Uploading your models to the site


29-07-2021, 21:13

As of today. Uploading additional pictures to the models will be compulsory.
For this reason - fill in the pictures at once with the model. No need to duplicate main picture in this field. For duplicate pictures - we will block access to your account to upload models.

If you add one picture in the mandatory field "All images of the model" - the news will not be published. For multiple violations - we will restrict access to upload models for 10 days.
Our bot does not give %. If your upload has only 1 picture in the "All images of the model" field
If you don't want to upload pictures - don't upload the model at all.

Uploading your models to the site

Also check what you upload. And not just copied somewhere out there link and picture model and poured here without checking.

Often you upload:
 - A picture from one model.
 - File from another model.
 - The name of the 3rd model.

Why do you upload a model without even looking at what you upload?
For such downloads - we will immediately block on the site.

250+ models are moderated per day. (We spend 5 to 7 hours on it). 
Basically you don't check what's in the files. You upload a screenshot of one model. And it turns out to be something else in the file. Also check the site search before uploading. Maybe this model is already uploaded to the site. Don't waste our time, please.

 - For uploading models with duplicate main screenshot - we will restrict your account access to upload models.
 - If you upload models with the file not corresponding to your screenshot - we will immediately block your account.

Upload models at once adequate. Check files with models.
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