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29-10-2021, 19:33

Starting next month we will automatically give out promo codes for the winning screenshots. Namely:
At the beginning of each month (the 1st of the month), the ranking of all screenshots will be completely reset.
Authors who published 3 screenshots with highest rating will automatically get a promo-code for 1-month Pro-account (in private messages).

A small condition:
 - Only 3 authors will receive a promo code at the beginning of each month. Whose screenshots will get the highest rating.

Then 1 author will not get 3 promo codes alone. The promo codes will be distributed among the participants. 
For this reason, I don't recommend wasting time and trying to upload 100500+ screenshots. After all, everything will depend on the rating of the screenshot. Not the number of screenshots.
Of course, there is also moderation of screenshots. So we advise you to think about it and not to upload nonsense.

The entire ranking of the winning screenshots will be checked manually. So we do not recommend you to cheat in various ways and try to cheat the rating of your screenshots. For such shenanigans - we will immediately block on our resource.
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