mute detection (toggle)
Earmuffs detection (toggle)
Follower Kitsune

──────────────────────── ⋆⋅Color Adjustments⋆ ──────────────────────

Skintone Radial
Tons of hair customization (hair hue, tips color toggle, solid color toggle, brightness, emission strength, emission hue including white, tips hue shift including black, solid hue shift)
Outfit hueshift
Eye hueshift and saturation slider
Katana blade hueshift + alt color toggle
Kitsune invert

──────────────────────── ⋆⋅Special Features⋆ ──────────────────────

Katana ☆ Reach over your shoulder and make a fist to grab the katana. Let go of the katana to drop it in the world. Grab the katana to pick it back up, or make a fist in your left hand to pull it to your back from anywhere in the world.
Particle Talismans ☆ You know Kiriko from Overwatch? This is basically her healing ofuda. Make a peace sign to hold the talismans and make an open hand to throw them (collides with world)
Throwable Kunai ☆ The kunai is set up so when you make a fist with either hand, youll hold the kunai in that hand. Fingerpoint will allow it to spin on your fingers, and open hand will throw it (collides with world)
Hand Fan ☆ Paper hand fan with sound effects. Fist to close, open hand to open.
Interactive Pocky ☆ grab a stick out of the box and take a bite! will disappear and reappear in the box after the second bite. You can feed pocky to other people wearing Avalon as well.
Kitsune Follower ☆ an adorable little kitsune that follows you around.
VRLabs Marker ☆ A marker you can write with, attach drawings to your avatar, etc.
Quantum GPU Particles ☆ fun particle system you can play with in VR or in Desktop
GoGo Loco ☆ tons of sitting and laying animations, emotes, and floating
Quest Fallback Version ☆comes with a "Good" rated model on Quest, one material, 7.4k polys. Will have to upload it yourself.

──────────────────────── ⋆⋅Avatar Contacts⋆ ──────────────────────

Headpat with heart particles
Anti Eye poke
Nose boop
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  • foto
    Domokyodai #9
    The parameters of the avatar are too messed up and the Build and Publish for Windows button is grayed out. I've tried plenty but can't figure it out. If any kind soul knows how to fix it and is willing to share, that would be amazing.
    Wednesday at 10:41
  • foto
    Nelseru #8
    Cant get it to work with quest any sugestions
    Wednesday at 04:09
  • foto
    venustea #7
    cherryBerry, did you not read the note at the top? lmao
    27 May 2023 16:55
  • foto
    TrainerBlue #6
    Is the Build and Publish for Windows not working for anyone else?
    27 May 2023 02:38
  • foto
    cherryBerry #5
    24 May 2023 19:22
  • foto
    lunateachii #4
    vazeraptor, import newest free poiyomi (8.0.426), newest sdk or start a project with vcc, import Avalon package
    24 May 2023 14:51
  • foto
    vazeraptor #3
    import order and what poiyomi
    24 May 2023 08:23
  • foto
    SatanicMoon #2
    Thank you so much, my friend had this avatar and i've been wanting her so badly!
    23 May 2023 20:07
  • foto
    Alina #1
    Thank you!!! ive been looking into this avatar and i love her so much!Thank you!!! ive been looking into this avatar and i love her so much!
    23 May 2023 15:56