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Locomotion Fix

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1. How to replace the default locomotion layer

1.1. Drag and drop the file “LocomotionFIX_v4” in the Base layer slot on your VRC Avatar Descriptor.

1.2. Done! You now have different animations for Desktop, Normal VR and FBT, and you’ll no longer look like a slouch dog!

1.3. As part of the v4 FBT and VR update, make sure to disable "Force Locomotion animations for 6 point tracking" in your VRC Avatar Descriptor (Its in Lower Body), otherwise it wont work properly.

2. How to edit/change the idle animations

2.1. First note, that crouching/prone in desktop and normal VR have different blend trees. The trees with “…FBT” and "ProneVR" are in effect during normal VR, and the ones without are in effect during desktop.

2.2. To change the default idle animations, open a Blend tree of your choosing (Crouching/Prone or CrouchingFBT/ProneVR).

2.3. - Replace ONLY (!) the first animation with your own idle. The ones we have provided are in the anim folder.
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