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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Kaleeb
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 23 575

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〤5 custom gestures for open hand, peace sign, fists, finger guns, and Thumbs up
〤Matswaps for Jacket, Fishnet, Pants, Shoes, and Backpack
〤Dissolves on all on/off toggles
〤DPS Setup
〤10 Hair Color options, Tattoos On/Off w/hue shift, Eye color hue shift
〤Working Dab pen with Physbone contacts
〤GoGo Loco setup and added.
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  • foto
    PARZIVAL R #27
    Paisley, is already on site
    Wednesday at 02:03
  • foto
    phiaisgone #26
    please upload puppywuppie by guttercandy
    Tuesday at 23:20
  • foto
    crackalackin #25
    Tuesday at 22:50
  • foto
    Mxmacita. #24
    Would it be possible to do ONI-003 by TeddyGQ pleasee
    Tuesday at 16:34
  • foto
    Paisley #23
    Tuesday at 16:30
  • foto
    Peekaboh #22
    Tachi by Ruski next pls? whenever you could.
    Tuesday at 11:54
  • foto
    Joystick Rose #21
    FX Layer is missing from package completely, I checked every single controller.
    27 May 2023 09:45
  • foto
    Rei_126 #20
    Updated file pleasee missing fx ;o;
    27 May 2023 05:41
  • foto
    Eithelyyia #19
    Angelica, Shes a few up. Her name is Kiri.

    mohammed ajmal_2, You would need to make a whole new FX which would take a LONG time or wait until the fixed version is put up.
    26 May 2023 15:51
  • foto
    mohammed ajmal_2 #18
    Yeah what we doing about the fx if anyone has any fixes please
    26 May 2023 15:11
  • foto
    Angelica #17
    wheres the female?
    26 May 2023 10:45
  • foto
    fviivf #16
    can u upload the fixed version lmao
    26 May 2023 01:42
  • foto
    Puprux #15
    Why tf is the avatar 2.6 GBS!
    25 May 2023 04:17
  • foto
    kikibaku #14
    this might be the unfixed version of Kilo, Kaleeb just released a fixed and updated version of him. when he was first released none of his toggles worked and i had to create a support ticket in order to figure out what to do next. in return he just released a fixed version of Kilo, but there is still no smoke or anything that comes out of the dab pen.
    24 May 2023 21:32
  • foto
    Eithelyyia #13
    Rhanja, There's no FX. It's just missing lol.
    24 May 2023 16:54
  • foto
    Rhanja #12
    can anyone fix the toggles?
    24 May 2023 16:19
  • foto
    Eithelyyia #11
    Poppy6969, I checked. FX layer was set to default and Parameters weren't set to the avi params. Still didn't work. :(
    24 May 2023 13:37
  • foto
    Poppy6969 #10
    Eithelyyia, Toggles would be either missing parameters or fx layer. Check those to make sure they are there. sometimes it's menu but since you see the toggles it's probably not that.
    24 May 2023 13:26
  • foto
    Eithelyyia #9
    Toggles aren't working- anyone know how to fix it?

    GGL works fine but not the other toggles.
    24 May 2023 13:22
  • foto
    Veruda #8
    Maleva Stone, You mean decompressing? There's a couple things you could try. Download the package from this site again and unzip it completely, waiting till it's done before using the package inside. Make sure you're not low on storage space on your PC (i recommend deleting vrchat cache, that can get up into gigabytes). And that you're using VCC with the newest SDK. If none of those work, make sure you're Unity doesn't need an update.
    24 May 2023 12:38
  • foto
    Eithelyyia #7
    Maleva Stone, It takes a LONG time to decompress and import. Do you have enough space for it? The Unity package is very large too.
    24 May 2023 12:31
  • foto
    Maleva Stone #6
    Lust Bunny, it wont let import the male avi or female that matches it , everytime i put the unity package, decompersing ?
    24 May 2023 11:28
  • foto
    Lust Bunny #5
    Maleva Stone, Already on the website
    24 May 2023 11:01
  • foto
    Maleva Stone #4
    where is the female?
    24 May 2023 10:30
  • foto
    kAynewest4 #3
    thank you! <3
    24 May 2023 09:39
  • foto
    Lust Bunny #2
    LOVE YOUUUanime25
    24 May 2023 08:29
  • foto
    Eithelyyia #1
    You are the best <3
    24 May 2023 08:14