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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: jinny
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 26 956
Pykie 3.0

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How to use this package and upload to VRChat.

1. Open Unity 2019.4.29f1
2. Import VRChat Avatar SDK (3.0).
3. Import a Shader you want to use, Poiyomi Pro is recommended.
4. Import Dynamic Bones.
5. Import Dynamic Pen System
6. Import The Avatar Package.

Avatar Special Features
- 2 version of model included
- Scratch made assets
- Breast | Butt | Hair | Accessory Physics/Colliders
- 6 Different Gesture
- Top, Pant, Harness, cloak, weapon, accessory Toggles
- DPS and Orifices Toggles already setup (not included in the package)
- Radial scale for body: Breast, Butt. Color for: Hair, Eyes, Top, Spike, Pant n Boot, Belly piercing
- Body Heavily Edited by me
- Absss again OuO
- Futa UwU ( Again... pls don't go all out, it will kill your partner... maybe)
- Hand paint Tatto/Body texture and asset Texture
- Harpoon Toggle and Posture
- Invisible/Spirit mode
- Something i found in the ocean (you'll get what i mean when you open the menu)

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  • foto
    DarkMaidenAria #9
    can we get the update please
    29 November 2022 00:35
  • foto
    HentaiVR #8
    Hmm, whenever I try to upload it, the mesh explodes during the upload screen, what could cause such an issue?

    https://imgur.com/a/FTJRAMi Looks like this, never seen anything like it before, only happens when im about to upload it
    8 August 2022 04:51
  • foto
    Kyana Lusaki #7
    big mistake compared to the physical bones and colider should fix that
    3 August 2022 14:41
  • foto
    Sleepy_Koneko #6
    Missing prefab
    3 August 2022 14:11
  • foto
    SubashiSama #5
    there was an error importing the package in unity
    6 October 2021 03:11
  • foto
    itzriot #4
    is anyone having trouble with fixing the mono
    2 October 2021 19:25
  • foto
    MoonMoon #3
    I got it to work, though the shaders were set to standard upon importing. So, I had to manually fix it.
    2 October 2021 09:43
  • foto
    RainFaded #2
    I did, unity tho has been messing up a bit, apparently it renewed again with the latest download of 2019 as well, so that might help fix your errors
    1 October 2021 21:00
  • foto
    ICameHereToCoom #1
    Tried setting up the unity project as stated above. Keep getting errors. Anyone got it to work?
    30 September 2021 10:35
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