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Pumpkin Lamp Set

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Update 08/25/2016
What's new:
☆ new description in Editor;
☆ now it's in pmx and pmd formats.

.pmx and .pmd - formats.

★ Mesh by Noir and Dark Sims.
★ Converted from The Sims 3 by o-DeadSilverVirus-o.
★ Rigged by o-DeadSilverVirus-o.

☆ Edit is allowed;
☆ Distribution\re-distribution is forbidden;
☆ Credit o-DeadSilverVirus-o & Noir and Dark Sims;
☆ Don't claim as your own;
☆ Comment if you downloaded it.

My other DL-Stuff - o-deadsilvervirus-o.deviantart…

DSV's self-model by o-DeadSilverVirus-o.
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