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VRCAvatar Actions Creator

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Extract the VRCAvatarActions folder.
Drag the VRCAvatarActions folder into your Unity project.

Quick Start - Create a Menu
Begin by right clicking in the Assets higherarchy and select "Create/VRCAvatarActions/Menu Actions/Menu".
Select the new item called "Menu".
In the inspector click "Add" to create a new action.
Name - Give your action a name.
Parameter - Specify a parameter to control this action. For example... if you're toggling a hat, just call it "Hat" or "Head".
Object Properties
Open the object properties and click "Add"
Drag in an object you want to toggle.

Quick Start - Build
Rightclick in your scene and select "Create Empty".
Select the new game object and in the inspector click "Add Component", selecting "Avatar Actions".
Drag your avatar object into the Avatar field.
Drag your Menu object into the Menu Actions field.
Click the "Build Avatar Data" button.
It's done! Now you are ready to upload your avatar.
Object Types
Menu - A set of actions tied to the avatar's expression menu. (Toggles, buttons, sub-menus, etc...).
Basic - Actions with no default trigger conditions. They are either always running or can have a custom set of triggers. (Idles, AFKs, etc...)
Gestures - Actions tied directly to gestures. These actions don't have exit states, as they quickly transition from one action to another.
Viseme - Actions tied directly to visemes. These actions don't have exit states, as they quickly transition from one action to another.

Menu Actions
Name - Display name in expressions menu.
Icon - Display icon in expressions menu.
Type - Type of action.
Toggle - Toggle on/off.
Button - Press and release.
Slider - Radial menu. Plays an animation at a position based on the slider's value.
Sub-Menu - Opens a new menu.
Pre-Existing (Advanced) - Preserves a menu item that already exists in the VRCExpressionsMenu object.
Fade in - Time to fade in.
Hold - Time to hold before checking for exit conditions.
Fade out -Time to fade out.
Parameter - Which parameter used to control this action. You can share parameters between actions and in most cases this is prefered. VRChat limits avatars to 16 total parameters. When actions share a parameter only one can be active at a time.
Object Properties - Simple actions you want to perform when this action is enabled. (Toggle objects, swap materials, play audio, etc...)
Animations - Animations to play when this control is active.
Enter - The base animation, it plays at the start.
Exit - An optional animtion to play when exiting.
Parameter Drivers (Advanced) - Modify parameters or menu toggles when this control is active.
IK Overrides (Advanced) - Informs the avatar to disable certain IK controls over the avatar while the control is active.
Triggers (Advanced) - Additional enter or exit conditions for this action.
Sub-Actions (Experimental) - Supply any number of non-menu action sets. These actions will only activate if this control is also active.
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