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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: FoxiPaws
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC + Quest
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 140 552
Rune Furry Hybrid

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🌈 Mouse Hybrid Rune is here! 🦇
This avatar was designed for mmd use, so her mmd shapes are extensive! :D great for in game dancing fun!
Lots oЯ extra FREE alternate textures coming soon! Come join the discord and hang out if you'd like :)
If you'd like to buy the avatar for $5 off use code "MOUSE"
Substance files for body and crow pet included!
Each avatar is completely set up and comes with gogoloco pre-installed ^^

🌈 Mouse - Canine Hybrid Rune 🦇
Hair options, long flowing hair, short pixie hair
Purring headpat with ear reaction, as well as a headpat counter system!
Beating heart with sound effect :)
Plushie crow pet that follows you around, can be grabbed by you or friends etc.
Tail wag (works on all three tail types!)
Accessory + Extra Toggles
- 4 ear types (mouse, husky, sharp/bat style, exaggerated style)
- 3 tail types (mouse, floor dragger, husky)
- lip piercings
- cheek piercings
- earrings and nose piercings
- gothic harness
- horns
-skull hairclip
- body bandaids
- face bandaids
- collar
- leg garter with dynamic pompom
Clothing Toggles
- micro shorts
- panties
- corset
- off the shoulder top
- crop sleeveless hoodie
- gothic harness fabric cover
- fishnet stockings
- leather goth pants
Customization Toggles and Sliders
- Alternate eye sets
- Alternate hair sets
- Hair Hue
- Hair decal hue (with moving/rippling hair shaders!)
- Eye Hue
- Body emission and hue
Full Herm DPS setup
Some options are not available on the quest version, such as hue shifts, stockings, garter, collar etc. (they are there if you'd like to swap between items in unity prior to upload though!) Quest just doesnt have enough room to include everything at once :( . Colour hue, emission radials and many other things are NOT SUPPORTED on the quest platform, and therefore will be absent. All items exist on quest but I disabled select items, you are more than welcome to re-enable to items and swap around to find the best quest fit for you before upload! (Requires some knowledge of unity) :3 Join the discord and open a support thread if you want to play with these things and need help !

If you notice any clipping or issues with the avatar please dm (ideally with pics! ) me Foxipaws#0074 and i'll fix them asap :3

1 - Create a new unity project (YOU MUST USE THE NEWEST CREATOR COMPANION SDK!) If you do not do this many features will not function!
2 - Import poiyomis (Any 8+ pack will work)
3 - Import Raliv Dynamic Penetration (if you want to use DPS, if you do not want dps you can skip this step, your dps shaders WILL turn white if you skip this step, you will need to re-assign them to fix this if you choose not to use DPS)
4 - Import WF fur shader if you'd like fur on the pompom! (otherwise the shader will break and you can just drag on a different option or reset to poi if you want)
5 - Import the unity package for your chosen avatar ^^

1 - Create a new unity project, ensure it is set to the android platform
2 - Import the QUEST unity package for your chosen avatar ^^
Screenshots of model Rune Furry Hybrid in the game
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  • foto
    Rose_bean #36
    anypne know which exact version of the sdk im supposed to be using bc theres the 2022.3.6 and theres the 2022.3.22
    11 June 2024 21:57
  • foto
    lokii #35
    how do I upload for quest? it keeps saying it's too big to upload but I don't have poi included.
    28 May 2024 09:51
  • foto
    EliteBook #34
    Hi, I'm having trouble with the parameters, whenever I look into the avatar parameters or test it, all the gesture menu things don't work and the parameters are apparently not attached to any active animator. How do I fix?
    26 April 2024 11:19
  • foto
    scarlove #33
    CookiesandMilk2348, which one,im uploading a trans texture one and i have a rainbow and mouse one uploaded
    20 December 2023 23:27
  • foto
    SaraBwtRyuKumiko #32
    Nediam, maybe delete the shader (poiyomi in this case) and upload the newest poiyomi?
    10 December 2023 14:51
  • foto
    CookiesandMilk2348 #31
    can someone upload her for me??
    3 November 2023 14:17
  • foto
    Max Taylor #30
    does the ass have physbones
    28 September 2023 15:56
  • foto
    Nediam #29
    Aways shows this error: poiyomi shader ui failed to load. Anyone knows how to solve this? I'm using the latest ccsdk.
    18 September 2023 01:46
  • foto
    G0th33 #28
    IceCube, yeah, sorry. i simply needed full instructions on making cross-platform uploads. i ended up searching around and figured out a while after. i just needed an answer at that moment because someone had requested me to make a quest and pc uploadfor them.
    10 August 2023 18:49
  • foto
    IceCube #27
    G0th33, the instructions are at the bottom, was there something specific you needed help with ?
    12 July 2023 12:29
  • foto
    G0th33 #26
    i apologize but can anyone help me? i am new to uploading avatars as quest and pc. i'd like if anyone could help with instructions..
    8 July 2023 19:37
  • foto
    Hiroluvsmen #25
    Can't upload the quest version
    3 July 2023 09:14
  • foto
    hakujoudai #24
    says missing prefab followed steps normaly
    11 June 2023 17:48
  • foto
    G0th33 #23
    robomaxlol77, im sure people can see that. it's in the upload directions.
    6 June 2023 16:33
  • foto
    robomaxlol77 #22
    How fix: read the description above the comments, use the newest creator companion its not hard.
    6 June 2023 12:08
  • foto
    Blishing #21
    Mewawo, Normally prefab problems come with detach the blue print... if you don't see any error in the SDK...
    2 June 2023 10:21
  • foto
    cynnnUK #20
    Mewawo, how did you fix it anime9
    2 June 2023 10:16
  • foto
    Mewawo #19
    Mewawo, Nevermind
    2 June 2023 08:33
  • foto
    Mewawo #18
    I keep on getting a prefab error, anyone found a solution?
    2 June 2023 08:03
  • foto
    LostDodo89 #17
    My Problem: Well... I had a weird problem too. Inclusive the one with this .gz file. My download had the .unitypackage datas, but they were weirdly a .zip/.rar archive. And it had .unitypackage in its name. So first it didn't work for me.

    My solution: I deleted the .unitypackage from the name. Then I changed the folder options to show data extensions (or how it is called in english) so Windows shows me .txt for text datas, .png for pictures etc.

    Then the package data showed me Rune PC V1.0.gz
    I changed the .gz to .unitypackage and then the package was shown properly. Then everything worked like usual for me. I added the data to the project etc. and after all I uploaded the avatar. Done!
    2 June 2023 06:03
  • foto
    Zephanie Greer #16
    venomdrake91, There's a part in the plugin of the dps that you have to import, try that and see if it worksJacinta, That just means the blueprint isn't supposed to be there, delete that in the avi inspector and retry uploading it
    2 June 2023 01:47
  • foto
    venomdrake91 #15
    Anyone else having problems with the dps working? I imported dps and when using gesture manager the spots light up but in vr the dps doesn’t work. Any help would be appreciated T3T thank you in advance! <3
    2 June 2023 00:32
  • foto
    deepfriedoreos #14
    literally amazing omg
    1 June 2023 16:33
  • foto
    Jacinta #13
    Nvm, all fixed!
    1 June 2023 06:02
  • foto
    Jacinta #12
    Can anyone tell me how to fix this please?
    1 June 2023 04:52
  • foto
    lunaticfreak #11
    XantaNNa, still thin sadly
    1 June 2023 03:56
  • foto
    Puppy_Hugs21 #10
    MariaDigs, Download the files one at a time. When I downloaded them all together it zipped it up into that .gz file. Just download them one at a time and it downloads it correctly
    1 June 2023 00:15
  • foto
    Xan<3 #9
    These Furry avis getting thiccer an thiccer
    31 May 2023 23:09
  • foto
    Creepy Kerra #8
    MariaDigs, yea same here wats happening
    31 May 2023 22:46
  • foto
    LuieAlpha<3 #7
    tryed to put into unity but wouldent work. the unitypackage isnt a unity package it shows as somthing called .gz and when opened its just a bunch of random letters and number file names
    31 May 2023 21:29
  • foto
    shortmomment #6
    i love her models so much, not enough to buy them but they are soooo cute
    31 May 2023 17:48
  • foto
    Smilwqp #5
    Shes so pretty omgg!
    31 May 2023 14:41
  • foto
    deeznuts #4
    shes so cute we love foxipaws
    31 May 2023 14:31
  • foto
    Ivys #3
    Not a furry, but this one is mega cute
    31 May 2023 13:34
  • foto
    Blishing #2
    Bro FoxiPawys is going crazy with the avatar's!
    31 May 2023 11:26
  • foto
    Gremlinrave27 #1
    Where can i get the WF fur shader
    31 May 2023 06:38