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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: RaiKitamatsu
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC + Quest
Рhysbones: No
Full body: Yes
Views: 9 292

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A render of the newer version of the model! Since I hadn't actually posted a new picture of the default avatar yet.

Updated versions of the model support SDK 3.0 and eye animation. They also come with -Facial blend trees (Puppet menu) -Tail wag blend trees (Puppet menu) -Ears wiggle blend trees (Puppet menu)

For any info on how to get this model you can either note me here or at Rai Kitamatsu#5172 on discord. Avali race (c) RyuujinZERO Kita'vali model by Rai Kitamatsu.
Screenshots of model Kita'vali in the game
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  • foto
    Windisprite #3
    Hihi! Do I need dynamic bones or anything put in the package? :3
    10 November 2021 02:51
  • foto
    rings1970 #2
    donwload the whole thing, with the button in the top right. all the folders you're seeing are the contents of the unity package
    24 October 2021 05:55
  • foto
    Panderz #1
    theres a lot of folders... which one has the avatar
    23 October 2021 15:48