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  • Configurable toonlike shader.
  • Includes Opaque/Fade/AlphaCutout variations.
  • All variations are supported Lightprobe and Point lights(both PixelLight and Per-vertex Light!)
  • Customizable Shade color (or use other texture for shade)
  • Additional features (These are switchable and be optimized in shader code.)
    • Gloss
    • Outline (Opaque and Cutout only)
    • MatCap
    • Reflection (Scene ReflectionProbe or other Cubemap texture.)
    • Rim (additive color/texture)
    • Shade Cap ( Darker version of MatCap. can use for shading!)
    • Vertex Color (usually for MagicaVoxel, etc.)
    • Simple Stencil feature. with translucent effect.
    • Additional Parallaxed Emission Texture
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    MinhTee, truuuth hydration is important
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    MinhTee, no, I don't wanna
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    To whomever finds this, drink water.
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