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Sylva Fantasy Backpack

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A leather backpack with a potion bottle, straps, and multiple toggleable bags. Originally modelled on the Bubblegumbark Pride Pup body, but works on a variety of different body styles and types. The straps around the body are also toggleable if they do not fit.

Very customizable due to an assortment of blendshapes!

Included files are a Unity Package, Substance Painter File, exported textures, Blender file, and FBX. There's also a PDF readme with pictures detailing how to attach the backpack to your avatar.

Shaders used with the default materials are Poiyomi 8.0.426. Should work with any version of Poiyomi 8.

Terms of Use: For distribution or retextures, both parties must own the asset. Credit me, @SimmerVRC where and when necessary.

The various models shown wearing the backpack in example pictures are not included with the purchase of this product. Bases used for pictures are:
- Bubblegumbark Pride Pup
- Bubblegumbark Canine Fursuit Base
- Nardo Nardoragon
- Tosca Pupper

Asset Stats (For Nerds!):
Tris: 3,702
Bones: 0
Material Slots: 1
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