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Content type:Avatars
Model: free
Сreated by: BeeHonka
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
Views: 1 874

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● SDK3 - has in Game Hue Shift and Toggles (Top,Clothpiece,Bra,Panties,Mask)

● Has a toggleable Mute Button and a Springjoint!

● FBT Ready

● Dynamic Bones in Hair,Breasts,Butt,Tails,Ears,Belly,Thighs

● Custom Gestures/Emotes

● Fixed Locomotion by WetCat, AlcTrap, Dj Lukis.LT, INYO and Gireison

Import instructions:

1. Import latest VRChat SDK3 into your unity project

2. Import latest version of Dynamic Bones (Not included in package.)

3. Import latest version of Poiyomi's Toon Shader (7.0.100)

- This is a link to Poiyomi's discord if you do not have his shader:

4. Finally import the avatar and enjoy!
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