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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: TinkerLucy
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
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Has GoGo Loco

On & Off toggles for Clothing: Sweater, 2nd Sweater, Bra, Thong, Shorts, 2nd Shorts, Socks, Crocs, Sneakers
On & Off toggles for Accessories: Beanie, Horns, Glasses, Toast, Mask, Choker, Necklaces, Nose & Belly Piercings, Rings, Arm Fishnets, Arm Warmers, Garter, floof ears & tail

2 pair of tops: Big Sweater & Smol Sweater
2 pair of shorts: Booty shorts & normal shorts
2 different hairstyles! Short hair & Long Hair!

Booba and Butt Slider! Make them both bigger!

for the 2nd Hairstyle you can change the length of her hair!

Crocs can go into sports mode

can put the mask up to her face (recommend to turn off the glasses so it doesn't clip through the mask)
can put the glasses up to her forehead (recommend to turn off beanie so there is not weird clipping with the glasses)

Bra and Thong Colors: Black, White, Pink, Hueshift
Main Shorts Colors: Black, White, Pink, Hueshift
2nd Shorts Colors: Black, White, Red, Hueshift
Both Crocs & Sneakers have colors: Black, White, Red, and Hueshift
Beanie Colors: Black & White
Eye Saturation & Eye Hue!
Skintone Radial from Light to Dark!
Emission on Hair, Ears, and tail: White and Red with Hueshift

when you touch Molly's cheeks they move!
Avatar Contact: Headpats, when someone headpats you, hearts will come out! (Toggleable On & Off)

VRCSDK (you don't need dynamic bones now!)
Arktoon shader
Molly Unity Package!

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  • foto
    lust.0001 #5
    I'm new to unity and not sure how to check if they are correct but thank you for trying to help! if you able to figure it out would you be able to explain it to me?
    14 February 2023 09:08
  • foto
    Evnon #4
    i had the same problem. i have all the files needed, so i think it is something we need to do when we have the avatar in unity. i forgot to figure it out before uploading. maybe double-checking the gestures and seeing if they are correct in unity? perhaps it just isn't assigned
    13 February 2023 21:00
  • foto
    lust.0001 #3
    I'm having an issue where the avatar doesn't have hand gestures, not sure if its something i did or not. but does anyone know how to fix this?
    13 February 2023 19:09
  • foto
    Evnon #2
    have you double-checked that you have the latest VRCSDK from the VRChat website? it updates quite frequently, and to my knowledge a new one has been released earlier this month
    23 October 2022 11:11
  • foto
    Rhanja #1
    this avatar is saying "too many parameters" how do i fix that
    21 October 2022 16:20