Site update (v1)


24-03-2021, 18:37

Dear friends,

The main stage of development of the first update of our site (v1) has been completed. At the moment, everything is being tested and errors are possible. Therefore, please report bugs to us if you find them. All functionality is already open to everyone.
In the meantime, we invite you to review the information on what has been updated on our website.

The following changes have been implemented on our website:

1. Loading models.

Added the ability to upload a model not only to our server. But also other sources. ( link to the file ).

2. Complete information about the model.

Added the function of sending a notification. If the link to download the model does not work.

3. Project support.

Added support function.
Now we can be supported not only morally, or activity on the site, or in our discord. But also through the form on the website.

4. Personal messages

Now you can communicate with the authors of the models right on our website!
And you can also receive important information when moderating your models. etc.

5. Screenshots

The section with screenshots was added. Now you can share your beautiful screenshots from games!

What has been changed ?

  • - Edited FAQ section
  • - Removed the function of changing the color of the template (site) to the light version.
  • - Multiple edits have been made to the site template.
  • - And many more small details ...

A bit of site statistics for a month!

  • - 2547 new accounts have been registered on our website.
  • - Added 427 new models.
  • - 9 accounts have been blocked.
  • - The maximum size of one model was 683MB
  • - Added 37 new comments.

What will be done in the next site update (v2)?

  • - Payment gateways will be expanded. 2 to ~
  • - The function of withdrawing funds from the site will be redone.
  • - Description will be added and the view of the model category will be improved.
  • - SDK version selection will be introduced when adding models.
  • - A selection will be entered with a description of the meshes in the Models section

Copyright holders.

Please do not email us if the model was compiled from public credits. After all, the model collected from public loans does not belong to you. Because the loans are not yours. And such a model will be distributed free of charge!
We delete only the models collected with you from 0. Which are not made of public credits from different resources.

If you have any suggestions or wishes for improving our site. As well as cooperation, etc.

  • - Write in the comments. Or on our server discord. We will listen to everyone and consider all ideas and options.

Thanks to everyone who is with us. And to everyone who supports us in the development of our project!
Technical support.

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