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Content type:Avatars
Model: free
Сreated by: Elemental
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
Views: 2 345
Minotaur Girl (Haori)

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This avatar includes
> Breast Menu
- Size Slider
- Gyro
> Penis Menu
- Human cock
- Horse cock
- Size slider
- Gyro
> Skin menu
- all skin tones interchangable in AV3 Menu
> Horn menu
- all horns tones interchangable in AV3 Menu
> Hair menu
- all hair interchangable in AV3 Menu
- Hue Shift on each hair style
> Accessories Menu
- piercings
- cowbell
> Clothing menu
- Each piece of clothing can be removed individually
> Gesture swap menu
- Can swap between regular gestures or lewd gestures setup in AV3 Menu
Please make sure that you import the packages below BEFORE importing the main package, otherwise, you might have problems.
You will need:
-Latest SDK3-Avatars
-Poiyomi 6.1
-Dynamic bones
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  • foto
    Blitz (user blocked for violating site rules)
    who cares
    21 October 2021 06:32
  • foto
    eww vrmods grooossss you're nasty, most of us know it's on vrmods and that elemental has a bunch of models on it. are you trying to say that certain models should not be uploaded here?
    21 October 2021 05:44
  • foto
    This is already free on vrmods, creator has a lot more free stuff
    21 October 2021 01:10
  • foto
    YOO! Thanks a lot. 👍🐮
    20 October 2021 20:16