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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: 8 inch
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: No
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
Views: 28 027

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How To Import
Import latest VRCSDK3
Import Poiyomi's Shader
Import DPS
Import Karma Package
Screenshots of model Karma! in the game
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  • foto
    Starboo77655 #19
    why everyone so un greatful at least my man ripped it and shared it dam bruh
    30 June 2023 01:39
  • foto
    Lyx #18
    shane heyliger, I mean its free on this website.. you get what you get, If you want it fixed fix it yourself. Its easy to make the toggles yourself but put time into it.IconVRMODELS, I understand that yall want the avi and all but remember these avi's are ripped or leaked. RIPPED MODELS aren't gonna work like this one and so you have to fix it yourself.
    6 June 2023 00:49
  • foto
    shane heyliger #17
    on pc quest his pants are messed up phasing into his leg, almost like the pants are broken. ALSO all toggles are unusable for any of the clothing, you can only emote.... will this be fixed at all?
    28 May 2023 16:20
  • foto
    MrRizz #16
    when is the avi gonna be fixed
    25 May 2023 17:21
  • foto
    BigBow37 #15
    Can someone tell me how to fix the prefab error thingie?
    24 May 2023 11:50
  • foto
    itzimoto #14
    Imagine not knowing how to properly unpack then coming HERE to complain lol couldn't be meeee
    24 May 2023 00:02
  • foto
    justice67 #13
    Laura3, nooo but how are you right!! Yes ofc anything for you girly, I’ll remember that next time but thank you for the honest feedback! I really appreciate it,
    LMAO !!!!
    23 May 2023 17:35
  • foto
    Laura3 #12
    Quote: justice67
    Jekks, i did say it was ripped if you can use your eyes and read what i wrote in the folder lmaoo

    TBH u should have written it in the description instead of a lame file inside the folder.
    Unless offcourse u just wanna get alot of views and downloads then u can hide instead of being honest about it.
    LMAO !!!!
    23 May 2023 15:50
  • foto
    Justaguy985 #11
    justice67, should probably write that in the description - not everyone wants to download or use ripped avis.
    23 May 2023 13:44
  • foto
    justice67 #10
    clm, omg thats me! hi
    23 May 2023 13:13
  • foto
    clm #9
    what moron uploads ripped avis LOL
    23 May 2023 11:22
  • foto
    justice67 #8
    Jekks, i did say it was ripped if you can use your eyes and read what i wrote in the folder lmaoo
    23 May 2023 09:00
  • foto
    Saphirix #7
    Lyx, it's bones
    22 May 2023 23:02
  • foto
    Lyx #6
    liquidass, Guessing it sounds like night lovell but i may be wrong
    22 May 2023 20:24
  • foto
    Chicken Taco #5
    22 May 2023 20:17
  • foto
    Jekks #4
    this is a ripped version of this avi, dont download there is no fx layer or any toggle.
    22 May 2023 16:19
  • foto
    MrRizz #3
    When are you gonna fix toggles?
    22 May 2023 13:22
  • foto
    Nosliw #2
    liquidass, get an app on your phone named Shazam its an app that will try to tell you the song by listening to it
    22 May 2023 12:53
  • foto
    liquidass #1
    what song is that playing in the first video?
    22 May 2023 12:31