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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: NotARascal
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Unity version: Unity 2022
Platform: PC + Quest
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Views: 13 453

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In this package you will get the Rascal Unity Package,
(Gogo Loco)
(,Outfit swap, Among us follower, Hat toggle, Ect)
*if vrchat breaks something on the avatar thats not my problem*
You will get a ZIP (118MB) file
Screenshots of model Rascal in the game
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  • foto
    Jisenku #18
    flamer_gamer, Try going through the textures and see what you can compress down further, or try using any additional mesh compression, use https://github.com/MunifiSense/VRChat-Build-Size-Viewer to see what's taking up the most space
    18 July 2024 15:46
  • foto
    flamer_gamer #17
    cant get it to upload for quest "avatar uncompressed size is too large for the selected platform"
    1 July 2024 07:10
  • foto
    pubby #16
    l3monSh4rk, oohhhhh, i thought you were saying that the anonymous uploader was reselling, i do agree there, leaking is one thing but reselling is just a bitch move
    27 June 2024 14:49
  • foto
    l3monSh4rk #15
    pubby, rascal, the creator of this avatar
    they bought/obtained the booth model (linla), did an edit and then sold it for prices ranging $15-30

    ik it doesnt matter, that this is a site for leaking models, but i feel like reSELLING somebody elses work is an asshole move, ykwim? im glad it got leaked
    27 June 2024 09:01
  • foto
    pubby #14
    l3monSh4rk, are you saying rascal was reselling it or the vrm uploader, bc now im kinda confused
    26 June 2024 14:19
  • foto
    l3monSh4rk #13
    pubby, im aware, im just not a fan that the creator did something like that
    26 June 2024 07:20
  • foto
    pubby #12
    l3monSh4rk, and? its for FREE on a website made for LEAKING AVATARS
    25 June 2024 19:56
  • foto
    l3monSh4rk #11
    pubby, its a booth model????? sob
    25 June 2024 07:25
  • foto
    pubby #10
    l3monSh4rk, nobody is reselling calm ur tits n shove a tampon in it
    24 June 2024 22:54
  • foto
    l3monSh4rk #9
    RaijinZap, ik but using somebody else's work to profit just seems like a whole different low. youre not doing it for any other reason THAN to earn money off of somebody else, it makes you an asshole in a worse way

    a lot of creators are disliked FOR being 'money-grabbers' or producing the same sort of avatar over and over to make a profit- but we're okay with reselling? come on
    22 June 2024 16:13
  • foto
    nerdhunter69 #8
    wheres the quest package ?
    21 June 2024 01:37
  • foto
    RaijinZap #7
    @l3monSh4rk This is legit vrmodels what do you inspect? not only that you also just resell someone's avatar from off of gumroad idk what you're yapping about
    20 June 2024 19:37
  • foto
    Nummyuwus #6
    ty for the upload Anon!! i was thinking about getting this one
    20 June 2024 16:02
  • foto
    l3monSh4rk #5
    X7YP, for what reason? i dont see why a creator would deserve any recognition or praise for reselling, asshole move.
    20 June 2024 15:37
  • foto
    X7YP #4
    l3monSh4rk, shutup dawg
    20 June 2024 15:17
  • foto
    Rose.A #3
    man or girl ?
    20 June 2024 11:58
  • foto
    l3monSh4rk #2
    did they just resell a booth model?? :/ such haaard work the creator put in making this, huh?
    20 June 2024 09:12
  • foto
    barbedwire.thighs #1
    20 June 2024 08:20