The information about getting a Pro Account


3-10-2021, 15:24

The information about getting a Pro account has been changed.

This system was fully implemented today (03.10.2021).

For this reason, there is no need to write with questions - that you do not have % progress in your profile. When you upload new models, this % progress will appear.

We have often been asked. "How many TDA models do I need to upload to get a PRO account".
Now you can see it yourself in your profile. How much % you need to get a PRO account.

The information about getting a Pro Account

p.s. Don't be scared. Everything is still the same. For the fastest way to get a PRO account - you still need 3 booth models. It's just all been converted into %. So you can clearly know and understand how much you have left to the PRO account.
We just converted it all to % and made it more understandable for users.

You can read all this information yourself in this section of the website

Also, a few rules about penalties %.

For uploading booth models to the public section - you will be penalized 33%.
If you upload a booth model to the public section, you won't get 33%.
33%-33% (penalty for uploading to the wrong category) = 0%
Thus, you will get 0%!

For this reason, please watch where you upload models. After all, by uploading a model to the correct category - you are facilitating the work of our bot, which moderates all the models on our site.
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