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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Monster Addiction
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: No
Nsfw: No
Views: 12 926
Riko the asexual Yandere

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All clothing can be toggled!
she has BUNCH of hair colors that a split into 2 parts!
so you can mix match them!
All of them work with hueshift as well!
CLIPPING issues can happen! im not The Best at it
Yandere bloody mode!
Not All Bangs for with all hairs! but you can still mix match some stuff
Idle for tail
(Upload the Poiyomi Toon included, then the package)
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  • foto
    Ghost04 #7
    mysticblue19, Did you unpack the rar file? I had no problems uploading it to my account so i'm curious why its being difficult for you (I don't mean any of it to sound rude, so I apologize if it does)
    27 May 2023 15:55
  • foto
    mysticblue19 #6
    i cant download it into unity as the file is unable to
    27 May 2023 08:25
  • foto
    Rose33033 #5
    song LOL
    25 May 2023 02:03
  • foto
    Ihaveaids #4
    it's funny that it's labeled as an asexual but in the video its advertised as a dommy mommy. No hate its just funny to me
    24 May 2023 21:21
  • foto
    Hunnydew #3
    LostDodo89, akira the mathing is already posted
    24 May 2023 13:07
  • foto
    LostDodo89 #2
    Hmm... I'm not sure about Riko. Even when I like Yandere, it's a little too much thighs for my taste. Will Akira be uploaded too, or is she already there?
    24 May 2023 12:11
  • foto
    Marina Durán #1
    Thank you for uploading this marvel! I adore you!
    24 May 2023 11:11