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Content type:Avatars
Model: free
Сreated by: Julie♥
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
Views: 2 732

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Necessary assets that are NOT INCLUDED in this package:
PoiyomiProShader V6.0.79
Dynamic Bones V1.2.2
VRCSDK 3.0 (2020.
Tutorial how import and Setup your project on Unity:
1- Create a new project on Unity.

2- Import PoiyomiProShader V6.0.79 FIRST!

3- Import Dynamic Bone.

4- Import VRC SDK 3.0.

5- Import Thyst Package.

(If gets error on the Builder, just click to Autofix).

Done! enjoy your new avatar! >w<
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