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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Livid Lily
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: No
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 37 880

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-PhysBones in chest, butt, thighs and everywhere else you'd expect
-Tops: Overboob Top, Poofy sleeves top, bra, corset, vest
-Bottoms: Leather pants, leather skirt, pointless tiny skirt
-Shoes: Open thigh-high boots, calf boots
-Accessories: Hat, sleeves, gloves, jewelry, glasses, fishnets
-Animated crow companion by Sicknesst_
-Most tops and panties can be pulled down/up/aside with avatar dynamics
-Two hairstyles
-Elf ear toggle
-Witchy (this is a feature, very important)
-Sliders for boobs, butt, thiccness, preggo belly, tummy chub, arm size, skin shininess, wider waist, slimmer hips
-Breasts spill out of/squish from bra with shape key
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  • foto
    MamaLola23 #44
    Has anyone gotten a error of unable to decompress package??
    Thursday at 07:04
  • foto
    pinkcyber #43
    can anyone upload ren or cleo by mystify??
    Wednesday at 00:30
  • foto
    Docta Dab #42
    HentaiVR, When you do optimize, would you be willing to share? I can never seem to get lilys avis to work correctly on quest. regardless of the tool or not
    Tuesday at 19:42
  • foto
    paladino2 #41
    Interesting, thanks
    Tuesday at 18:41
  • foto
    sharkhutttt #40
    Mathias_Soul, how many times ppl gonna hhave 2 tell u none of livids avatars are quest comp
    Tuesday at 16:58
  • foto
    Kenna #39
    What did the update do?
    Tuesday at 16:03
  • foto
    Jinx Black #38
    ***comment deleted***
    Tuesday at 16:02
  • foto
    Poppy6969 #37
    Thanks for the update ♥ Loved the avi, now I love it even more hehe
    Tuesday at 13:53
  • foto
    Artélia #36
    Thanks for update
    Tuesday at 13:27
  • foto
    Swaggiest #35
    GYYAAAATTT anime53
    Monday at 23:07
  • foto
    wubb_wubbs #34
    Mathias_Soul, non of her anys are quest you have to do it yourself
    Monday at 22:53
  • foto
    Mathias_Soul #33
    sharkhutttt, Is it the quest and pc version?
    Monday at 21:55
  • foto
    HentaiVR #32
    Quote: sharkhutttt
    too many for me to dm. v1.5 https://drive.google.com/file/d/14K5v-OZDYhM5bU6VOlVk0AmxAWNRag5Y/view?usp=share_link

    Many thanks! I'll start quest optimizing it tonight or tomorrow!
    Monday at 19:39
  • foto
    sharkhutttt #31
    too many for me to dm. v1.5 https://drive.google.com/file/d/14K5v-OZDYhM5bU6VOlVk0AmxAWNRag5Y/view?usp=share_link
    Monday at 16:42
  • foto
    katerina2878 #30
    May I ask what all is wrong with it? Is it the physics again?
    Monday at 15:05
  • foto
    HentaiVR #29
    Quote: bbtheratata13
    can someone send me the quest version, if someone has converted it?

    Idk if anyone else has but I am just waiting for the latest version to come out before I quest optimize it.
    Sunday at 19:28
  • foto
    bbtheratata13 #28
    can someone send me the quest version, if someone has converted it?
    Sunday at 17:09
  • foto
    Fillamir #27
    sharkhutttt, Sent a dm
    27 May 2023 19:59
  • foto
    HereLiesVultrue #26
    The face isn't textured?
    27 May 2023 17:07
  • foto
    PoraCETi #25
    If someone can hmu with the updated version, it would be really nice ♥
    27 May 2023 11:32
  • foto
    wubb_wubbs #24
    the color wheel is not there at all but everything else is working ok :>
    26 May 2023 22:24
  • foto
    HentaiVR #23
    I'm not seeing any issues with the model, is there something I'm missing?
    Quote: HentaiVR
    I'm not seeing any issues with the model, is there something I'm missing?

    Also, send me a DM here on VRM when the latest version is uploaded and I'll quest optimize it and send it to whoever wants it.

    Not gonna bother going through all that work until the most fixed version is out (even though I've yet to see any issues but just to be safe)
    26 May 2023 19:16
  • foto
    stuffablebunny #22
    i think a majority of her time went into making the chest, good lord. clearly nobody will notice its broken with mommy milkers in their face /j
    26 May 2023 16:53
  • foto
    CryptidQrow #21
    If youre relying on avatar creation to pay bills you really need to rethink choices. Its not a stable job or stable income and its not like people arent buying it. Cause they still are. This should really only be done as a hobby.
    26 May 2023 04:07
  • foto
    Twizzy- #20
    shortmomment, if ur getting her models from here then i would expect them to be broken, ive never once gotten a broken model from her
    26 May 2023 00:28
  • foto
    shortmomment #19
    this creator is so shit, she releases broken packages all the time as if you cant test it out in game before releasing it
    25 May 2023 21:32
  • foto
    melly45 #18
    sharkhutttt, can i get the updated one
    25 May 2023 20:56
  • foto
    Poppy6969 #17
    aliceisnthere, Money should only be given to finished products.
    25 May 2023 20:48
  • foto
    Cutie5656 #16
    sharkhutttt, sharkhutttt, I NEED IT PLZ
    25 May 2023 19:38
  • foto
    sharkhutttt #15
    aliceisnthere, This isnt the first time lilys been producing lazy work. They'll be fine if their stuff is leaked anyway, not killing anyone.

    anyway, If anyone needs the updated version just dm me.
    25 May 2023 18:48
  • foto
    aliceisnthere #14
    Poppy6969, I am just saying people should wait a bit on all just released avis. so the creator can get money for their work and people who are willing to wait can get it for free. and so they can get a bug free version. The 1.5 release hue shifts.
    25 May 2023 16:52
  • foto
    sharkhutttt #13
    Poppy6969, THIS. Lately all hr preorders have been rushed products, and constantly had issues upon preorder released. I preordered savannah, freyja, and previous models and they have ALWAYS had issues. That's why I see no issue is majority of shit being leaked
    25 May 2023 15:36
  • foto
    Poppy6969 #12
    aliceisnthere, I feel bad for pre-orders. If you promise a pre-order, then you should set a time where you know you'll have the avatar fixed and completed. She was just money hungry on her part. ALL avatars should be completed at time of sale, that's just laziness and laziness should NOT be rewarded. I don't know lily, I'm sure she's a lovely person, but if someone buys something and they find it's not completed or tested, they have every right to leak it on here in my opinion. :)
    25 May 2023 15:15
  • foto
    sharkhutttt #11
    aliceisnthere, alot of people don't charge full price for pre-orders. I don't think lily is.. too special on that part. Sure lily puts work into their avatars, but other creators do too. Theres tons of other creators similar to lily that put in a good bit of work too, but they're still leaked. plus people are still gonna buy the model anyway, even if it's leaked. Why should it matter
    25 May 2023 14:10
  • foto
    aliceisnthere #10
    not expecting to change anything its an older version anyway. But still i would exspect anyone who had pre ordered to at least wait to let the avi creator get enough sales to pay the bills first and this isn't a not worth $40 thing lily's avis are worth it and she doesn't even charge the full price for pre orders. i'm just kinda sad for lily she gives her everything to her avis sharkhutttt,
    25 May 2023 13:35
  • foto
    sharkhutttt #9
    aliceisnthere, it's a leaking site. Don't think saying this will get into anyone heart(s) [ not sure how to word that..? I'm korean so] , I get your point but at the end of the day it was bound to happen </3
    25 May 2023 12:52
  • foto
    Artélia #8
    Thanks you !
    25 May 2023 12:38
  • foto
    aliceisnthere #7
    She barely got it fixed people couldn't someone have waited for lily to fix her up and make a little more sales first? I mean it was just released a couple days ago. She released like five versions and has been working on this for Weeks. I mean I just kinda feel bad for her and everyone that pre ordered her
    25 May 2023 12:37
  • foto
    Layla An #6
    NoyaDear, i mean there will be one prob posted soon
    25 May 2023 10:49
  • foto
    PoraCETi #5
    there's version 1.5 already ^^
    25 May 2023 10:40
  • foto
    HentaiVR #4
    Livid Lily makes some of the best models, fr.
    25 May 2023 10:08
  • foto
    VRModels #3
    MommySins, What do you mean delete ?
    25 May 2023 08:11
  • foto
    MommySins #2
    noooo delete thisss, my boyfriend cant see this bruh
    25 May 2023 08:01
  • foto
    NoyaDear #1
    practically begging for someone to make this quest and have it not look awful </3
    25 May 2023 07:32