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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Harperthepup
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Unity version: Unity 2022
Platform: PC + Quest
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
Views: 22 403

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Over View
FBT, Gogo, and Index Gestures
Femboy (Bulge and Chest Slider)
Mute System
SPS (Male pp)

Top: Jacket, Vest, Romper, Romper top, Crop top, Sweater Crop and Sports bra
Bottom: Panties, Baggy pants and Shorts
Feet: Thigh high, Thigh high heels, Boots and shoes
Assets: Short hair, Long hair, Many type of bangs, Ears, Tail, Glasses, Hue, Necklaces, Kneepad and Arm warmer[/center]
Screenshots of model Jordon in the game
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  • foto
    Daisydear #15
    BigBootyAmongusyo, I'd love to upload any avis you have!! Ill do it for very cheap :3 my dc is bailey69420
    12 July 2024 11:10
  • foto
    Syuji #14
    Sinful_Wolf, ohh
    3 July 2024 22:30
  • foto
    Cheese_RatVR #13
    Sinful_Wolf, tysm!<3
    22 June 2024 23:52
  • foto
    Sinful_Wolf #12
    Cheese_RatVR, Yeah you gotta delete some, I deleted the shoes "5s" and then itll work OR you could decompress the textures.
    22 June 2024 23:38
  • foto
    Cheese_RatVR #11
    having trouble w the quest side. if anybody can help please lmk <33
    22 June 2024 20:44
  • foto
    Sinful_Wolf #10
    BigBootyAmongusyo, Whats your discord so I can contact you to upload hernerfcat, Might be possible that VRCFURY is already installed but i'm not sure, I'll se if I can help you by looking into the issue or I can Upload her for you. If your having an issue with her Quest you just gotta delete smthing (I deleted the shoes)
    22 June 2024 13:58
  • foto
    BigBootyAmongusyo #9
    Can you do an upload for me? I don't have a PC but I can pay you for an upload :( I really like the avatar and my boyfriend likes it too
    22 June 2024 01:04
  • foto
    nerfcat #8
    Having trouble with upload. what vrcfury components are needed?
    21 June 2024 21:57
  • foto
    Sinful_Wolf #7
    WeridSotnk, Np ♡
    21 June 2024 14:27
  • foto
    WeridSotnk #6
    the constant female drops were absolutely abysmal so tysm for a femboy avi
    21 June 2024 05:33
  • foto
    Sinful_Wolf #5
    xMontez, Vrcfury, Poi (toon and pro of the most updated worked for me)seyli, it's a female and a femboy model, both PC and quest has a toggle to "flatten" the chest, and add a bulge, it also has a pp toggle.
    21 June 2024 02:13
  • foto
    Syuji #4
    not femboy model? confused
    20 June 2024 21:06
  • foto
    xMontez #3
    DroppedCroissant, It doesn't matter, its got nothing that says anything about uploading.
    20 June 2024 18:28
  • foto
    DroppedCroissant #2
    xMontez, i couldnt even find their page...
    20 June 2024 16:02
  • foto
    xMontez #1
    Whats needed for uploading, their payhip page says nothing about it.
    20 June 2024 13:13