What does it mean when an avatar is tagged with moderation?
After adding your model to the site - the model is sent for moderation. After moderation - your model will be published for all!
How long the model is in moderation?
Our bot checks the model. If all fields are filled correctly, the model is published on our site.
Checking the model by the bot (moderation) usually takes 1 to 3 days. (This usually happens when the load on our server is minimal).

Models on the site, comments, complaints, etc. - moderated by our bot. (Artificial intelligence php - python) It moderates only the most basic functions of the site. Such as moderation of models, comments, etc.
What models are prohibited from selling on the site?
Crashers, anything gang-related and proven to be stolen avatars from the user base. Various games have bases with models. For example in VRChat. If the model was stolen (torn out) from this game. Sale of this model with us is prohibited. Only models created by the authors of 0 are allowed for sale.
What's the max file size that's allowed onto the site?
The maximum uploaded size is 300mb
I cant create an Account. I dont get an verification Email.
If you did not receive a confirmation email to your email:
- Check your spam folder in your email.

If it still hasn't arrived for some reason:
- Contact our technical support.
What unity version do I need to upload?
Unity 2019.4.31f1 (64-bit)
Chrome Keeps not showing the scroll bar nor letting me scroll at all. any fix?
Update your browser to the latest version.
Why is my avatar pink?
If you have a pink avatar, you need to import a specific shader into your project before you import the model. Make sure you read the description for what shader you're missing! Majority of people use cubed shaders.
How to make fbx from a prefab?
My model was uploaded, how do i ask to remove it on this site
You need to fill out Form DMCA
Сan i change the description of the model i posted?
Yes you can. To do this you need to write to our technical support.
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