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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Kanneri
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: No
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 8 313
Akira the Genderfluid Yandere

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Very Poor

❤️Clothing presets and everything toggles on and off!
❤️Accessories: blood, note, knife, collar, scrunchie, cleaver
❤️Hair & ear color: The hair and ears are split into two parts! So you can change the colors of both individually!
❤️Tail color
❤️4 Skintones (Fair, tan, medium, dark)
❤️Body edits: Eye Hue shift, Hair hue shift, Ear hue shift, Tail hue shift, flat chest, buldge, barbie doll
❤️Clothing edits: Anything that's colored can hueshift!
❤️Accessory edits:Blood hue, knife hue, collar hue, pin flag

❤️GoGo Loco
❤️5 DPS point + custom...hotdog.

Notes & Requirements:
poi_pro_7.3.50_and_8.2.013 was used when making them, so they'll need it to work right out of the package.

You will need:
VRChat Creator Companion
poi_pro_7.3.50_and_8.2.013 (not included)
Raliv's DPS (not included)
(there is some slight clipping in the uniform I couldn't quite fix, I apologize for it ><)
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  • foto
    paladino2 #6
    Tuesday at 19:26
  • foto
    Ghost04 #5
    MidnightNotyos, Ik right? It kinda sucks. Definitely not worth 35$
    26 May 2023 14:33
  • foto
    MidnightNotyos #4
    I was so excited to see that it had "genderfluid" only to realize it was a gimmick and it can't actually change gender... like other avatars can, which is weird
    26 May 2023 04:51
  • foto
    Red_Slayer #3
    the other avatar in the video is gorgeous
    24 May 2023 18:26
  • foto
    Kixks #2
    Oh shit don't tell Strawbunny that they have a similar tail to her GUMI model or she'll have her community harass you after acting like she needed to make the situation public knowing that she has an influence of thousands upon thousands of people. Sorry I'm just salty about a situation that happened earlier this week, and just reminded me of it is all. Either way this avatar is super cute
    24 May 2023 15:56
  • foto
    Jettank123 #1
    body to head ratio goes crazy
    24 May 2023 12:36