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To the person who has always liked that child, who will always be with me. For your own amulet. Why don't you give shape to your thoughts? I wanted to make an item that can be filled with various thoughts depending on the person who wears it. Contents Ring_set.UnityPackage readme.txt Where to put the ring Bean knowledge.txt In the future, we will update it, although it is irregular, depending on the purpose of the user, such as adding a new model, UV development of the current model, adding texture, etc. increase. I want this kind of ring shape! There is such a pair look item instead of a ring! We are looking for ideas on Twitter, so please give us your opinions. We plan to distribute all pair look items that we have recruited and produced for free in the future. [* Notes] -Only those who use it as a pairing can deliver the model to their partner. ・ We are not responsible for any troubles caused by using this file. ・ Excessive use for erotic or guro is prohibited. ・ Political use, religious use, and use for slanderous works are prohibited. ・ Modifications are okay! ・ It is prohibited to disguise the author or redistribute the original model. ・ Please use within the range of common sense. ・ The rules may be changed, distribution may be suspended, or usage may be prohibited without prior notice. Producer: Otapachi
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