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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Saturnis
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 51 095

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• Precision Dynamics And Weight Paint
• Bounding Box Fix (Disappearing Meshes)
• Face And Body Re-Sculpt
• Full body Tested And Ready
• Dissolve Toggles For All Animations
• Phys Bones And Colliders For Hair, Butt, Chest, Tail etc
• 7 Custom Facial Gestures (Left Hand Only)
• Enterprise Texturing All Meshes
DPS Orifices
• GoGoLocomotion Added
• White Mode And Hue Adjustments
• Separate Pre Fab For Dancer Version (NO DPS)

390k Poly's, 27 Mats. 290 Vram
Screenshots of model Calypso in the game
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  • foto
    Mistyybabes #32
    5 June 2024 01:38
  • foto
    FelisPasteles #31
    Animehorror, And how exactly is it poorly made? Please elaborate.AvatarsAreNotWorth40Dollars, Saturnis PBR re-textures everything and a lot of times fixes a lot of issues the meshes come with. While he does not make the meshes himself, it takes him as long as it does to release a model because he is very particular about his work and doesn't want to put out trash. Also, his Calypso model is $35, not $40 or $45 because he knows he didn't put as much stuff on her as he has done with previous models.

    I mean, do as you will but Saturnis does not put out garbage models. He specifically got into model making because he was tired of people charging an arm and a leg for models that didn't work and had a tremendous amount of clipping.
    9 November 2023 19:02
  • foto
    Pruska #30
    omg she has that one jank dress model pain
    28 September 2023 16:56
  • foto
    Bluecrystalmoon #29
    I am having an issue with uploading her, she has missing scripts which I do not know why?
    21 September 2023 12:53
  • foto
    Succubus Meru #28
    AvatarsAreNotWorth40Dollars, dw she is always like that she my ex and she ripping Avis herself and now idk why she protecting an creator I mean idk Avis ain’t worth that much money and besides it‘s poorly made
    19 September 2023 13:26
  • foto
    AvatarsAreNotWorth40Dollars #27
    Quote: tigger
    it stuck in tpose and no toggles any fix

    Just read and your issues will be solved

    Install VRCFury
    19 September 2023 08:23
  • foto
    tigger #26
    it stuck in tpose and no toggles any fix
    19 September 2023 02:46
  • foto
    Succubus Meru #25
    Making the avi quest was pretty easy ngl
    19 September 2023 01:15
  • foto
    sk8rboi4ever #24
    Hell_Kitty, so how did you fix the glitch ?
    18 September 2023 23:13
  • foto
    Hell_Kitty #23
    Hell_Kitty, nevermind i figuredit out lol, just a wierd veil glitch i guess
    18 September 2023 16:28
  • foto
    Hell_Kitty #22
    im having troubles with her eyebrows, im not new to unity but still cant figure out what to do, cuz when shes in unity (even with play mode on) she has eyebrows (unless i use gesturemanager while on playmode) then her eyebrows are gone, anyone got any tips?
    18 September 2023 16:12
  • foto
    galagtor #21
    Thank you, Do you have Selene by Saturnis too by any chance?
    18 September 2023 08:32
  • foto
    strooburrii #20
    AGardenofThorns, you need to import vrcfury! :)
    18 September 2023 07:32
  • foto
    AGardenofThorns #19
    SlutSage, I'm struggling what was the solution??
    18 September 2023 03:43
  • foto
    mscriminal #18
    faithbvibin, YOUR SUCH A LIFE SAVER! THANK U!
    18 September 2023 00:39
  • foto
    faithbvibin #17
    remove the prompted scripts and itll upload
    17 September 2023 23:06
  • foto
    beantime #16
    thought this was calypso by wolf's den and i almost screamed (someone please upload that one when it drops i am BEGGING)
    17 September 2023 22:23
  • foto
    Kirby2020 #15
    jane by lost things? please
    17 September 2023 21:40
  • foto
    Roxy C #14
    mommy ? sorry...mommy? sorry....
    17 September 2023 20:24
  • foto
    AvatarsAreNotWorth40Dollars #13
    Quote: Acoryie
    Take this shit down. Sat doesnt deserve this.

    Taking 2 seconds looking at the gumroad page,
    The avi "creator" only made tthese things:
    Gauges, Earrings and Face Jewelry

    The rest are made by other creators that he just mashed together.

    No original content here
    17 September 2023 15:13
  • foto
    Ethereal Vixen #12
    Acoryie, Deserve? You've commented on over 20 avatars you've downloaded. You think all of those creators "deserve" that? Saturnis has made more than enough money on this avatar for it to be leaked, and I'm surprised it wasn't sooner.
    17 September 2023 14:19
  • foto
    ~ ღ Moon ღ ~ #11
    Acoryie, It's an avatar leaking website. What did you expect?
    17 September 2023 14:06
  • foto
    SageMerz #10
    goreyjasper, it needed to import VRFury
    17 September 2023 14:03
  • foto
    pandastar1 #9
    Thank you so muchhhhhhh I've wanted her for so long!!
    17 September 2023 13:41
  • foto
    Acoryie (user blocked for violating site rules) #8
    ***comment deleted***
    17 September 2023 13:30
  • foto
    goreyjasper #7
    SlutSage, when it comes to missing scripts, all I remember using was pumpkintool or something like that? I'm pretty sure pumpkin is spelt different for it but you'll know once u c it
    17 September 2023 13:29
  • foto
    draak104 #6
    what sdk is used for this avi?
    17 September 2023 13:26
  • foto
    SageMerz #5
    "You are trying to replace or create a Prefab from the instance 'CALYPSO DPS(Clone)' that references a missing script. This is not allowed."
    Any idea why am I getting that?

    Using CeatorCompanion, Imported Poiyomi -> DPS -> Avi

    Any tips?

    Once again am dumb ♥
    17 September 2023 12:44
  • foto
    strooburrii #4
    nevermind, it was an issue on my end! :)
    17 September 2023 11:59
  • foto
    strooburrii #3
    i added everything, but the bangs don't stay in place and fall down, quick fix anyone? :) ty!
    17 September 2023 11:10
  • foto
    RetiredPlayerTakemyINVENTORY #2
    Let's gooo
    17 September 2023 09:46
  • foto
    BikerBabe #1
    Thank you so much anonymous!
    17 September 2023 09:01