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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Zy0n7
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
Views: 65 234
Rebecca vrc

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This model now includes an avatar for VRChat that includes all the outfits, hairstyles and props. Lots of expressions and options, including a functioning shotgun, chewing gum, kiss collider and more. Nsfw version with dps, futa, backlight features and more included.
Screenshots of model Rebecca vrc in the game
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  • foto
    PlagueTG #31
    Is it possible to get the blend file as well?
    2 February 2024 23:28
  • foto
    suikaibuki #30
    The model not having gesture expressions is a bit disappointing, but overall I really like it! Works perfectly, no complaints.

    I would also like to add that, for people asking about the gun, you NEED to turn off the "Safety" toggle in the gun menu, then you are able to fire and reload the gun with normal gestures. Note that getting the bullet in your hand actually requires you to make a gesture in your opposite hand, not the hand holding the bullet.
    17 December 2023 20:49
  • foto
    jakle897 #29
    How did you guys get this working
    13 December 2023 18:14
  • foto
    AurelianSoldier #28
    yabadooshkie, How does that comment change anything about what i commented previously ?!? Chill... If you managed to make it work by yourself, good for you, and indeed, people pay for models like those but again, not all are good enough to troubleshoot without help and for something where refunds are not possible you can easily see what the issue can be...
    28 September 2023 13:28
  • foto
    yabadooshkie #27
    AurelianSoldier, What? The model works fine for people who have a basic understanding of unity. People PAY for this. Be grateful
    28 September 2023 10:42
  • foto
    AurelianSoldier #26
    yabadooshkie, Ofc i'm not saying to put the shaders and SDK right in it but some of the issues for that avatar shouldn't even be isues to begin with if this was considered a finished product...
    28 September 2023 08:10
  • foto
    yabadooshkie #25
    AurelianSoldier, No one is ever gonna do that for any of these. It's improper and will break things for most people who do it the right way.
    28 September 2023 01:20
  • foto
    biggestree #24
    Does this also happen to come with the blend file?
    3 September 2023 20:36
  • foto
    CitrusCat #23
    Does anyone have the import order? Or is it all in the package?
    2 August 2023 22:20
  • foto
    AurelianSoldier #22
    Can someone just fix this unity package with what's missing and re-up it as an update...
    29 July 2023 05:11
  • foto
    DAxie69 #21
    ***comment deleted***
    24 July 2023 00:14
  • foto
    Buttsauce #20
    pinkcookie26, if the creators stop making stuff then what would you steal?
    21 July 2023 23:03
  • foto
    musouka #19
    How do you get this working? If I create a new project with the VRCSDK first, then the Rebecca package freezes while importing. If I import the Rebecca package first and then try to load the VRCSDK, the SDK won't load and keeps throwing errors. What is the load order to get this working?
    16 July 2023 00:53
  • foto
    biskore #18
    Beccalover69, just copy the texture from pc version and drag it to the quest eye material
    13 July 2023 15:05
  • foto
    Beccalover69 #17
    Does anyone know how to fix the texture in the eyes for quest?
    13 July 2023 03:06
  • foto
    trialsfbx #16
    can we have the readme file this is suposed to come with?how do you reload the shotgun (without using the menu, i mean in game)
    13 July 2023 00:41
  • foto
    Bananajoe43 #15
    Lemons334, what's your discord?
    12 July 2023 18:20
  • foto
    Pikachu_ Mega #14
    Lemons334, may i get that from you?
    12 July 2023 08:04
  • foto
    Iamnotadog #13
    ubMegatronA, At the end of the day, many businesses, companies, etc get their stuff leaked, pirated, etc. That is just life now. I'm sure you watch free full movies and episodes or listen to music without buying the album. Honestly trying to make a career off making mods for a game isn't the way to go. They are better off trying toget a job as a VRCHAT employee if anything. Not saying it isn't possible, but at any time the market can close if VRCHAT shut downs, stops the support of importing avis, etc. That goes with anyone trying to make money by modding or creating content for a game that they're not an official employee/CC of.
    12 July 2023 07:19
  • foto
    ʙᴜɴɴʏ°Vɪxᴇɴ #12
    ubMegatronA, i mean if its truly from scratch COMPLETELY then yea that sucks but 90% of creators always say ow i made it from scratch and it ends up being i made it from scratch meaning i stole the assets from other games and put them together to make it a new model, which is stealing so its hard to believe people that say its from scratch but yeah, again if its truly from scratch it does suck but hey, if u know what type of people are in here and u still make this ure main job knowing that its not sustianable cuz of leaking then honestly i put part of the fault on them for making the decision to make it their job as its pretty much a dumb move financially.

    personally speaking i find paying above 20 for any model absolutely a scam, u must be abit crazy to think that if u want like 5 avis thats already 100 dollars (if they 20 bucks ofc) the fact that people think that everybody is swimming in money is mindboggling to me, so im very happy sites like this exist, in this day and age u have to scam people to get up there financially so ofc people gonna look for free alternatives, its a twisted world we entering
    12 July 2023 03:50
  • foto
    Lemons334 #11
    Cott0nMoon, It's not
    I made a quest version if you want it add my disc
    11 July 2023 23:59
  • foto
    ubMegatronA #10
    ***comment deleted***
    11 July 2023 21:13
  • foto
    𖤐Incubus Boi~𖤐⁶⁶⁶ #9
    Does anyone know what base this uses
    11 July 2023 17:49
  • foto
    Cott0nMoon #8
    can anyone check if its quest compatible? cause i got a quest buddy that would love this avi
    11 July 2023 17:41
  • foto
    xxKuromi__xx #7
    it wont import for me whenever i try to put it innvm i didnt have disc space to download lol
    11 July 2023 14:42
  • foto
    Emergency Broadcast #6
    Earth Blizzard, download the Gesture Manager
    11 July 2023 14:09
  • foto
    Ravannah #5
    Can we get Nanachi from this creator?
    11 July 2023 14:01
  • foto
    ʙᴜɴɴʏ°Vɪxᴇɴ #4
    aye rebecca best girl
    11 July 2023 10:17
  • foto
    Earth Blizzard #3
    anyone else getting a missing prefab error for the gesture manager?
    11 July 2023 10:15
  • foto
    Shiver_ #2
    can you get his mha girls?
    11 July 2023 06:28
  • foto
    HellBelief #1
    Well, that's nice.
    11 July 2023 03:50