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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: FoxiPaws
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC + Quest
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 83 216

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Each avatar is completely set up and comes with gogoloco pre-installed (Both quest and pc!) ^^ Kiri is designed with feet controllers based on ankle direction. Super fun for immersion and movement! She also has full mmd shapes! :D

🐱 Full Version 🐱
Maxwell backpack! Press the button and maxwell dances to a little tune!
Spray bottle you can spray!
Nose squish animation / contact
Purr contacts on head and chin!
Yarn Ball Toy
Laser Pointer
Top pull up/down contact
Bell collar with jingle!

Clothing toggles
- Jean Shorts
- Cloth top
- Bikini top
- Pasties
- Fishnet bodystocking
- Fluffy Coat
- Bikini Bottoms

Clothing accessory toggles
- Beanie
- Collar
- Face Piercings
- Face Band-Aid
- Rings
- Maxwell Bag
- Yarn Toy
- Squish cat toy
- Milk Bottle
- Earphones (listen for a surprise!)
- Fishgag
- Big kitty paws
- Body gems
- Tongue Pill

Body toggles (ALL AVATARS)
- Ear Shape
- Fangs
- Tail wag mood (angry or relaxed)
- Horns
- Bun Hair
- Pigtail Hair
- NO HAIR?!?
- Whiskers
- Breast Size
- Floor collider for tail
- Dynamic foot system
- Tail toggle (can toggle completely off!)

Hue Toggles
- Body emission hue and brightness
- Hair emission hue and brightness
- 5+ eye types
- Eye hue
- Glitter
- Jacket hue
- Paw bean hue
- Yarn ball hue
- Boot hue
- Body gem hue
- Beanie matcap hue

🐈‍⬛ Good Rank Version 🐈‍⬛

Spray bottle you can spray!

Clothing accessory toggles
- cloth top
- shorts
- body gems

Body toggles (ALL AVATARS)
- Ear Shape
- Fangs
- Tail wag mood (angry or relaxed)
- Bun Hair
- Whiskers
- Breast Size

Hue Toggles
- Body emission hue and brightness
- Hair emission hue and brightness

Full Dynamic setup
Some options are not available on the quest version, such as hue shifts, stockings, garter, collar etc. (they are there if you'd like to swap between items in unity prior to upload though!) Quest just doesnt have enough room to include everything at once :( . Colour hue, emission radials and many other things are NOT SUPPORTED on the quest platform, and therefore will be absent. All items exist on quest but I disabled select items, you are more than welcome to re-enable to items and swap around to find the best quest fit for you before upload! (Requires some knowledge of unity) :3

1 - Create a new unity project (YOU MUST USE THE NEWEST CREATOR COMPANION SDK!) If you do not do this many features will not function!
2 - Import poiyomis (Any 8+ pack will work, I use 8.2 pro specifically)
3 - Import Raliv Dynamic Penetration (if you want to use DPS, if you do not want dps you can skip this step, your dps shaders WILL turn white if you skip this step, you will need to re-assign them to fix this if you choose not to use DPS)
5 - Import the unity package for your chosen avatar ^^

1 - Create a new unity project, ensure it is set to the android platform
2 - Import the QUEST unity package for your chosen avatar ^^
Screenshots of model Kiri in the game
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  • foto
    Cyberr #71
    SabrinaSparks12, I could upload it for you
    15 July 2024 10:51
  • foto
    Gaminx KD #70
    I have this kind of error even though I'm on the PC version, it's not logical, there shouldn't be any restrictions on the PC version...?
    9 April 2024 13:12
  • foto
    beastnick541 #69
    No Spp file?
    13 March 2024 16:15
  • foto
    ()_Thunder_() #68
    SyntheticSins, just use the quest addon in unity it should help when uploading for quest ^^
    27 February 2024 19:48
  • foto
    KatieT535 #67
    anyone know how to get rid of the pill in her mouth
    27 February 2024 17:21
  • foto
    rozing #66
    does anyone have the facetracking dlc?
    13 February 2024 09:08
  • foto
    baby_munch #65
    Scripts are messed up
    22 January 2024 15:50
  • foto
    SabrinaSparks12 #64
    if someone can let me clone this add my discord sabrinabrownfield101. :)
    7 December 2023 19:01
  • foto
    Raccoon_ish_lazy #63
    Edelnougat, making one dork
    3 December 2023 03:06
  • foto
    SyntheticSins #62
    am I crazy or is there no quest version
    2 December 2023 23:38
  • foto
    laikathespacedog21 #61
    the lisa frank texture is so pretty omg
    18 November 2023 21:02
  • foto
    AeroNati #60
    Having problems uploading due to "parameters not existing" any fix on a work around?
    16 November 2023 18:43
  • foto
    Puppiccino #59
    mewmew007, A lot of creators don't make their avatars public because of the asset creators tos. Talk to asset creators. Let's not blame the avatar creators for this one. Also, there are avatar creators I've seen have their stuff leaked on here that do make publics and only charge $25-$30 per avatar, one of their avatars only being $30 because a bunch of the assets were custom commissioned yet her avatar is still on here. People leak to leak, it is what it is. But don't make up reasons as for why it's done that are completely false lol.
    24 October 2023 08:31
  • foto
    Vioxe #58
    Nsfw body broken on quest, nips are painted over
    26 September 2023 17:40
  • foto
    galaxymmm #57
    what is the update for is it worth to update or no i dont know
    25 September 2023 14:28
  • foto
    Dust the Crystal #56
    true that XD
    25 September 2023 07:19
  • foto
    CryptidQrow #55
    It just got updated like a minute ago, good timing c:
    25 September 2023 07:17
  • foto
    Dust the Crystal #54
    hopefully this gets updated
    25 September 2023 06:18
  • foto
    Roxy C #53
    im NOT a furry buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.....anime129
    20 September 2023 18:02
  • foto
    Sprekie #52
    Yikes and a half
    19 September 2023 14:44
  • foto
    Veruda #51
    CryptidQrow, ah, I used poor wording. By free I meant off here. I've never been a fan of creators offered free avatars lol. And the only preview avatars I enjoy is when I visit the vket market and makes me buy the full avi.
    19 September 2023 09:00
  • foto
    CryptidQrow #50
    I didnt miss anything there, but its okay bud you can just say you wanted to be a part of the conversation. Everyone online needs attention once in a while!

    I loved akalii so much i bought her. Im not usually one to waste $40 but nikkie makes beautiful avatars so i support her. Though theres not many creators i think are worth purchasing from

    My only disagreement there is that free avatars arent wven worth it. Someone told me once that theyre preview products, and if thats the case i wouldnt buy real products from some of these people. Most free avatars have the bare minimum put into them and its kinda shitty unfortunately
    19 September 2023 08:15
  • foto
    Veruda #49
    Another reason people get avis off of this site is some of these avatars are no longer available and still want them. Or they were only available for "limited 48 hours only!" in the middle of the damn week. Or! For me specifically, if a free avi get ripped, idgaf cause I didn't pay anything. And a lil bit of, I don't get paid enough to keep up with my "ooo shiny" avi addiction.
    19 September 2023 07:32
  • foto
    lunaticfreak #48
    Mickerd, says who? where did they state it? youre the weirdo thinking of them in those type of sexual situations.
    19 September 2023 06:10
  • foto
    Djoez (user blocked for violating site rules) #47
    SneakyPotato, ur into beastiality weirdo
    19 September 2023 04:39
  • foto
    lunaticfreak #46
    Sprekie, people usually test run avis from this website before buying it because some avatar creators dont advertise the avis correctly, have enough photos/videos or have no visual images of what it would look like in game without 8k res.
    not to mention some avis just look better than what they actually are. ive had this issue with so many avatars like Nellie for example, i fell in love with her images, bought her, then almost cried realizing that she will only look good with tweaking and in full body lol
    19 September 2023 02:19
  • foto
    Ethereal Vixen #45
    CryptidQrow, Yea facts, I don't want demos. They are lame asf especially since most have like at most 20 toggles.
    19 September 2023 00:00
  • foto
    SneakyPotato #44
    OutsideF, I think they mean they'd like to test the avatar with the full version, rather than with half the features. Imagine test driving a car on two wheels with a stick for a steering wheel, then getting everything back once you buy, yknow? ^-^
    18 September 2023 22:31
  • foto
    OutsideF #43
    CryptidQrow, I think you missed part of the message there lol. But it’s okay lil buddy reading is hard sometimes.
    18 September 2023 22:03
  • foto
    CryptidQrow #42
    Nah, i dont want the tester avatars with watermarks as big as their heads and half or none of the toggles. I want the full versions with all the bells and whistles!
    18 September 2023 20:09
  • foto
    mewmew007 #41
    if the avatar Creators make a world for people to try on the avatars.a lot of people would stop using this site and that might stop people from leaking the avatars. food for thought.
    18 September 2023 17:18
  • foto
    lilybun #40
    D3ss1, the link got updated! im able to download it
    18 September 2023 14:46
  • foto
    poppi1 #39
    The amount of time I bought something and ended up never using ittroll30
    18 September 2023 14:41
  • foto
    Vendetta_23 #38
    I have to agree about the buying after trying, I'm one of those people. I like to see what i'm getting before I spend my hard earned money on something that is non-refundable (at least i think). So absolutely, yes. Some of us definitely go pay for avis we genuinely enjoy. If I don't like it, I delete it and move on like stated before.
    18 September 2023 13:45
  • foto
    Blishing #37
    I know a lot friends who came here to take Foxipaws avi for test and later they pay the avi itself. FoxiPaws is a amazing creator and even when shit goes crazy she don't treat people bad and this is a good sigh of a creator who even had leak stuff but still don't go bad shit because that.
    18 September 2023 12:15
  • foto
    ʙᴜɴɴʏ°Vɪxᴇɴ #36
    always puts a smile on my face when i see people in the comments going off about the most dumb shit, i feel satisfied for todayanime23
    18 September 2023 12:13
  • foto
    Sprekie #35
    Mother, I never thought about that, thought I was the only one, good point!
    18 September 2023 11:38
  • foto
    Mother #34
    Sprekie, i hate to break it to you, but a decent chunk of people end up buying the avatars that they get off of here if they really like it.

    For some its a way to test if they actually like the avatar in game or not-
    those who dont just end up deleting it and continuing about their day.
    18 September 2023 10:18
  • foto
    SneakyPotato #33
    Justaweirdo, Thank you! Also I somehow accidentally responded to someone else aka Kai in the middle of that, pfft-
    18 September 2023 10:09
  • foto
    Justaweirdo #32
    SneakyPotato, well said, people on the internet are crazy, one bad person from a community does not equal all, furries despise humans that are into that kind of stuff, and do not consider them part of the community at all
    18 September 2023 09:23
  • foto
    Sprekie #31
    Small Thought, Creators like this will burn out from being constantly leaked so early in release and just stop pricing fairly imo. I'm against overpriced shit from greedy dicks like an avi should never be 40 dollars or more, I just feel a little extra bad when cheap stuff like this gets leaked. This avatar was 15 on release in her discord I think which compared to most big creators is really low. She also does $15 holiday avatars every holiday which is unheard of. Shitty to see these cheaper ones getting leaked day 1 again and again, at least give her a few weeks or something guys.

    Oh well, I'll still try it on before payday for free anime22 Dw foxi some of us still support you even if we use the files here from time to time. Money be tight and this place let's us have a little fun and freedom!
    18 September 2023 09:22
  • foto
    SneakyPotato #30
    Mickerd, Ok? Who asked for your opinion? Why are you here griping about shi like cmon dude. Get your short-sighted hatefulness outta here, the furry community is the most welcoming and positive one on vrchat, people like you sit around in the same copy-pasted crap e-boy or e-girl avatar that's 100% oversexualized as hell regardless, so what's it to you if a furry does the same?Mickerd, Also griping about DPS and then calling ppl degens as if you aint on a site for free unpaid avatars for a slowly dying VR game that half the people playing only use for e-sex, TwTKai Taylor, Also 100% won't have any valid response to this besides sum shi like "go off", "didn't need a paragraph", "cry ab it", etc. If you're gonna respond at all come up with something with actual substance.
    18 September 2023 09:00
  • foto
    Ghost cat #29
    have you heard of werewolves people have a lot shit that there into
    18 September 2023 07:39
  • foto
    Djoez (user blocked for violating site rules) #28
    ***comment deleted***
    18 September 2023 07:36
  • foto
    N #27
    Small Thought, damn your the one with an account on a leaked avatar website so let people get the avatar. thx uploader for dis
    18 September 2023 05:46
  • foto
    lunaticfreak #26
    Small Thought, foxi is not a small creator.
    18 September 2023 02:00
  • foto
    Small Thought #25
    Kinda cringe you can pay like $20 - $25 to a asmall creator
    18 September 2023 00:48
  • foto
    Dust the Crystal #24
    ***comment deleted***
    17 September 2023 20:31
  • foto
    donkeykon3 #23
    links are dead
    17 September 2023 20:03
  • foto
    galaticspace cat (China) #22
    anarchy clock_2, thank you so much
    17 September 2023 19:54
  • foto
    Goobus #21
    You're a LIFE SAVER anarchy clock_2 !!! TYSM!
    17 September 2023 19:19
  • foto
    Dust the Crystal #20
    ***comment deleted***
    17 September 2023 19:14
  • foto
    id0l #19
    Did anyone download her?? :c
    17 September 2023 18:46
  • foto
    brittany #18
    broken link big sad
    17 September 2023 18:42
  • foto
    lilybun #17
    link is having a 404 error :(
    17 September 2023 18:24
  • foto
    Goobus #16
    broken link
    17 September 2023 18:06
  • foto
    galaticspace cat (China) #15
    so im getting a 404 error on the link
    17 September 2023 18:04
  • foto
    Sprekie #14
    Sinpurr, the hair is my fave part tbh, adorable
    17 September 2023 17:50
  • foto
    yourmom5555 #13
    Edelnougat, There is no male version for her.
    17 September 2023 17:02
  • foto
    Edelnougat #12
    Male version to?
    17 September 2023 17:01
  • foto
    Goblindeeznuts #11
    hello, how are you. i am under dee wuter. der is too much raining.

    anime89 hi foxi peepol
    17 September 2023 15:02
  • foto
    N #10
    killerkatz1984, remove the .gz extension and just leave the .unitypackage ez
    17 September 2023 14:25
  • foto
    killerkatz1984 #9
    Is anyone else having trouble? The files for the avi is a .gz file, and I am unsure how to use it in unity
    If anyone has info they can share, I'd very much appreciate it.
    17 September 2023 13:10
  • foto
    frankiesilly #8
    Sinpurr, it has hair toggles dayum
    17 September 2023 12:49
  • foto
    CoreyTaylor #7
    have the spp??
    17 September 2023 11:11
  • foto
    Sinpurr #6
    Bru what is that hair so ugly
    17 September 2023 11:10
  • foto
    Leviathan #5
    Sinloss_Minze, It just means that there too much storage in use. So try clearing your memory or deleting some stuff
    17 September 2023 10:58
  • foto
    Ascida #4
    ***comment deleted***
    17 September 2023 09:33
  • foto
    Veruda #3
    Sinloss_Minze, without knowing much, here's checklist: check your memory, you might be low. And use VCC. And make sure you're using the most current SDK too.
    17 September 2023 09:09
  • foto
    Sinloss_Minze #2
    Hello the Unity package is damaged everytime i try to drag the file in to a new prjekt unity says could not decomepress even in a compleatly new projekt
    17 September 2023 09:03
  • foto
    Oscar Lee #1
    That didn't take long, cheers :3
    17 September 2023 08:59