Discord servers with private channels on the model?


28-06-2021, 18:16

We have long noticed that many people who have their own discord servers simply copy models from our site. Then create channels for certain groups and sell access to these channels on their own discord servers.

People - do not be fooled and do not buy such access. After all, all the models either from our site, or from other discord servers (and for free). And all models of course already are or will be on our site - it's just a matter of time. And they are all on our site - for FREE. (Not including models that have certificates confirming authorship)

Discord servers with private channels on the model?

For this reason - we do not recommend you to buy access to any discord servers which have paid channels with models.

After all, sooner or later the discord servers will be shut down by the discord administrators. And you will lose access to those servers. Even if you paid for channel access on that server. Don't waste your money for nothing. Don't be fooled by these channels and servers. 

We also did a watermark overlay on all future model images on our site.